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JustHost vs Fatcow

Being recognized as one of the Best PHP Hosting providers, JustHost ( justhost vs fatcowenjoys great popularity by tens of thousands of webmasters. As for Fatcow (, it is also a reliable web host that can offer shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. However, which one is a better option that can help customers to host their websites successfully.

In below JustHost vs Fatcow, we will make a detailed review about the two companies from features, pricing, reliability and customer service to help them know why we strongly recommend JustHost instead of Fatcow.

JustHost vs Fatcow on Features

At JustHost and Fatcow, their customers can get access to rich features to build their websites easily, but there are some differences between the two companies. Customers can check the following table to get to know the details.

Domain HostedUnlimitedUnlimited

Features JustHost fatcow
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
PostgreSQL Databases Unlimited ×
One free Domain One Year One Year
JavaScript ×
PHP, Python, Perl, RoR
Control Panel cPanel VDeck

By comparison, we can see that JustHost can offer rich features than Fatcow.

JustHost vs Fatcow on Pricing

Both of the two web hosts have the ability to offer an affordable price to their customers.

With the latest promotion, JustHost customers will be very delighted to purchase the excellent service only at $2.25/mo with our Justhost coupon, which is very competitive when compared with other web hosting providers in the industry.

The latest Fatcow coupon set the discounted price is set at $49/yr by default. Now, the price can be cut down to $3.15/mo if customers follow our exclusive promotion link.

To safeguard the safety of customers’ money, JustHost offers the policy of anytime money back guarantee, while Fatcow ensures 30 day money back. Therefore, it is clear to see that JustHost has an instinct advantage in the respect of pricing.

JustHost $2.25 Promotion JustHost $2.25 Promotion
67% Off

JustHost vs Fatcow on Reliability

According to the data collected by our experts, it shows that JustHost is better than Fatcow as for performancethe speed and uptime.

To try to help customers get the high performance online environment to manage their websites, JustHost takes advantage of the dual quad processor performance servers to host customers’ websites.

In addition, JustHost also utilizes industry-leading data centers that are equipped with UPS generator backup power, diesel generator backup power, customized Apache web servers, 24/7 monitoring, courtesy network monitoring and multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections.

Powered by 100% wind energy, Fatcow operates data centers that feature load-balanced platform, multi-connections, daily server backups, backup  generator system, and 24/7 facility monitoring.

JustHost vs Fatcow on Customer Service

Both JustHost and Fatcow customers are safe to receive an awarding-winning technical support at supportthe two companies.

If customers encounter some issues that they cannot deal with by themselves, some primary supporting methods, such as phone, email and live chat are available for JustHost and Fatcow customers to freely contact their experts.

The two companies claim that they only employ in-house supporting staff to help customers tackle down their problems as soon as possible, so customers of the two companies can always get their problems resolved quickly and efficiently.

Why JustHost

Based on what we reviewed above, we can easily make a safe conclusion that both of the two companies can provide their customers with first-class technical support, but JustHost can offer rich features and cheaper price as well as faster speed than Fatcow. Therefore, we highly recommend JustHost for customers who intend to select a cost-effective web hosting provider to help them run successful websites.

If customers want to know more information about JustHost, they can visit or check JustHost Review.


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