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I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb

I/O Zoom is a fast-growing cheap web hosting company, although it started offering web hosting in 2015. LiquidWeb is a veteran in the web hosting industry. Similarly, they both put VPS hosting as their entry-level web hosting solution, besides a WordPress hosting. We have reviewed I/O Zoom and think it is a good web host worth a try. So, we want to figure out that when customers facing the two options, that which one they should go with is better for their websites.

In the comparison, we are to compare them in the aspects of hosting prices, features, performance and customer support. After the apple to apple comparison, we believe customers will have their answer.

About I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb

Let’s learn the two companies together. I/O Zoom ( is an up-rising star in the industry, and it is now quickly expanding its products. At present, the company cannot only offers single Linux VPS hosting plans, but also has Windows VPS, Cloud VPS, and WordPress VPS. Besides, I/O Zoom now even offers WordPress hosting. 100% uptime guarantee plus more and more diverse hosting option, I/O Zoom has great potential to go further.

LiquidWeb ( is an experienced web hosting company, who has near 20 years of experience in deliver web hosting web services. Managed WordPress hosting, cloud sites, private cloud, cloud dedicated servers, cloud VPS, dedicated server hosting and more are available at LiquidWeb. Up till now, the company has served more than 32,000 customers around the work and more than 500,000 websites under its management.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on Hosting Prices

I/O Zoom mostly focuses on its VPS hosting for all kinds of customers, while LiquidWeb cloud VPS and cloud dedicated servers are featured products of the company, focusing on serving enterprise customers. So, in terms of web hosting prices, we can clearly find that I/O Zoom is much cheaper than LiquidWeb.

I/O Zoom Cloud VPS servers start at $5/mo. Linux VPS Server start from $8/mo, Windows VPS Servers start from $10/mo, and WordPress VPS starts at $10/mo. No matter which plan customers want, I/O Zoom can always make them afford.

I/O Zoom VPS Deal I/O Zoom VPS Deal

Besides, I/O Zoom provides customers with 30 days of money back guarantee, which ensures customers to get their money back with a refund of their hosting, if they cancel account during the initial 30 days.

For LiquidWeb, normally its Cloud VPS starts at $59/mo, but now it comes with special discounts available from our exclusive promo link in below. If customers purchase through the following link, they will save 15% off for 3 months, which also requires a coupon code “FASTESTCLOUD15”. Namely, it will start at $50.15/mo, and double bandwidth also comes to customers.

LiquidWeb VPS Deal LiquidWeb VPS Deal
15% Off 3 Mos

LiquidWeb doesn’t offer any money back guarantee, but it is ambitious to its services and hosting performance, because of its 100% uptime guarantee and Heroic Support. Therefore, even though LiquidWeb offers much more expensive Cloud VPS than I/O Zoom’s VPS hosting, it is too far to get the final answer about the right choice.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on Hosting Features

I/O Zoom specializes in VPS hosting solutions, while LiquidWeb not also pay much more attention to its Cloud VPS and Cloud dedicated servers after removing shared hosting solution from its offerings. In order to help customers understand their hosting feature’s differences and similarities, we will focus on their VPS hosting at most.

About I/O Zoom VPS hosting, the fresh company has quickly developed various types, ranging from Linux VPS, to Windows VPS, Cloud VPS and WordPress VPS. Each type has 5 packages available to better meet different customers’ needs.


For server resources, I/O Zoom Cloud VPS comes with 20GB SSD storage, 1,000GB bandwidth, and 1GB RAM at least; Linux VPS comes minimum 20GB SSD w/Raid 10 storage, 2,000GB bandwidth, 2GB RAM; Windows VPS start with 30GB SSD w/Raid 10 storage and other resources Linux VPS has; WordPress VPS includes the same server resources as Linux VPS includes. Up to 10Gbps DDoS protection is included in all packages.

Besides, I/O Zoom provides full root access within its Linux and Windows VPS Servers, and its WordPress VPS comes with WordPress optimized configurations, free cPanel/WHM and Softaculous. Windows VPS also has Free Windows Licenses including Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. Free daily backup is available in all plans, excluding Windows VPS.

At LiquidWeb, its Cloud VPS is fully managed with high-performance SSD and superior cloud features, which enable the VPS solution high end for business and ecommerce website as well as applications.

LiquidWeb Cloud VPS also has both Linux and Windows plans. In the entry-level package, the company offers 40GB SSD disk space, 2vCPU and 10TB bandwidth. Large amount of bandwidth allows customers to easily handle traffic jams. Even better, LiquidWeb makes its Cloud VPS with easy scalability, meaning customers can easily scale up their server resources the moment they really need.

What’s more, LiquidWeb includes many advanced cloud features as standard ones in its VPS packages, so as to make its customers sit back to enjoy smooth online experience. These advanced features include dedicated IPs, integrated Firewall, unlimited sites, Gibabit transfer, built-in backups, Cloud Flare CDN, ServerSecure Advanced Security, DDoS attack protection, etc. For server control, it offers cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx available and full root access.

Checking the VPS features from I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb, we can learn that I/O Zoom is cost effective, but requires more time and better administrative knowledge to control VPS servers, but LiquidWeb Cloud VPS is completely designed with the needs business really want and make server management really a piece of cake.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on Hosting Performance

I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb both are very confident to their hosting performance. I/O Zoom offers 100% network uptime guarantee, and LiquidWeb provides 100% power uptime and network uptime guarantee. How do they make it?

I/O Zoom is operating two 5 data centers around the U.S. to host customers’ VPS servers. In those data centers, the company only utilizes rock solid equipment from Cisco, Intel, Juniper, Samsung, and Supermicro in its server and network. Also, the company allows customers to choose their server location meaning they can get closer to their sites with faster speed.

SSD hard drives, RAID 10 arrays, Supermicro servers, dual Xeon CPU are used to enhance server speed and reliability. Plus daily backups and DDoS attack protection, I/O Zoom makes reliable and secure environment for customers’ VPS servers.

LiquidWeb now owns and is operating 3 data centers and an additional location to support its web hosting solutions. Its privately owned data centers all include multiple generators, N+1 UPS systems, and redundant cooling. Specially selected Tier-1 bandwidth carriers like Level 3, Cogent, Verizon and Comcast, guarantee minimal latency as well as fasted connections to the global internet.

LiquidWeb has two data centers are now SSAE-16 Compliant with SOC 2 Principles to ensure the security and availability for customers. SOC 3 Report now is also available to certain customers. Plus advanced security features mentioned in feature, LiquidWeb makes perfect environment for business.

We think in performance I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb both invest a lot, but LiquidWeb with richer experience and enhanced power delivers better hosting performance and more secure environment.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on Hosting Customer Support

Customer Support is an important criterion to decide a good web host. Comparing a new brand with an experience player, we can conclude that LiquidWeb is the better one, because the company is always famous for its ultra-reliable and fast performance as well as cutting-edge support.

I/O Zoom now provides customers with 24 hour email support and limited live chat support, and knowledge base as well as video tutorials are available at its website for further help.

At LiquidWeb, it has the most helpful humans in hosting industry to deliver the most responsive and effective support, available 24/7/365. Customers are welcomed to contact its Heroic Support members via Live Chat, Phone, and Email. It has promises to respond within minutes. Besides, it has exclusive knowledge base and helpful hosting tools offered to customers.

To know more about their customers feedback, you could check out and respectively.


Comparing the two companies, we think it is evident that LiquidWeb offers much better customer support and hosting performance. As for server resource and prices, I/O Zoom is cheaper a lot, but LiquidWeb business Cloud VPS comes with more powerful features and control tools. So, we think, if customers just start their website and need VPS hosting, then I/O Zoom is a good alternative to go with. But for businesses or large busy websites, LiquidWeb is certainly the best choice.

To learn more about I/O Zoom or LiquidWeb, please visit or

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