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iPage Dedicated Server Review

Along with the prosperity of web hosting industry and ecommerce, VPS and dedicated servers are becoming more and more popular for business users. And high level security and full server control also make dedicated servers suitable for more non-profile organizations with sensitive information and finance organizations like banks transferring sensitive data.

In the following post, we are to cater those customers who need dedicated servers most, and comprehensively review dedicated servers from a famous cheap web hosting provider, iPage. This in-depth review will evolve its features, pricing, performance, and customer support. We will try our best to make sense whether it is a good option for dedicated servers or not.

About iPage

ipage logoiPage ( was started in 1998, and later it becomes part of EIG, a large web hosting solutions provider. Now, iPage is a leading company in the industry. For its cheap web hosting solutions, iPage is even reviewed as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting 2016.

About products, based on its near 18 years of web hosting experience, iPage develops a complete set of offering line. One single cheap shared hosting plan, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, and some other marketing services are available at iPage now.

iPage Dedicated Server Review on Feature

iPage dedicated servers are designed on Linux distribution, CentOS 6.4, and built on cloud-based hosting environment. That’s why iPage dedicated servers come with cloud-based flexibility.

iPage makes use of cloud technology to offer customers the ability to scale! Redundant room is available at iPage, so that customers can make their site grow on iPage dedicated servers. When the demands increase, it can instantly upgrade from their original packages. Even better, iPage can instantly provide customers with resources. Additionally, once the upgrades cannot meet customers’ needs, there are seamless migration choices available!

Here are some details to show customers the cloud-based flexibility. iPage offers 3 stages of dedicated servers for customers to choose with real demands. For the Startup, customers can get 500 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 5 TB monthly data transfer. Among these three stages, Startup, Professional, and Enterprise, customers can easy to choose via a slider.


Dedicated servers are secure most because it can provide dedicated server environment and dedicated server resources. More than that, dedicated server resources can also boost faster operating speed for those high traffic websites. Besides, iPage integrates dedicated servers with cloud technology; therefore, extensive security as well as mirrored storage is standard feature for those advanced data security.

iPage dedicated servers also come with independent control! Customers are able to install any application without any limitation; popular cPanel control panel as well as root access is included to do server & applications management.

iPage also provides some free but very useful features. Each dedicated server plan will come with a free domain name and the company will make it easy to transfer their existing domain names to iPage. Free marketing credits are included to help customers to reach new clients and grow their business by using iPage free marketing tools as well as search engine advertising. Customized email addresses are available as well.

According to feature review above, we think iPage dedicated servers come with rich and useful features, promoting security, flexibility and independent control for customers.

iPage Dedicated Server Review on Pricing

As for pricing, dedicated server is always higher than shared hosting and VPS because of dedicated resources. At iPage, dedicated servers are relatively higher than some famous providers, like InMotion Hosting and Bluehost. Despite of this, iPage also provides exclusive 20% off discount on the first term!

For example, the Startup normally starts at $149.99/month; with that 20% off discount, it will change into $119.99/mo for customers’ first term. After that, the pricing of Startup will renew at the regular pricing of $149.99/month again.

iPage Dedicated Server Deal iPage Dedicated Server Deal
20% Off

If customers want to learn more about iPage web hosting promotions, please read iPage Coupon.

Seeing that iPage provides standard features and resources by default with dedicated servers, we think the pricing of dedicated servers is a little high.

iPage Dedicated Server Review on Performance

iPage now utilizes 2 US-based data centers to house customers’ hosting. Two data centers can offer multiple location choices so that they can choose the best location to their website. Besides, two data centers are both equipped with high quality and redundant power supply, round-the-clock security and redundant cooling. Good data center environment makes sure that customers’ server can run smoothly.

Network is one of the core factors to guarantee fast and reliable performance. At iPage data centers, the company uses the Cisco-powered routers and quality servers to boost the website page loading speeds.

Well-trained network and data center maintenance staffs also work hard to monitor two data centers can network status. No matter when there is any issue, they can quickly take actions to handle it.

In terms of performance, we check out all the information that we can find about iPage makes for reliability and fast speed, we think iPage dedicated servers are running at the standard performance.

iPage Dedicated Server Review on Customer Support

Now let’s turn to iPage dedicated server support service. The company promises to all dedicated server customers that it will offer fully managed support from its experienced, advanced web hosting experts. Whenever customers encounter the problems like network issues, website load problems, hardware failures, website errors, scripts installations, email, DNS, and any other custom configurations, iPage experts are ready to lend a hand to help them out.

Customers can choose to live chat with iPage support members, or call them via support number. The two methods are 24×7 available! Besides, customers can check out its knowledgebase and user guides to help themselves.

Is iPage Dedicated Server Recommendable?

After reviewing iPage dedicated server pricing, features, performance and support service, we think iPage can offer customers standard Linux dedicated servers. Features, performance and support reach the industry standard of dedicated servers. Considering its pricing, we think it is a little expensive with those features and performance.

As for those who demand more resources and higher level of performance and security, we think Bluehost dedicated servers are pretty good with more resources and lower pricing! Basically, it comes with 1TB mirrored storage, 4×2.5 GHz CPU, 4GB available RAM, 5TB monthly bandwidth, 1 free domain, and 3 dedicated IPs. Regularly, it starts at $109.99/mo, while buying via our exclusive promo link, it only charges at $79.99/mo, saving 27%.

If customers are interested in Bluehost dedicated servers, please visit to get more details.


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