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Joomla is one of the most popular content management system in the industry, it’s widely used by people to develop all kinds of web sites from persona blog, cooperate site to eCommerce. Just like all the other technology, there are some learning curve to master Joomla well. And in below, we summarize some useful resources which could help you pick up Joomla quickly.

Joomla Tutorials

This is the first need for beginners. One cannot use the full power of Joomla without having proper tutorials and learning resource. The Joomla official website has a rich source of tutorials aimed at beginners at Though useful in the beginning, one might then move on to Mastering Joomla is possible only if you take a step further and buy a book on Joomla. Books always cover details in a more comprehensive manner.

Joomla Plugin

Joomla has a large group of developers and extensions for almost any type of feature needed. Some extensions are premium, but still, very useful extensions can be found for free. Again, the Joomla website should be your first stop: Another source has extensions for Ecommerce, newsletter and other types of purpose-specific websites.

Joomla Themes

Like extensions, there are free and paid templates. If you plan to earn money from the website, it is suggested to buy a template rather than use a free one. Paid templates give more flexibility, and are often optimized for search engines. has a nice collection of paid templates. is another place where you can look for templates. Before searching for templates, make sure that you have the purpose of the website clear in your mind.

Joomla Hosting

This is generally the final step in the web development. The web hosting plays an important role in the success of the website. One should choose Joomla hosting from companies having reputation of being reliable in terms of uptimes. For a Joomla beginner, a shared hosting is obviously the best choice, but when the website has rich features and high traffic, buying in a VPS or dedicated server is better than shared web hosting.

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