Is DNS Critical For Your Organization Or Web Business?

As the title declares, this article will talk about various effects of DNS over your online organization or business. To understand the effects of DNS, it is important to understand its functionality first. We will mainly talk about how DNS works. It will automatically give you an idea of how DNS can affect websites and how critical it can be for your online business or organization. We will start the discussion with giving a basic idea about DNS.

What is DNS and how DNS works:

The domain name system, often denoted as DNS is used in order to identify human-readable hostnames with their machine readable IP address related to particular domain names. DNS provides certain useful information related to various domain names as well. It is really important in email services.

In simple words, DNS is very similar to phonebook that operates over the platform of internet. Its functionality is very much similar to real life phonebook. If you know someone’s name and not the phone number, you can simply search it in the phonebook. DNS provides the same service for location IP (internet protocol) addresses for various websites. This address is linked along with their unique domain names for ease of access. This is how DNS works and also the reason why it is critical for online organizations. It is because it helps customers, partners, suppliers and employees to connect to your organizations.3

Here are some benefits of mapping hostnames to specific IP address:

Advantages of hostname to IP mapping:

  • Each pair (mapping of addresses with domain names) are securely stored in abstract database
  • Most of the DNS database are distributed so they support worldwide access
  • A DNS database holds valuable information and records other than domain names.

DNS helps the client to specify if a website is visible or not. If one wants to run a website 24×7 and being available he or she has to keep it running all the time, secure it, scalable and exhibit high performance. There are various benefits of DNS worth noticing:

  • Performance: It boosts the loading speed of a website. It is useful for overcoming the latency that is caused by geographical access over distributed servers.
  • Security: It provides high end security from vulnerability and spoofing. It also protects the website from DDoS Attacks (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks).
  • Scalability: It is certain that website traffic will increase as the website grows old and organization related to it develops. It helps to manage increased traffic without effecting website speed and performance.

It is possible that certain DNS records become outdates as time passes. Some servers may have inefficient records. Such records cause the data packets related to your websites to wander all over the internet before reaching actual and appropriate destinations. It ultimately causes your website to function much slower. One can effectively reduce such travel time by tracking the paths of most efficient DNS servers. This process is called DNS optimizations. It means that how DNS works itself is the importance for any business organization.

A common problem most companies face is that DNS is a very complex system. A bunch of software, networking infrastructure, hardware and specialized knowledge are a part of this complex system. This is not only problem. Besides knowledge and equipment, it requires whole a lot of money. If somehow money matter is managed, the process is too much challenging. There is a lot of technological emergence such as DNSSEC that made this process even complicated. However, establishing your own DNS server is not the last choice left. There are several options available such as cloud DNS.

Cloud DNS:dns

Cloud DNS is a scalable, reliable and secure option. It can be accessed around the globe with same high performance with high traffic spikes. Here is a glance at its advantages:

  • Simple and Easy: Once you have subscribed to a specific plan, you will never have to worry about keep your DNS structure running. All you have to do is to provide the records and relax. It allows you to focus on other important things related to your web business. You are paying money to experts to handle things for you. This is the best options for startup business that are running under tight budget and don’t have enough knowledge and time to handle every sector on their own.
  • Security: When running a web business, security matters a lot. DDoS may tease you quite often. A successful attack will directly effect on the trust of your customers and the effects would be ultimately reflected as decreased sales. Distributed architecture, zone transfer and secure testing environment are offered in cloud DNS service in order to keep your traffic flow and your website secure.
  • Performance Boost: If you hold a startup website, you might have been using default DNS server provided by internet service provider. However, other DNS providers are much faster than these. Cloud DNS providers are expertise enough to deliver sharp performance.
  • 24/7 support: You will never require stressing yourself in maintaining your DNS hosting services. Hiring a DNS cloud provider would also provide you an expert team to help you at any moment. Whenever you stumble upon something, they would be there to help you out of your confusion.measure

Through all this discussion you may have very well understood how DNS works. Understanding the functionality of DNS will ultimately helps you to understand how important it can be to enhance DNS performance. DNS is important for security of data traffic of website and performance of the website as well. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will be capable enough for enhancing you website’s performance, loading time and security by understanding and manipulating DNS tweaks.

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