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In this iPage review, we will analyze iPage from price value, speed & uptime, ease-of-use, customer support and its PHP hosting to explain why iPage is a web host you can trust.

iPage (www.ipage.com), owned by the Endurance International Group, is one of the top 10 web hosting providers that have been specialized in providing individuals, bloggers and small businesses with top of the line hosting solutions for over 10 years. Its hosting products include shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. But its budget shared hosting is most well-known and popular among bloggers.

iPage Special Coupon

iPage often gives limited-time promotional web hosting prices for customers’ initial terms. And currently iPage Essential hosting is on sale as well.

By following iPage limited-time promotion link in below, people can purchase iPage Essential hosting, namely iPage shared hosting, at $1.99/mo only. Regularly, this hosting is at $11.95 per month. In other words, people will save 83% off that is really a big discount!

iPage Limited-time Promotion iPage Limited-time Promotion
83% Off

Please see the discounted price structure from below table after applying iPage coupon:

Service Year Discount Price After Discount! You Save
12 Month $1.99/mo Billed at $23.88 $119.52
24 Month $1.99/mo Billed at $47.76 $239.04
36 Month $1.99/mo Billed at $71.64 $358.56

Moreover, iPage Essential hosting is an all-inclusive web hosting package, in which unlimited databases, disk space, email addresses, bandwidth, etc. are included.

iPage Review on Price Value

iPage is really one of the best cheap hosting providers in the industry. And it is very glad to tell customers that they can get the service at a very low price.

Firstly, several types of hosting solutions are available at iPage, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. iPage offers its customers all the necessary features to create a web site no matter which plan they choose.

iPage All-inclusive Shared Hosting

With the lowest price at $1.99/mo, people could get features like free domain name registration,  unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited POP3/ IMAP email accounts, hosting unlimited domains in one account, and etc.

More than that, iPage supports dual versions of PHP, Perl, Server Side Includes, URL Redirect Services, Custom Error Pages, Flash, and much more. Even better, people could receive over $500 extras from iPage, such as $200 free search engine advertisement credits, $50 design suite, and more.


In order to promote its service and appreciate customers’ long term support, iPage decides to give limited exclusive promotion. Instead of the regular price, $11.95/mo, customers will be very satisfied to pay only $1.99/mo, 83% off the regular price. And the promotion time is limited so that customers should claim for it as soon as possible.

iPage VPS and Dedicated Server

On the other hand, iPage VPS and dedicated servers are not as high price value as its all-inclusive shared web hosting. The VPS starts at $19.99/mo, including 1 core, 1 GB RA,. 40 GB storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. The dedicated hosting charges from $119.99/mo, offering 2 cores, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB storage, and 5 TB bandwidth.

In addition, iPage also pays high attention to customers’ satisfaction and it offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Customers can get a full refund during the first 30 days and a refund for the remainder after that time with no questions asked and no time limits if they are not happy with the service. Therefore, we can say that it is safe to select iPage to host websites or other applications.

iPage Review on Reliability

According to our tests and existing customers’ feedbacks, it can be said that iPage has relatively high reliability and performance in the industry.

The company utilizes two data centers in the Boston, MA. Each data center offers round the clock security, N+1 AC and DC power and both have identical infrastructure. The company also runs UPS backup and diesel generators in case the regular power fails. Moreover, customers’ data is mirrored across clustered servers to guarantee highly uptime.

Additionally, its solid, secured network infrastructure is made up of a pooled server environment, so that any server on its network has the ability to access website files when a request occurs. It means faster page loading speed for customers. What’s more, front-end network has redundant Cisco routers to connect servers with the world via BGP.

According to a test, iPage could support page loading speed as fast as 1.12 seconds. The slowest page loading time is less than 2 seconds either.

ipage review on page loading speed

Due to reliable, fast and secure web hosting services, iPage has been trusted by more than 1 million customers throughout the world.

iPage Review on Ease-of-Use

Though it is cheap, iPage web hosting contains a variety of tools, making it easy-of-use.

Control panel

iPage provides its customers with the control panel based on vDeck. It is easy-to-use and it allows customers to manage domains, websites, emails, databases, files, etc. What’s more, customers will also receive Drag and Drop Site Builder and 1-click application installer to help them create websites.


In order to protect applications hosted on its servers, iPage takes advantage of NetApp Snapshot data backup technology to backup its servers every day.

Billing options

This web host mainly accepts both PayPal and credit cards as payment methods. In terms of credit cards, it offers multiple options from Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

Prompted iPage Customer Support

In terms of customer support, iPage claims that its technical staffs will be devoted themselves to providing customers with timely, professional and genuine assistance around the clock.

If customers have any problems, they can contact the US-based support center via phone, email and live chat. Owning to multiple years’ web hosting experience, iPage technical support can always help customers handle their issues quickly.

Besides, iPage customers can also find solutions through other channels, such as knowledge base, user guide, and tutorials. In this way, customers can get some common problems resolved by themselves.

iPage Offers High-performed PHP Hosting

iPage offers feature-rich, cheap, yet  reliable PHP hosting packages in today’s hosting market, which make it the perfect choice of PHP hosting beginners. Please check what iPage offers in below:

  • MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin are one standard of a successful PHP websites. Especially iPage provides unlimited MySQL databases to its clients.
  • PHP (5.2 and 5.3 versions included) is the best tool to create websites while 64 MB php memory_limit is enough for a small to medium website.
  • iPage does not support suPHP that is useful for security. But the company gives SiteLock and shared SSL to ensure security.
  • URL Redirect service as well as up to $300 marketing credits is for SEO of websites hosted at iPage.
  • WordPress Hosting Review
  • Joomla Hosting Review

iPage quickly becomes a leader and is named as one of the best WordPress hosting in the field for its reliable, affordable and eco-friendly WordPress hosting service.

iPage Speed and Uptime for WordPress

When evaluating a hosting, customers certainly will take the speed and uptime into consideration. iPage utilizes two data centers located in Boston, MA, and Dell servers for its WordPress hosting. As a result, iPage WordPress hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime, but its average uptime is higher than this figure that around 99.93%, according to the test.

In terms of its speed, we test WordPress page loading speed in iPage server, the overall result looks fine.

Easy WordPress Installation

iPage hosting package come with vDECK control panel, from where customers are able to use scripts installation tool to install WordPress easily and rapidly. In addition, with its large icon-based buttons, they could also make full management of files, emails, domains, databases, and server configuration.

Is iPage WordPress Hosting Recommended?

iPage provides a great hosting environment for WordPress, and the price is extremely affordable. If you plan to build a WordPress site for your personal interesting, or to promote your home business and small business, then iPage is perfect for you.

iPage offers one all-inclusive shared web hosting package that is 100% compatible with Joomla. Moreover, due to low costs, iPage is one of best cheap Joomla hosting for people.

iPage Joomla Hosting Performance Review

iPage servers for Joomla are load balanced and the company does some optimized configuration aimed at Joomla. In general, iPage Joomla hosting meets performance requirements of most small websites.

However, there are some complaints about low responding from iPage Joomla servers, partly because Joomla-based websites need  massive server resources while iPage limits resources that customers can use.

iPage Support on Joomla Hosting

Many people worry whether they could get support after they bought cheap Joomla hosting solutions. If they go with iPage, this is not the problem. iPage support team has a number of experienced technicians, who are good at solving Joomla problems. Moreover, it is easy and fast to talk with them via phone, live chat and email ways.

People will also learn how to solve some simple and common problems related to Joomla by browsing iPage help center. There is a knowledge base as well as user guides.

iPage is Cheap Joomla Hosting Provider

In summary, iPage is fully compatible with Joomla content manage system. It also offers many unlimited features, 1 free domain name, marketing credits, etc. For small to medium websites, iPage is reliable. Its support is convenient to access around the clock. Most importantly, iPage Joomla hosting is so cheap at $1.99/mo. So, we highly recommend iPage Joomla hosting to small websites.

iPage Hosting is Strongly Recommended

In conclusion, customers can get access to many necessary features, high performance reliability and first class customer support from iPage web hosting. Moreover, customers can get the service at very affordable price, $1.99/mo. Therefore, we would like to strongly recommended for customers who are looking for cost-effective web hosting, especially for individuals, and small businesses to build WordPress or Joomla based websites.

Intending to know more information about iPage please visit iPage.


  1. iPage web hosting service starts at a very low cost. And this made me choose this service over others. However, price is not the only factor to choose it. Rather there are many more reasons why my friend suggested iPage when I was looking for a fast web hosting service. Unlimited hosting, free domain, money back guarantee, free SSL certificate, templates, email-address are some of the stuff to enjoy with iPage web hosting service.

  2. Ipage has been providing a hosting solution for more than decades. It has gained enough reputation over the internet. It considered one of the best hosting for all the bloggers. It provides great bandwidth. Also, iPage is super cheap. The basic plan starts at just $1.99.

    • It was the cheapest business web hosting that I could find when I was on a budget. The prices were cheap, but I did not really feel like I was cheated with regard to the features. What won me over was that at a super affordable price I got my domain for free. I strongly recommend iPage to all webmasters on a tight budget but unwilling to let go of the features.

  3. I am the owner of an e-commerce website and this is just the perfect hosting service for me. Unlimited domain in one hosting account is an added benefit i must say. I am so happy by their service that I already recommended it to all my relatives and friends.

    • I love iPage for so many reasons. Firstly, it is one of the cheapest hosting available. iPage was just perfect for my blogging website. It provided me with a free SSL certificate. I really had a great experience working with iPage

  4. As an entrepreneur, my budget is limited, but I wanted a service that was reliable. iPage was my best bet. It was the cheapest business web hosting that I could find. And I did not feel like I was cheated with regard to the features. At a super affordable price, I got my domain for free. If you are on a tight budget but don’t want to forego on the features, iPage is the best solution for you!

    • There is so much iPage offers when you sign up with them. Even though the rates of the plans offered by them are so low, they don’t compromise on their services. It has been more than a year with them, and they have never given me anything to complain about.

  5. I have heard a lot about iPage. It is indeed one of the most affordable hosts. The basic plan starts at $1.99 per month. I am happy with all the features provided by iPage. It is super easy for building a website. If you are a blogger, iPage is the right hosting for you.

    • I recently purchased their service and am super glad I did. The service gave me access to 1000s of templates to customize my website. Who would expect that from a cheap hosting provider? The prices are super cheap, and you don’t need to be from a technical background to be able to host your website. Ipage for me is a complete win-win!

  6. As a content creator, I absolutely love iPage hosting. I loved the disk space, and I loved the free features. This is a highly recommended hosting plan for everyone who is willing to start a blog.

    • iPage offered mind-blowing rates on sign up. They have a bouquet of offers which make it affordable. It is hard to find quality services at reasonable prices, but iPage offers more than any other hosting service provider. I registered my domain for free and got a free email address too.

  7. I availed the services of iPage, and I was super impressed with almost everything served to me. It is indeed one of the most amazing hosting platforms. They provided me with more than 1000s of templates to make my website look beautiful. One of the best features of ipage is that it is super affordable. The basic plan starts just at $1.99 per month.

  8. Ipage was the answer to my quest for the cheap hosting service provider. It is reliable, has a great customer service and is a one-stop answer to all bloggers looking for php hosting. The customer support representative was also very friendly and precise in solving the issues that I faced initially. I strongly recommend Ipage.

  9. iPage has great cheap hosting plans for their customers. They even indicated my problems with CSS, and it worked, their customer support is very good. It was super easy for me to use iPage. Should focus services even to the extent of accommodating their services to the African continent. So that even when asked deal with WHOIS Data Confirmation, there will be no problem. They provide their essential customer plans. Even with less of technical knowledge I was able to host my website only because of their great support system.

  10. They provide hosting at very cheap rates compared to the other names. The service I found is quite pleasing and satisfactory. I tried different websites, but they cost very high comparatively. They have high uptime, SEO friendliness, traffic insights features that are worth their charges. One should definitely give a try to their services.

    • I just hosted another blog with them, I checked the speed and the power of servers of my blog, it is really great, and the speed metric shows how powerful iPage servers are and can be. I know that it may be not the best hosting provider, but the price you pay and the resources you get in your pay makes it worth it.

  11. I recommend using ipage as it is really cheap. When I was using it, I found that it offers a great bundle of affordability , reliable service, and great customer service.

  12. Personally, if you’ve got a website with regular SEO going on and around it, this web hosting service is an affordable and mature option to take up. The refund policy is also good. Website migration policy also leads to a lot of other services which invites customers. Not going to change it, as far as I’m concerned.

    • I took your review as an advice and went for ipage and was really very happy. It isreliable, cheap and provides customer support service.

  13. I strongly believe that iPage helped me scale my start-ups to the greatest heights. Their prices, work ethic, quality of work, support services, customer care, everything is on point. I couldn’t thank iPage enough for taking my business to standards I had never even imagined before.

  14. I had no doubt behind before I opted for their services. They have amazing packages at the lowest rates in the market. However, just for the prices, they do not compromise on service quality at all. They provide free website backup as well. I am very much satisfied with their service.

  15. With the cheapest hosting in the market and a few amazing packages, iPage won over my trust with their services. Not only they are cheap, but their services are amongst the very best in the market.

  16. With unlimited disk space, it is a great starting even for those who don’t have a website it is user-friendly and has an easy setup. When I was setting it up it took me 5 minutes. It has smart tutorials and documents which help those in love with DIY. Ipage has been reliable for all those looking for a host since 1998. It provides with a free domain and to add a cherry on the top it gives free google marketing.

  17. You just cannot get better service and functionality than iPage on any other website, especially at the cost you pay here. I developed 2 of my businesses with them over years and every time I needed help, their team was always there for me.

    • If I have been able to do so well in my business through my website, it is definitely because of this service. They have given the best affordable needs for advertisement and also help me track analytics accurately. They have also made the mobile-website building so easy.

  18. iPage is absolutely a low budget web hosting service. where it is a great way to start if you own a small business. It is extremely cheap but yes, it can maintain my blog very well. It’s great to pay very less and get web hosting rather than having so much trouble with your site and not being able to solve.

  19. iPage is my top choice for web hosting service for more than three years. Although, their service is really cost efficient and they have been solving my issues at any time while I’m facing. They have access to 4 of my websites and they provide help to all of it keeping them updated while solving the issues.

    • Right. Business is my line of profession, and these kinds of hosting services just tend to solve problems for me to handle my work. Annual plans make it easier for me to manage my time and money. Easily one of the best web hosting services in the country. My colleagues utilize the features too! For all those Digital Marketers out there, this service for Search Engine Optimization is perfect!

  20. It is easy to use and provides you with a number of great features. My experience was utterly satisfying. It us easy to navigate as well. It us the perfect blend of all the features you’re looking for. Customer service is impressive too. I recommend it to everyone.

  21. My friends and I were building a startup and we decided to go with ipage because it was cheap. Little did we know we were getting the best deal for our business. Their marketing plans are exactly what we needed and they provided great security services and constant technical support. Our business is booming and we are still depending on ipage.

  22. iPage is not only cost-efficient but also relatively fast and provides you with an equally friendly interface to work in. They even offer marketing services in their package if you’re looking for promotion.

    • iPage made my work easier by managing my websites, it is an amazing experience with them. I would recommend to everyone who is need of a hosting website.

  23. I tried using Wix but a lot of my customers were not finding it perfectly accessible so I had to get someone to create a website for me. It was taking so much time with every change even after it was made. I am so glad I fumbled on iPage. It’s just so friendly and reliable. I have no issues with accessibility anymore.

  24. I wanted a new domain name for my account but couldn’t figure how to. So called their support team and got the sweetest person. He was receptive to my concerns and suggested me to cancel my current account and sign up for a whole new account so I could take advantage of intro rates again. Would work with them again.

  25. This is definitely one of the cheapest hosting servers that I have come across in terms of money. It still provides so many features and I found it to be very suitable for small businesses. I think I would definitely suggest this host server for anyone who is just looking to come up with a new business idea. Must try!

  26. They provide versatile services which can meet the expectations of any kind of website. After, getting associated with iPage, I didn’t have to worry about my web hosting services at all. They took care of my needs and expectations altogether. I would highly recommend using this.

  27. Being from a small town and a blogger I initially had a very small budget for my blogging passion. So, I chose iPage because they were fit to my budget. To be honest I didn’t expect a very high-quality performance but they surprised me. As my budget has ceased now but I’m still sticking to iPage due to their fast services.

  28. I chose iPage because it had the most options and functions at really affordable prices. The marketing strategy pays off very well and it’s free of cost. It provides you with the cheapest domains. The security features are also a plus. Always going to select the same.

  29. iPage offers versatile services and can fit any type of website need. They are fit for all types of businesses in my vision. They are equipped with some latest and advanced hosting technology.

  30. They are good if you are a company and you’re looking for some promotion. They offer marketing services in their package and it’s free. The prices are so attractive and the marketing strategy hits off very well. I got a lot of customers through that service and I’m happy with it.

    • Yes, even I used it for my company and got a lot of clients. They also offer good service and fix issues at the latest. Though, I found them a little pricey.

  31. iPage has been my top choice for web hosting service for more than a decade. Although their service is really cheap recently, there have been many issues that I’ve been facing. They disabled 4 of my websites without any proper reason and there was no proper help provided from their side to address the issue! They emailed a few times but the issue is still hanging. I really didn’t expect this after the long good years of service!

  32. I have been using iPage for a long time now and I was monitoring their performance and services. The hosting has actually surprised and I would rate it 9.5/10 considering value for money. Also, the good customer support has always been a plus point in their service. Also, enhanced security options and third-party application support the web host is very trustworthy.

    • I just got off the call with their company representative and I usually don’t do this but I just had to write about their brilliant tech support. This man, Steve, was so smart yet humble. I asked him the weirdest of questions, being a noob, and he obliged every single time. Hope they promote him.

  33. This is the cheapest hosting with a free domain that I have come across. It provides so many features and I am very happy with it. I have seen that this is very suitable for personal websites. If you have a new small business, I would recommend this for you. I think this is amazing and people should definitely try it out.

  34. I have used their services for my company’s website and I think they are good. They provide service at affordable rates and a bonus is that they also provide free marketing services for the website. They even provide cloud storage space and webmail services, all within your budget. Less cost, more advantages. Would definitely recommend it to all of you!

  35. When it comes to the best cheap web hosting services, iPage is certainly on top of the list. I wasn’t willing to spend a bomb for the hosting of my website and that’s when my friend recommended me to use iPage and all I can say is that I have never been so satisfied with a hosting service as I have with iPage.

    • Yes, even I used it for my company because they provide you with subtle traffic on your website. The results were terrific.

  36. I was looking for a hosting service that was easy to navigate and simple to use–iPage gave it to me! I’m a non-tech savvy and very happy with the customer service offered.

  37. My experience with iPage is not so good. The site runs fine at the beginning, but it become slower when more content are added to the blog. It takes close to one minutes to get my site up and this is terrible. I have contacted their support, and looks like it doesn’t help. Stay away from ipage.

  38. I sign up iPage for 1 year subscription, the reason is simple, it’s hard to find a host cheaper than it. To some degree, it’s pretty much free consider I also receive a free domain.

    In general, the service is good. I don’t see big issue when create a WordPress site. The control panel is not something like cPanel or Plesk, not that good, but include most of features Plesk offer. Hopefully iPage could use a more modern panel in the future.

    The support from iPage is normal from my experience. Sometime it’s hard to connect to their livechat support, but if I submitted a ticket, which could be replied quickly. To certain degree, I have to recommend ticket support over live chat if you can wait.

    You pay for what you get, if you want to have a website at price lower than $2/mo, then iPage is #1 choice.

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