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In below IXWebhosting Review, we will talk about IXWebHosting price value, reliability, ease-of-use, customer support and php hosting to explain why IXWebhosting is one of the best cheap hosting in the industry.

Based in Columbus, Ohio in the US, IXWebHosting (www.ixwebhosting.com) was founded by Fathi in 1999. The company claims to be one of the worldwide leaders in offering reliable and affordable hosting solutions to all customers. Besides, this company also has Windows hosting solutions for .NET developers around the world.

IXWebHosting Special Coupon

First of all, we would like to introduce an exclusive IXWebHosting coupon, from which only our readers can benefit.

To readers’ happiness, the exclusive IXWebHosting promotion comes. IXWebHosting Expert plan is set at $6.95/mo for a 3-year billing cycle. Now, customers can get this excellent plan only at $1.95/mo by checking out the following exclusive IXWebHosting coupon link, which is around 72% off.

IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal
72% Off

What’s more, IXWebHosting $1.95/mo plan includes a variety of great features as well. For example, customers will get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and hosted domains. 1 dedicated IP address and 1 free domain name registration are included without extra charges either.

IXWebHosting Review on Hosting Price Value

IXWebHosting provides web hosting based on shared servers and virtual private servers with rich features, which can fully support customers’ websites. Customers have an option of OS between Linux and Windows too.

And in below, we will introduce the main features included in IXWebHosting entry-level shared Linux hosting package:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and hosted domains;
  • 2,500 email accounts;
  • 1 dedicated IP address, which are awesome for SEO;
  • 1 free domain name registration;
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases;
  • PHP 5, Perl, Ruby on Rails, CGI, GD Library, Server Side Includes, etc.

In terms of the price, customers will be very satisfied to get IXWebHosting popular services at very competitive price in the industry. The above package is $1.95 per month only, around 72% off via our exclusive IXWebHosting promotional link. To be honest, only IXWebHosting provides free dedicated IPs in a cheap hosting solution.


Furthermore, if customers intend to host a more feature-rich and powerful website, they can easily upgrade their current plans into more advanced ones, such as Unlimited Pro and Business Plus.

Or they can just choose IXWebHosting VPS to gain a dedicated hosting environment and full root access. However, frankly speaking, IXWebHosting VPS is not as competitive as its shared hosting in the industry. IXWebHosting VPS starts at $54.95/mo with 768 MB RAM, 1,500 GB data transfer, and 50 GB storage. Instead, InMotion Hosting, one of best cheap VPS providers, gives 4 GB RAM, 2 TB data transffer and 60 GB RAID 6 disk space at $29.99/mo only.

In addition to PHP hosting based on Linux OS,  IXWebHosting provides customers with Windows-based hosting solutions. The solutions also have rich features and charge from $4.5/mo after more than 50% off.

What’s more, the company keeps customers’ money safe. It offers a 7-day free trial for people to experience its web hosting services based on Linux or Windows. If they do not like the services, they can cancel accounts and no money charges.

Besides a free-trial, IXWebHosting provides 30-day money back guarantee. In this way, if customers are not happy with the services, they can cancel their accounts freely and IXWebHosting will refund full money back in the first 30 days, even including setup fees. In a word, there is risk-free on the money when working with IXWebHosting.

IXWebHosting Review on Reliability

Thanks for a self-operated data center, continual innovation, first-class technologies as well as dedicated IXWebHosting staffs, the company is proud of guaranteeing customers with 99.9% uptime, extremely fast speed and solid network security.

IXWebHosting has its own data center in Ohio, USA, which means that the company has everything required to maintain a highly uptime. This data center is built with Tier 3 level, in which everything is well designed for web hosting, like network, outer casing, lighting, etc. Besides, IXWebHosting also deploys power backup for their servers. So if one of the server power resources gets down, it will automatically transfer the power to the extra power sources.

More than that, IXWebHosting data center is manned by its own engineers who know web hosting inside and outside. Highly trained systems equip the data center for a high level of uptime as well. These are not all. IXWebHosting has a remote team monitoring network and operations around the clock too.

So far, IXWebHosting has hosted over half of million websites for customers around the world with its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

IXWebHosting Review on Ease-of-Use

Among budget web hosting providers, IXWebHosting is easy to use. But compared to large web hosts, IXWebHosting still need improving its ease-of-use, especially its control panel.

Control Panel

This company provides customers with a web-based control panel. This control panel is also icon-based, supporting customers to administrate account settings, email configuration, web server, databases, and so on. However, we have to say IXWebHosting web-based control panel is as good as cPanel, which is a leading control panel and many IXWebHosting competitors offer.

ixwebhosting review on ease of use

Site Builder

Considering that not everyone is good at designing web pages, IXWebHosting offers site builder at no cost. This tool is easy to use, via which people could get beautiful web page designs.


IXWebHosting accepts credit cards, PayPal, and Alipay, in which credit cards have options of Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

IXWebHosting Review on Customer Support

It is widely acknowledged that IXWebHosting support is timely, sincere and professional.

At IXWebHosting, customers can contact its support center via email, phone and live chat. In addition, video tutorials, FAQs and hosting manual are all available to customers if they need.

And IXWebhosting support staffs all have rich experience so that they can resolve customers’ issues or problems efficiently. Best of all, IXWebHosting executes 24/7/365 supporting system, so that customers can get help anytime.

IXWebHosting Offers Excellent PHP Hosting

IXWebHosting has specialized in providing customers with PHP hosting solutions.  Based on the most common Linux and Apache, its PHP hosting solutions come with enhanced features like:

  • The latest stable version of PHP 5.2.x, and MySQL
  • PHP memory_limit is set at 64 MB, which allows customers to handle complicated PHP websites
  • Free Dedicated IPs are included, which is great for SEO and makes your web site ranked high in search engine
  • 1-click installation for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, offering more convenience to customers, especially newbies
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IXWebHosting is 100% compatible with WordPress and is name as one of the best WordPress hosting companies in the world.

IXWebHosting WordPress Reliability

IXWebHosting WordPress hosting comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee due to efforts of IXWebHosting, like operating data centers itself. Beside, the company integrates some WordPress-friendly features into servers to improve its WordPress hosting performance, such as dedicated IPs.

IXWebHosting WordPress Customer-friendly Support

The company supports customers to install WordPress with 1-click installer in their control panels. The installation is automatic and costs less than 5 minutes. If customers want to manually install WordPress, IXWebHosting offers detailed guides on how to do that.

What’s more, every single staff of IXWebHosting support team has professional WordPress knowledge to help customers setup, and trouble shooting on WordPress hosting issues. They are standby to help customers around the clock as long as customers need them.

Is IXWebHosting Recommended for WordPress?

In summary, IXWebHosting provides powerful and superior hosting features, reliability and support for WordPress, and it also allows customers to upgrade to advanced hosting plans when their sites grow. For people who are going to create personal blogs or WordPress websites, we highly recommend them to go with IXWebHosting. Considering the free dedicated IP it provides, hosting your WordPress site with IXWebHosting might help on your SEO effort.

IXWebHosting is a good cheap hosting choice for Joomla.

IXWebHosting Joomla Review on Reliability

IXWebHosting Joomla hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime and the fastest performance for Joomla websites.

IXWebHosting has its own cutting-edge datacenter located in the U.S. This tier 3(n+1) redundant datacenter can maintain customers’ Joomla websites run as long as possible. Top technologies, world-class equipment as well as persistent innovations, all of these factors play a vital part in a fast and reliable speed performance for Joomla.

IXWebHosting Technical Support Service for Joomla

The support employees of IXWebHosting customer service team are Joomla professionals who offer 24/7 assistance to all kinds of Joomla problems. If customers have issues, they are allowed to get contact with the team via phone call, live chat and email.

Besides, status blog, FAQs and tutorials with rich Joomla resources are all available for customers. No matter what way customers choose, their issues would be solved in a quick manner.

Is IXWebHosting Recommended to Joomla?

Considering its rich features, affordable price, reliable performance, and Joomla-friendly customer support, IXWebHosting is strongly recommended for individuals and small-medium sized businesses to host their Joomla sites.

Drupal is a CMS with high demand on server resource, will IXWebHosting support it Well? In below IXWebHosting Drupal hosting review, we will explain why it’s not the best web hosting for Drupal.

IXWebHosting Might Not Support Drupal Well

We have successful set up Drupal in IXWebhosting web server, however it took longer than the other web hosts. Part of reason was that the Drupal-installer in IXWebhosting control panel didn’t work well, and we have to set up Drupal site manually.

Besides, the default PHP memory_limit is set to be 64MB only, which might not be good enough. Although you can increase it manually or send a request to IXWebhosting customer support team, it’s still not that convenient.

IXWebHosting Drupal Hosting Review on Customer Support

IXWebHosting in-house experts have years of web hosting experience, and they are very amiable, patient and professional. They are very willing to helping customers deal with their Drupal issues.

If customers have problems, they can contact the support center by phone, email, ticket and live chat, and they will get customers’ Drupal questions resolved as soon as possible. Moreover, FAQs, Video Tutorials, Hosting Manual and more can also help them find the Drupal solutions quickly.

Should You Host Drupal with IXWebhosting?

Anyway, IXWebHosting is cheap and reliable, but it might not contain enough features to support Drupal well. It would be fine to use it for development or personal sites. If your Durpal site is for business, then I would like to recommend InMotion Hosting and GreenGeeks, both of them offer perfect hosting environment for Drupal.

IXWebHosting Is Great

From what we have discussed above, it is easy to draw the conclusion that IXWebHosting offers feature-rich, reliable and cheap shared hosting solutions. And they are strongly recommended to host your personal blogs, family sites, and small business sites. To know more about IXWebHosting, please visit IXWebHosting and leverage our exclusive 72% deal.

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