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Justhost VPS Review

In the following review, we plan to provide our readers a comprehensive analysis on the Justhost VPS hosting. Generally speaking, we are to talk about Justhost VPS hosting features, pricing, reliability, and customer support to reveal if customers can trust this web hosting solution and host websites with it.

About Justhost

justhost logo1Justhost (www.justhost.com) is a famous Linux web hosting provider who has been focusing on PHP hosting since founded. It understands that to find a reliable but cheap web hosting is a tough task. Therefore, Justhost tries to put all useful information customers might need in one place to help them make the right decision on hosts.

Offering many advantages and helpful features with all web hosting, Justhost is popular among individuals and small businesses. By far, customers can choose a reliable web hosting at Justhost from cheap shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting!

Justhost VPS Review on Features

Most customers may all know Justhost really cheap shared hosting, but they might not know its VPS hosting very well. Actually, Justhost VPS is only Linux friendly, but integrated with cloud technology. So, customers who use Justhost VPS hosting can get the guaranteed resources. According to our information collected from Justhost, we think it is a good VPS hosting solution provider offering high price valued VPS. Now, let’s reveal the highlights of Justhost VPS hosting.

Firstly, different from many other virtual private server solutions providers requiring hours or even days to provision, Justhost can make its VPS customers get up and run in mere seconds. Instant provisioning can save a lot of energy and time for customers to deal with their business effectively.

Secondly, Justhost integrates powerful cloud technology with VPS solutions building. Cloud technology integration allows Justhost to provide customers more features and more options in the future. It will offer customers a guaranteed growth path that is good to their business development online.


Thirdly, Justhost now can offer customers different VPS packages, which can meet different customer groups with different amounts of server resources. Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate are available for choosing. Just like we talked above, Justhost offers VPS solutions based on Linux OS, and customers can get the business class CentOS 6.5 (64-bit).

For server resources, there are dual cores to quad cores, 2 GB to 8 GB memory, 30 GB to 240 GB storage, and 1 TB to 4 TB monthly bandwidth. Based on the real needs, customers can easily find out the best VPS package for their websites. Additionally, customers can also get a free domain name and 1 to 2 IP addresses.

Fourthly, Justhost VPS solutions also allow customers to get the increased control of their server as well as websites. One is the easy to use control panel, enhanced cPanel, which comes with richer feature set than its competition, offering them a full control and access to their servers.

The other is the root access, giving them more control. The full root access to CentOS is available as well. Justhost even makes its VPS with multi-account management. Therefore, customers can manage all their account with only one login.

In a word, Justhost make an all-round VPS solution for customers. Balancing the demands and the offerings, customers can get an appropriate one to go with and easily manage it well.

Justhost VPS Review on Pricing

We have discussed that Justhost is a popular cheap web hosting company, focusing on offering customers multiple cheap web hosting options. As for its cloud-based VPS hosting, Justhost also makes it cheap.

Justhost offers our readers an exclusive discount, 50% off! No matter customers choose 1, 3, 6, or 12 month billing plan, Justhost will offer customers this massive discount. For instance, the Standard package normally charges $29.99 per month, while automatically being applied this 50% off discount, the package only charges at $14.99 per month. Customers can go to read Justhost Coupon to learn more promotions at Justhost.

Justhost VPS Deal Justhost VPS Deal
50% Off

Note: the promotional pricing is only for the first term and then renews to the normal rate. Other more, the company takes customer satisfaction in the first place. If customers try Justhost VPS but decide that does not sufficiently meet their needs, they can just cancel account anytime and then request a refund. Within the first 30 days, customers will receive a full refund; after the first 30 days, they can still receive a prorated refund for their remainder of their VPS hosting term.

Justhost VPS Review on Performance

Justhost is very confident to its outstanding uptime. The company has committed to building and delivering a secure and reliable web hosting environment. Generally speaking, customers’ websites are all hosted on its high quality quad processor servers; Justhost data center is also equipped with the UPS power with back-up generators; 24/7 network monitoring is also performed by the company to keep the safety of the network.

Specifically, Justhost firstly offers customers guaranteed server resources. That should owe to KVM hypervisor virtualization, which can make all the resources customers have purchased be guaranteed to always be available! Other more, Justhost builds VPS hosting from the ground up to break barriers, so it has already set the stage to continuously upgrade as well as enhance customers’ server.

For the Justhost data center, it is located in Provo, America. Besides UPS power supplies, it is also armed with redundant cool environment control systems, set full security insides and out, as well as utilizes multiple 10-gigabit connections from Ethernet.

These efforts made by Justhost and excellent maintenance by its professional team ensure the reliable VPS solutions for all customers who trust Justhost.

Justhost VPS Review on Customer Support

Justhost offers premium VPS solutions with cutting edge customer support. Hand-picked support team staffs all has bountiful hosting experience and are all trained to provide the sincere and professional support.

It is easy to get the best support via various support channels. Customers can send emails, make phone calls, or chat online to get in touch with Justhost hosting experts. Furthermore, Justhost will offer customer prompt support available around the clock.

Other more, Justhost also has extensive online support center, where customers can the quick answers to most frequently asked questions. They can also search for video tutorials, beginner guides, and other popular articles.

Is Justhost VPS Reliable?

In the conclusion, we think Justhost really builds a reliable cloud-based VPS hosting for small businesses and some middle businesses. Justhost VPS comes with rich guaranteed server resources, reliable performance, and premium customer support. Taking its 50% off discount into consideration, we think Justhost VPS is worth of a try.

To learn more about Justhost, please go to www.justhost.com.


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