IXWebHosting VPS Review

In the post below, we intend to discuss about IXWebHosting VPS focusing on 4 sides. Namely, we are to talk about IXWebHosting VPS hosting from hosting features, pricing, performance, and customer support. Based on the analysis, we hope our readers could get a better understanding to IXWebHosting VPS hosting and figure out if it is good to trust and host with.

About IXWebHosting

ixwebhostingSince its inception in 1999, IXWebHosting (www.ixwebhosting.com) has been growing into one of the quality web hosting company. Based on personal customer support, zero risk guarantee, and cutting edge technology, IXWebHosting now can offer customers reliable and safe web hosting solutions, including extremely cheap web hosting, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, cloud hosting, domains, and other add-ons.

IXWebHosting VPS Review on Features

IXWebHosting now has Windows virtual private servers and Linux virtual private servers. it also claims that if customers are looking for the virtual private servers with self-managed operating systems, control panel, guaranteed uptime, full root access, as well as system resources matters, then IXWebHosting VPS solutions are the ideal options for customers to choose from.

To be specific, IXWebHosting allows customers to choose a preferable operating system platform. There are generally Linux and Windows operating system options. For Linux distributions, IXWebHosting provides enterprise-level CentOS and Debian operating systems; well, for Windows OS, there are Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 OS available!

About Linux platform, IXWebHosting offers two levels of VPS packages, which are X4 Linux and XB Linux. As for the entry-level one, it comes with 4x CPU cores, 768 MB guaranteed RAM, 500 GB storage, and 1,500 GB data transfer. Besides, customers can also receive unlimited hosted domains, burstable RAM, and 2 dedicated IP addresses, which are ideal for good SEO practices.

Well, as for Windows virtual private servers, IXWebHosting also prepares 2 packages, X4 Windows and X8 Windows. Customers who choose IXWebHosting Windows VPS can get up to 8x CPU cores, 2,048 MB guaranteed RAM, 2,000 GB data transfer, as well as 100 GB storage. 2 dedicated IPs, unlimited domains, and burstable memory are also included, good for customers’ SEO efforts.


In addition to that, no matter Linux VPS or Windows VPS hosting customers purchase from IXWebHosting, they can both receive popular, easy to use control panel cPanel or Plesk pre-installed or they can be added on later.

Other more, customers will get the complete control over their servers. Besides cPanel and Plesk control panel, there are complete root and Admin access included. It means that customers easily manage their servers and make appropriate changes for better website performance as we need.

According these features, we think IXWebHosting VPS solutions are all feature rich and give customers increased power to manage their website, servers and all files on their servers.

IXWebHosting VPS Review on Pricing

IXWebHosting is always a cheap web hosting solutions provider. Besides its extremely cheap web hosting package, its VPS is also affordable with attractive discounts.

For example, IXWebHosting Linux VPS hosting normally starts at $74.95/month. However, as for those customers who buy it via our exclusive promo link as following, it will come with a special 27% off discount, making this package start at $54.95/month.

IXWebHosting VPS Deal IXWebHosting VPS Deal
27% Off

If customers need Windows VPS, IXWebHosting Windows VPS comes with reasonable pricing as well. Regularly, it is from $89.95/month. Via our exclusive promotional link, it will renew at $69.95/month, which is about 22% off discount.

Because IXWebHosting is famous for cheap hosting, customers can go to check out IXWebHosting Coupon to find more promotion information.

IXWebHosting VPS Review on Performance

performanceIXWebHosting is very proud of its data center, because IXWebHosting is utilizing its privately owned data center, not outsourcing it to other companies. Therefore, IXWebHosting can make sure that its own data center is designed and built for web hosting, and it is always managed and maintained by real person who really know web hosting inside and out.

Speaking of its data center, IXWebHosting is running a tier 3, n+1 redundant data center, meaning that the company has everything required to keep the maximum uptime possible, and 1 extra backup for each of customers’ data. If there is a server’s power source gets heated, it can automatically transfer to another extra power source.

It is also custom-built for high speed and reliability. IXWebHosting designs network, designs server arrangement from software to the outer casing, and designs the lighting. All these work are for the best performance. Hand-picked server hardware, flexible platform, and easy upgrades are also for it. Monitoring service, discovery service, and recovery service are standard features protecting customers’ site from hacking.

Due the self-owned data center, IXWebHosting staffs have the motivation to work tirelessly as well as around the clock to ensure that customers’ websites always stay up, fast and supported with the newest hosting technologies.

IXWebHosting VPS Review on Customer Support

vps-net-supportIXWebHosting develops premium customer support that is prompt, timely, professional and sincere. Through quick phone call, live chat, and email, customers can easily get supported from IXWebHosting support members.

All of them are effective with rich experience and they are fully trained to offer customers the best support possible. On top of that, IXWebHosting will offer these support around the clock, so customers can feel free to ask for help!

Additionally, IXWebHosting excellent customer support also includes comprehensive online support. Help center, status blog, tutorials, FAQs, and helpdesk are all available at IXWebHosting. Customers can go to there to learn more skills or get helpful information.

In a word, IXWebHosting takes customers seriously and makes the best efforts to support them well!

Is IXWebHosting VPS Reliable?

Yes! We think IXWebHosting VPS is reliable and worthy trying. Multiple operating system options, rich server resources and full server control can be obtained at one time with IXWebHosting VPS solutions. Besides, it is guaranteed with high speed and reliability, while being supported by its private data center. Considering its considerate customer support and big discounts on both Linux and Windows VPS packages, we think customers could have a try, especially those small business website owners.

If customers are still interested in IXWebHosting VPS or other web hosting solutions, please go to www.ixwebhosting.com.


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