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krypt logoKrypt ( is one of the top 2,000 websites in US and one of the top 300 websites in China. It is best known for providing Counter-Strike game servers when the game was at the peak fan base. Since then, Krypt has grown into an outstanding dedicated and cloud server provider in US. Also, Krypt is the dedicated server and hosting division of VPSL Inc.

In this Krypt Review, we are to talk about Krypt hosting price value, performance, ease-of-use, and support service, to reveal whether Krypt is a reliable web hosting provider for our readers.

Krypt Current Promotion

Krypt all cloud server G1-*plans contain a special offering, which is free double RAM and free double storage. Normally, cloud server G1-* plans start at $15/mo, along with 1vCPU, 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB of storage, and 1,000 GB of bandwidth. With this special offerings, cloud server G1-* still start at $15/mo, but coming with 2 GB of RAM and 80 GB of storage.

Krypt Exclusive Deal Krypt Exclusive Deal
Double RAM

Beside, Krypt now pushes out April Promotions on its servers. All of R20 server will get 20% discount, which will be active for 9 consecutive months rather than 12 to have the option to own this server. The lowest one is R20 Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz with 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB SATA HDD drives and 24 in stocks, which regularly charges at $54.95/mo. After 20% discount, it only charges $43.97/mo.

As for dedicated servers, Krypt also launches promotions. Its Outlet DQ5420 AND DEDICATED DQ5420 both have 30% discount. They normally charges at $99.95/mo and $119.95/mo respectively; with 30% discount, they are cut to $69.97/mo and $93.97/mo respectively. Moreover, Krypt also gives 30% discount for dedicated E3-1230, E3-1230v2 and E3-1230v3.

Krypt Review on Price Value

Krypt is dedicated to provide dedicated servers and cloud servers. In the following review on it, we are going to talk about its hosting price value by focusing on its cloud servers.

Krypt designs 4 levels of cloud servers, which are general cloud servers, CPU optimized servers, memory optimized servers, and storage optimized servers. Different levels of cloud servers are for different resource demands.

All Krypt cloud servers use the reputable hypervisor virtualization as well as cloud technology, VMware, making Krypt cloud server a flexible and cost-effective cloud platform. Customers are allowed to utilize all kinds of applications at Krypt cloud computing platform.

As for general cloud servers, they are designed for workloads and applications which need to balance between memory resources and burstable compute while providing adequate storage and bandwidth at a cost-effective rate.

C1 cloud servers, namely CPU optimized servers, are operated on premium Intel Xeon processors which contain the turbo boost for applications demanding high-powered compute, like video encoding, gaming, and so on. C1 cloud servers are named CPU optimized cloud server for the cloud servers are built with redundant CPU resources.

M1 cloud servers are memory optimized servers that include the highest ratio of vCPU/memory. This kind of cloud servers is special for high-powered web servers and databases that take memory resources for caching. Likewise, M1 cloud servers come with redundant memory resources for memory optimization.

S1 cloud servers are storage optimized servers, which provide customers with high-density storage. Those customers need more disk drive space while remaining high availability. This kind of cloud servers is designed for file hosting, archival data and backup services.

Krypt cloud server is just a starting point for customers. If they are ready to move to the higher level, Krypt parent company VPLS prepare VPLS Cloud Pools for them to grow. The Cloud Pool can offer customers premium cloud computing platform with scalability, customizability, flexibility, and security so that customers can store and run their applications easily.

To get Krypt cloud servers, customer can just pay $15/mo, and then Cloud package G1-1 comes with double RAM and storage, as well as 1 TB bandwidth. Customers can select the nearest server location among diverse options.

Krypt Review on Performance

To maintain maximum uptime, Krypt builds its cloud servers with high availability and against hosting failures.

Krypt provides SSD drives as a standard feature in each cloud server package. So, customers can store their website data at impeccable speeds. By using solid state drives and RAID 10 disk protection, customers can get storage security and make the speed up to the next level, which can also protect their business from disk failures and removing limits.

In addition, all Krypt cloud servers include best possible network speeds. Every cloud server has 1Gbps NICs which is connected via dual 10 Gbps boned NICs on each hypervisor. To accelerate server speed, customers can add on Krypt Turbo. Krypt also pushes out an application, Speedtest App for customer to view how fast their speed is.

Krypt operates 7 data centers making geographic redundancy, to meet all of customers’ disaster recovery needs. All of Krypt engineers are certificated, holding 78 Cisco certifications, 127 VMware certifications, and more, who are carefully maintaining these data centers to deliver high uptime and reliable network.

Krypt Review on Ease-of-Use

As for usability, Krypt cloud servers contain excellent migration service, making migrations easier and better. The company is able to convert customers’ servers into their cloud servers and the company will transfer all their data and application in hours. Krypt also provides not only the templates of virtual machine but also direct import through VMDK from customers’ current VMware environment.

Besides, Krypt also provides full console access to virtual machine and API access to Krypt Cloud controller, giving customers full control over servers; customers can choose optional backup service and control panels. The lowest cloud server package contains free additional managed service, namely vTAC Level 1, which means that Krypt will provide automated monitors, monitoring the servers.

Krypt Review on Support Service

Krypt has US-based support team to provide responsive support. If customers have anything want to contact Krypt, they can use email, telephone, ticket or fax. The quickest way is live chat. All these channels are 24 hour open for every customer at Krypt.

Apart from these, customers can check out Krypt knowledge base, which includes many helpful articles collected by Krypt staffs.

Do We Recommend Krypt?

Yes, we recommend Krypt for business owners, especially for those who are growing fast and have enough hosting budget. Krypt is professional and famous for providing dedicated and cloud servers. Its cloud servers are based on different level of needs and seamlessly integrate its parent company VPLS, making Krypt cloud server more powerful and reliable. Besides, its pricing is not very high and includes generous promotional offerings, so Krypt is worth having a try.

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