IXWebHosting vs InmotionHosting

ixwebhosting vs inmotionhostingInmotionHosting (www.inmotionhosting.com) is an awesome web hosting company. Websites hosted at InmotionHosting will load reliably fast and be powered by green energy. IXWebHosting (www.ixwebhosting.com) outperforms others on cheap web hosting solutions. It is also a provider with Linux hosting as well as Windows hosting.

In order to find out which one is better, we will compare IXWebHosting and Inmotion Hosting from features, prices, reliability, speed and support in below.

IXWebHosting vs InmotionHosting on Features

InmotionHosting offers customers Linux-based web hosting solutions on shared servers, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Besides Linux hosting, IXWebHosting also has Windows hosting services. But IXWebHosting does not sell dedicated server solutions. We compare features of their shared hosting based on Linux operating system as following.

IXWebHosting supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, PHP 5, CGI, Perl, Ruby on Rails, GD Library, Zend Optimizer, SSI and .htaccess. In addition, from the smallest plan, people will receive unlimited web space and data transfer to create unlimited websites and use 2500 email accounts. Furthermore, this plan will offer 1 dedicated IP and 1 domain for free.

InmotionHosting shared hosting also contains MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP and Perl. But InmotionHosting still provides Python, Ruby, SSH access, Google Apps integration, cPanel control panel and more than 310 applications for free. What’s more, the entry-level plan includes unlimited SSD space, transfer and email accounts. But people have to build 2 websites only. InmotionHosting offers 1 free domain for the first year as well.

IXWebHosting vs InmotionHosting on Prices

According to the final promotional prices of their Linux shared hosting, IXWebHosting charges lower than InmotionHosting.

IXWebHosting Linux-based shared web hosting has an over 70% off with our exclusive IXWebhosting coupon below.After the promotion, people will spend $1.95/mo minimum instead of the regular starting price $6.95/mo. However, $1.95/mo price only applies to 36-month contracts that are a little long.

IXWebHosting Linux Hosting IXWebHosting Linux Hosting
70% Off

InmotionHosting also gives more than 50% off discounts on its web hosting, making the starting price at $3.49/mo then. Without the discount, people have to pay from $7.99/mo. Furthermore, InmotionHosting sets $3.49/mo price based on 24-month billing cycles. Click below link to clamin this Inmotion Hosting coupon at 50% Off.

InmotionHosting Web Hosting InmotionHosting Web Hosting
50% Off

IXWebHosting vs InmotionHosting on Performance

Both companies have award winning hosting performance with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Especially InmotionHosting takes advantage of green technology to reduce carbon output. It even opened up the first green data center located in California, USA.

IXWebHosting built a data center for running its web hosting business in Ohio, USA. IXWebHosting is also responsible for the management of this data center 24 hours a day. Moreover, the data center is specifically designed for web hosting with ideal light, temperature, power supply, network, etc.

InmotionHosting utilizes 2 data centers respectively located in both coasts of America. More than that, it sets Max Speed Zones, in which the page loading speed is much faster. The hardware InmotionHosting uses for web hosting is top tier, such as Dell servers and solid state drives. In addition, InmotionHosting deploys Outside Air Cooling technology rather than traditional CRACs to go green.

IXWebHosting vs InmotionHosting on Support

No matter which web host people choose, they will get premium support. Furthermore, it is easy to get contact with support representatives of both companies.

IXWebHosting and InmotionHosting human support teams are available for people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact with IXWebHosting and InmotionHosting, people will follow ways including live chat, ticket, email and phone. Besides, both companies have informative self-help resources for people.ixwebhosting vs inmotionhosting support

What’s more, the two companies have money back guarantee for customers to maximum prevent them from losing money. Going with IXWebHosting, they will get 30 days money back guarantee. More than that, IXWebHosting gives 7 days trial for free. InmotionHosting offers 90 days money back guarantee, the longest money guarantee in the industry.

Which One is Better

To conclude, IXWebHosting has Linux hosting and Windows hosting services. It offers reliable performance based on the self-built and self-managed data center. Moreover, its hosting is so cheap that starts at $1.95/mo. Though InmotionHosting has Linux hosting, it offers shared, VPS, dedicated server and reseller hosting solutions. 2 data centers, first class hardware, advanced technology, green technology, etc. make for more reliable and faster performance.

According to above comparison and summary, we highly think that both companies are great. However, IXWebHosting is more suitable to individuals, small business and Windows users while InmotionHosting is better for web masters having higher requirements.

Please respectively visit www.inmotionhosting.com and www.ixwebhosting.com to gain more details of InmotionHosting and IXWebHosting.

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