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iPage vs InmotionHosting

ipage vs inmotionhostingiPage and Inmotion Hosting are popular web hosting providers in the world. The former has 1 million customers and counting every minute. The latter gets its all hosting services hot around the world. Both companies are eco-friendly companies as well, but they become green by different ways.

In below, we will continue to compare iPage and InmotionHosting from hosting features, prices, uptime, speed and support. After reading our comparison, readers will know which one is better for them.

iPage vs InmotionHosting on Shared Hosting Features

On web hosting types, InmotionHosting outperforms iPage, because InmotionHosting has more hosting solutions, such as reseller hosting. As for hosting features, we pick up their shared hosting solutions to compare features as following:

iPage all-inclusive shared hosting solution is called unlimited shared hosting, because it contains unlimited storage, email accounts, domains allowed, bandwidth and databases. Besides, iPage offers Secure FTP, FTP Manager, Custom Error Pages, URL Redirect services, Perl, SSI and 1 GB free cloud storage. But iPage provides web hosting control panel.

InmotionHosting shared hosting has 3 solutions, so customers will have more options. The smallest solution Launch includes unlimited SSD space, email accounts and transfer. But this solution provides 2 databases and 2 websites allowed. Additionally, InmotionHosting supports PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, SSH Access, free backup, cPanel and over 310 applications free of charge.

iPage vs InmotionHosting on Prices

People will gain big discounts from both hosting providers. But just in terms of hosting prices, iPage hosting is much cheaper than InmotionHosting hosting.

iPage hosting starts at $8.99 per month, which is just the price of its shared hosting. With 75% off iPage coupon, people will pay for iPage shared hosting at $2.25/mo. iPage accepts payment methods including credit card and PayPal.

iPage Promotion iPage Promotion
75% Off

InmotionHosting charges customers from $7.99/mo. If people claim InmotionHosting coupon in below, they will spend as little as $3.49/mo to save over 50% off. This price includes SSD, data backup, cPanel, more than 310 applications, etc. InmotionHosting accepts credit card and check.

InmotionHosting Shared Hosting InmotionHosting Shared Hosting
50% Off

iPage vs InmotionHosting on Uptime and Speed

InmotionHosting does better than iPage on hosting uptime and speed. But the two companies are eco-friendly. InmotionHosting utilizes the high-end Outside Air Cooling technology in the data center to reduce power consumption and carbon output. It also cooperates with Trees For The Future. iPage purchases Renewable Energy Certificates to reduce footprint in environment.

Speed-KillsInmotionHosting gives 99.9% uptime guarantee and the fastest page loading speed. We check that InmotionHosting uses 2 datacenters located in both coasts of America. It even sets exclusive Max Speed Zones, in which the speed is 6× faster and reliability level is higher too. InmotionHosting also deploys world-class hardware, such as top servers from Dell and routers from Cisco and Brocade.

Compared to InmotionHosting, iPage also uses 2 datacenters but both are based in Boston. iPage takes advantage of Dell servers to power customers’ websites too. For networking, iPage web hosting depends on abundant T3 connections with Cisco routers. Likewise, iPage has network monitoring 24 hours a day.

iPage vs InmotionHosting on Support

iPage and InmotionHosting support their customers via various ways: technical support, online support resources and money back guarantee. After the comparison, we come to a conclusion that InmotionHosting has better support for customers, even though iPage support is very good.

Both companies provide human technical support via phone, email and live chat. No matter when customers require, their technicians will quickly come to help customers out of trouble. However, InmotionHosting online self-help center includes more resources: from FAQs to complex technical tutorials and from Education Channels to tools.

More than that, InmotionHosting provides 100% satisfaction guarantee by the industry-leading 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, which applies to its Business hosting, VPS, reseller hosting with 6 months or longer cycles. Its dedicated servers, monthly paid VPS and monthly billed reseller hosting also have 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee. However, iPage offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to all its hosting plans.

Which One is Better

From the comparison above, we see that iPage has the price advantage while it is not as good as InmotionHosting on other aspects. But iPage is a high price value web hosting provider for individuals with a little budget. Instead, InmotionHosting is suitable for every user to build websites and applications with high performance.

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