Level 3 CDN Review

A CDN (short for content delivery network) essentially indicates a network of dispersed servers in geographic basis. Every CDN node caches a site’s static content like the CSS/JS files, images, and other structure components. Nowadays, a growing number of hosting providers are using a CDN for the purpose of speeding up websites therefore improving user’ experience. Among plenty of CDN providers, Level 3 is one of the best CDN companies in terms of performance.

About Level 3

level3 logoLevel 3 ( is a sophisticated global communications provider came into being in 1998. Level 3 has a wide range of products and solutions, including CDN, data center services, DDoS mitigation, collaboration services, and so on so forth. Supported by an extensive fiber network on multiple continents, Level 3’s global services platform is connected by undersea facilities and is spreading out to 500+ markets in over 60 countries. No wonder why it is trusted by many prolific companies, such as the FBI, U.S. Parks Service, and Netflix, etc.

Level 3 CDN Review on Features

Level 3 has been providing high quality content delivery services since 2006. Specializing in large file storage, online video streaming, caching and downloads, the Level 3 CDN provides customers with reliable speed and stability to deliver any content on demand to end users on different devices, such as  computers, TVs,  and mobile devices.

Video Delivery

Level 3 Video Delivery is designed to support the major content platform of television, Internet and gaming. Backed by Level 3 CDN, customers can optimize quality on the basis of viewer bandwidth and device for an enhanced experience; they can also deliver on-demand and live broadcasts with confidence by relying on a complete solution provider with more than 25 years of experience with broadcast and IP capabilities.

Another Video Delivery service benefits is to access more than 42Tbps of global serving capacity through Level 3’s IP network to support large releases and traffic spikes.

Digital Downloads

As a result of unprecedented devices and high end-user expectations, Level 3 CDN makes it possible for customers to deliver digital files across the globe with accelerated speed and secure environment.

Every customer with Level 3 CDN can seamlessly deliver their content and downloads to an increasingly complex and dynamic user environment. Whether it is a system update, software download, antivirus file, gaming patch, or other digital assets, the Digital Download platform ensures that the content is available anytime from anywhere.

Website Optimization

Level 3 CDN comes with a website acceleration platform that amplifies performance availability of each site during flash crowds and traffic spikes, renders web pages virtually instantaneously to help improve conversion rates and reduces website abandonment, delivers content according to different PCI DSS norms to help reduce risks posed by complex denial of service attacks, thus improving customers’ SEO rankings with optimized web pages using best practices in the industry.

Origin Storage Platform

The Origin Storage Platform is integrated with Level 3 CDN and allows content libraries of virtually any size to be securely stored and easily managed over its global platform. All the content uploaded to a single (super-node) location is synchronously written to another storage node within the region. And it is hardened high-availability and redundancy offered via content mirroring across high density storage devices with RAID 6 array in diverse geographic locations. It is also able to offer multiple methods to upload data, including SSH variants, FTP variants, and Aspera.

Besides the above, Level 3 CDN also secures user’s content using Geo Blocking, SWF Verification, Encryption, Authentication, SSL and DDoS. And it allows users to clear visualization of utilization via the Level 3 Media Portal, API, and Log Retrieval.

Level 3 CDN Review on Pricing

Level 3 does not list pricing information for its CDN service on the website. Customers can contact the sales team if they are interest in the products. And, according to our knowledge, customers can customize their Level 3 CDN plans that charge per gigabyte of traffic consistent needs; whereas, if customers have data spikes and are not willing to pay for overages, their will be charged by 95th-percentile pricing.

Level 3 CDN Review on Performance

The Level 3 CDN network is vast, containing points of presence in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Over 15,000 globally distributed servers are connected to Level 3’s global IP network with nodes and super nodes across continents in more than 90 major metro cities. This ensures that users in all corners of the globe are well served, allowing them to send data to even the hardest to reach places quickly and efficiently.

More importantly, Level 3 CDN is built utilizing Level 3’s highly stable facilities. The network is not only configured with HTTPS, DDoS mitigation, IP blocking, token authentication, proxy authentication, but also PCI delivery, origin shield, geo-blocking, and referral blocking. Other more, Level 3’s network SOC monitors and mitigates security attacks daily to proactively help keep the network clean and secure.

Level 3 CDN Review on Customer Support

Level 3 CDN’s success is not only based on high performance and good reliability, but also on the proven customer service.

With years of experience in the field, Level 3 support representatives are knowledgeable and well-trained to offer quality customer service for every customer. For customers who are interested in buying a new CDN service, they can use Level 3’s email system or make a phone call to the support team. If they have any question about Level 3 CDN need to consult a technician, they can take advantage of audio conference, web conference, or toll-free telephone at any time around the clock.


Of the large content distributers, Level 3 CDN seems the best option for small business or even bloggers and startups besides its enterprise clients. With ownership of its own Tier 1 internet backbone, Level 3 CDN manages to deliver quality service with quite good performance and reliability. No matter where a customer comes from, he is ensured to get the best possible speed due to Level 3’s vast network covering almost every corner of the world. As well, customers can benefit from Level 3’s good security due to the highly secured facilities configured with the latest security measures and systems.

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