IXWebHosting vs Bluehost

ixwebhosting vs bluehostIXWebHosting and Bluehost are two web hosting providers who built their own data centers. They are two of Top 10 web hosting as well. But they have differences. For example, IXWebHosting has Windows hosting services that Bluehost does not offer.

In order to make it clear which web host is better, we will continue to compare IXWebHosting and Bluehost from features, prices, performance and support in below.

IXWebHosting vs Bluehost on Features

IXWebHosting provides shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting based on Linux and Windows platforms. At Bluehost, people will choose from Linux-based shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server. In terms of popular shared hosting, both companies design 3 solutions to meet different demands. Check what the companies offer for their Linux shared hosting customers below:

IXWebHosting will host unlimited domains for its customers, who will receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Besides, the smallest solution contains 1 free domain registration, 1 dedicated IP and 2500 email accounts. The scripting features include PHP 5, CGI, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Zend Optimizer, etc. IXWebHosting experts wrote a control panel for customers as the management tool.

Bluehost $3.49/mo starter solution supports 1 website hosted, 100 GB space, 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, 100 email accounts and 500 MB email storage per account. But these features are unlimited in Bluehost plus solution at $3.95/mo. What’s more, every customer will receive 1 free domain registration and unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, Bluehost provides cPanel control panel.

IXWebHosting vs Bluehost on Prices

The starting price of IXWebHosting web hosting is much lower than that of Bluehost web hosting via our exclusive promotional link. Check below.

IXWebHosting entry-level solution called Expert is regularly at $6.99/mo. Via our exclusive over 70% off IXWebHosting coupon, people will buy the solution at $1.95/mo only. Other 2 shared hosting solutions are both at $7.95/mo after discounted.

IXWebHosting Promotion IXWebHosting Promotion
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We also get exclusive discounts from Bluehost for our readers. Click the following 60% off Bluehost coupon link, people will pay Bluehost 3 shared hosting solutions respectively at $3.49/mo, $3.95/mo and $13.95/mo. The regular starting price of Bluehost shared hosting is $5.99/mo.

Bluehost Web Hosting Bluehost Web Hosting
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IXWebHosting vs Bluehost on Performance

Because of self-built data centers, both companies run stable web hosting services for people. However, Bluehost with first-class hardware performs better than IXWebHosting.

Based in Columbus, USA, IXWebHosting built its own data centers after years of development since 1999. The company dispatches its experts to on-site manage the data center 24 hours a day as well. Inside the data center, each component is carefully designed to ensure stability, such as light, temperature controllers, network, etc.

Bluehost also built its own data centers, which have UPS backup power, backup diesel generators, multiple network connections, reliable temperature inside the data center, etc. More than that, Bluehost built its own Apache servers with dual quad processors, 16 AMD cores, DDR3-1600 memory, SSD drives and so on. Bluehost also administrate its data centers around the clock.

IXWebHosting vs Bluehost on Customer Support

IXWebHosting and Bluehost know that support is important for both newbies and experienced website masters. So, both of them provide convenient and professional support.

IXWebHosting vs Bluehost supportIXWebHosting and Bluehost technical support teams are available to their customers around the clock. Furthermore, it is easy to get contact with support experts since both web hosts prepares live chat, ticket and phone support methods. In addition to that, IXWebHosting and Bluehost have self-help centers for people to browse and learn to solve problems by themselves. To know more about the customer support of these two companies, you could check out this IXWebhosting customer review and Bluehost customer review respectively.

What’s more, people will receive 30 days full money back guarantee from IXWebHosting and Bluehost. However, Bluehost supports a pro-rated refund anytime after 30 days while IXWebHosting supports a pro-rated refund within 90 days.

Which One is Better

Both companies provide feature-rich cheap web hosting. But Bluehost has a complete set of hosting solutions, making it easy to upgrade or downgrade. Furthermore, Bluehost is more reliable. IXWebHosting has Linux and Windows hosting. Its Expert solution is so cheap.

Based on that, we recommend that individuals and Windows hosting users opt for IXWebHosting. Bluehost is a better choice for Linux hosting users who are willing to spend a little more money and gain higher performance.

To know more information of Bluehost and IXWebHosting, please respectively follow www.bluehost.com and www.ixwebhosting.com.

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