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iPage Email Hosting Review

In below, we are to take iPage email hosting as our instance to discuss what the good email hosting is for different types of customers. This analysis will rely on four aspects, namely email hosting pricing, features, reliability & security, as well as customer support. Via iPage Email Hosting Review, we really hope our readers can know how email hosting is important to them and whether they should get a good email solution for their business nor not.

Who is iPage?

ipage logoiPage ( is one of the popular cheap web hosting solutions providers. Hosting websites for individuals, businesses, social organizations, and non-profit organizations for well more than 10 years, iPage now has obtained great trust from a wide range of customers from the world.

iPage shared hosting comes with exclusive discount and support many personal and small business websites well. Well, its VPS is also a very worthy of a try because of cheap package. Email service, domains, WordPress, and marketing services are all available at iPage.

iPage Email Hosting Review on Pricing

iPage can not only provides advanced email solutions, but also has a completely free webmail solution. The advanced email solutions come with two packages, which are Google Apps for Word and MS Exchange 2010. The free webmail solution is Roundcube.

Each customer at iPage will get iPage free webmail solution no matter which web hosting solution they purchased from iPage. If customers need more power, then iPage advanced email solutions are also cheap. The detailed price structure of advanced email hosting is as following:

  • Google Apps for Work is from $5.00 per month, along with Gmail at customers’ domain;
  • MS Exchange 2010 starts at $$12.95 per month, with enterprise class communications.
  • iPage Email Hosting Deal iPage Email Hosting Deal
    Free Webmail

Both advanced email solutions are offered with monthly billing. So, it means customers have no any other budget pressures, but to get good email assistants from iPage.

As a famous cheap web hosting provider, customers can also get other cheap but reliable hosting packages, like share hosting and VPS. To learn more details, please click here.

iPage Email Hosting Review on Features

We have talked iPage email hosting pages as above. Customers can get two levels of email hosting solutions. One is totally free Roundcube webmail solution, and the other is iPage advanced email hosting packages. Both levels of email hosting at iPage can meet customers’ different demands.

As for the free Roundcube, all iPage hosting customers can get it because iPage has included in as a standard feature in each hosting package. This is a webmail solution, allowing customers to check their messages as well as manage their various aspects of their webmail experience.


What’s more, iPage also includes an intuitive online interface, where customers can easily find the clear menus. It has integrated the write and response message finished in one click. On this simple online interface, customers can also view messages in each of their folder and add extra folders anytime. Customers can also download and save their massages, or they can even market any message as a calendar event.

About Roundcube address book, it allows customers to create and organize contacts into their contact groups. Importing and exporting contacts are also very easy via the vcf file. They can customize their fields as the way they like.

For calendar page, Roundcube allows to create multiple calendars as well as calendar views. Customers can also freely add, manage, and delete the calendar events anytime. Moreover, it is easy for them to import, export or search calendar events.

As for usage, Roundcube is very simple and customizable. Languages, time, browser options, display options, view modes, folder setting, identity editor, preset response builder and more all can be configured as customers wants.

About Advanced email hosting, Google Apps for Work email solution include 30GB storage, shared calendars, push notifications, video meeting, and professional Gmail at their domain name. If customers purchase this solution, then it can seamlessly integrate with customers; iPage account.


Well, MS Exchange is the latest in enterprise-class email management and collaboration form MS, while it is the simple method to manage customers’ email, contacts, tasks, and calendars from anywhere, anytime. Partnering with it, customers can view email, schedule from any location. They can share emails, contacts, and schedules with their clients and employees. It also comes with free desktop licenses to load on the computer they use.

What’s more, it is mobile friendly. Customers can use it smartphone to sync their messages, contacts, as well as calendars automatically. To make customers feel better, iPage offers 3 packages with different amounts of mailboxes storage, ranging from 5 GB to 25 GB.

iPage Email Hosting Review on Reliability and Security

Based on powerful data centers in the US, iPage is very confident to its email hosting and even the MS Exchange email solutions are guaranteed with 99.9% uptime. So, customers can easily experience the best possible communications.

Specifically, iPage makes use of 2 data centers, which are both equipped with adequate power systems like UPS, diesel generator, and back-up power facilities, redundant air conditioners, cooling facilities, quality, round-the-clock security, as well as redundant quality network connections. That’s why iPage data centers can provide customers a stable hosting environment.

As for more security features, iPage has well-designed data center security, including video monitoring, smoke detection, and fire suppression, and so on. Besides, iPage also prepares optional high-level security services for email. It is premium spam filter. It will allow customers get more control over the spam filters. Those trusted senders will never be blocked, which is ensured. This service also includes robust reporting tools for spam monitoring.

iPage Email Hosting Review on Customer Support

iPage is a reliable hosting company, not because it offers reliable hosting packages, but also it provides prompt technical support for all customers. That is wonderful!


All iPage support teams are housed in the US, and customers can easily get in touch with those experts through different methods. When they have any question, they can chat with iPage live, submit supports tickets to support staffs, or directly call them. No matter which method they use, no matter when they use, they can certainly get help from iPage, because it is 24/7 available!

Other more, customers can help themselves by making full use of iPage knowledge base, website help, domain help, email help, user guide, and help center. So many online resources are ready to provide helpful information for all customers.

Do We Recommend iPage Email Hosting?

iPage email hosting generally includes multiple levels of email solutions, which can specifically meet different groups’ needs. Additionally, iPage is also very confident to its email solutions with 99.9% uptime. Considering its free webmail solution and the industry-standard pricing, we think individuals and business should take iPage email solutions into consideration.

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