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Linode Review

Linode (, a Linux cloud-hosting provider, was established in mid 2003 by its founder Christopher S. Aker. It strives to provide the best cloud hosting solutions for over 400,000 customers worldwide and aims to help define the cloud hosting industry. After years of development, it has become a leader in virtualization hosting market, and gain very positive feedback based on Linode reviews we have collected.

Though Linode offers multiple products and services for its clients, from cloud hosting services to NodeBalancer and Longview, the cloud hosting services, have unquestionably been its flagship products.

In the following parts, we are going to have a general impression on Linode from its special coupon, price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer supports. As we synthesize all the criteria above, we will give suggestions to you whether Linode service is worthy to purchase or not.

Linode Special Coupon

Linode is dedicated to offering the best virtualization hosting solutions and makes efforts to let its customers pay flexibly. To make its products more attractive, Linode provides some special Linode coupons via our website.

That is, 10% is off for a 1-year hosting service term and 15% is off for a 2-year hosting service term. In other words, if a customer purchases Linode hosting solutions for a 1-year term, then he just pays 90% of the plan’s regular price. And if he buys the 2-year service term, he can save 20% off the regular price.

Linode Exclusive Deal Linode Exclusive Deal
15% Off

However, if an order is less than twelve months, customers should pay Linode hosting service monthly or at hourly rate, which are not that cost effective.

Linode Review on Hosting Price Value

As an important criterion of a web hosting, price value plays an important role in measuring whether or not a service is the one in good quality and in best price at the same time.

Linode hosting has rolled out multiple cloud hosting services these years. Most of these products have received good feedback from the market, no matter in quality or in prices.

In the following, we make a list on Linode cloud hosting features so that readers can check what this host offers:

  • Minimum 1GB RAM;
  • Minimum 1 CPU Core;
  • Minimum 25GB SSD Storage;
  • Minimum 2 TB Transfer and free inbound traffic;
  • 40 Gbps Network in and up to 1000 Mbps Network out;

In the case of prices, different from other web hosts’ services calculated manually, all the services at Linode are billed automatically by the end of month. This web host charges customers’ services monthly or at hourly rate based on customers’ usage of the services during that month.

If a customer uses the entire month service or hits Linode’s monthly cap, then he’ll just be charged monthly cap amount from $10/mo for that product. Otherwise, if a customer only used a part of the past month, he’ll be billed at the hourly rate from $0.015/hr to $1.44/hr. Moreover, via our link, 10% to 15% off discounts are possible to get!

However, these payment rules cannot be applied to the situation of bandwidth overages, which means you have to be billed for $0.02/GB by the end of the current month when you exceed the monthly cap.

Additionally, Linode offers 7 days money back guarantee, which means that customers can request a full refund with the first 7 days and no questions asked.

Linode Review on Reliability

Since Linode was founded, it has launched 8 datacenters throughout the world, like in Fremont, Atlanta, London and Singapore, which have assured Linode services in a high level of reliability. Furthermore, multiple data centers worldwide makes it possible for Linode customers to choose the most appropriate data centers to get the best connection speed.

Meanwhile, to make sure that Linode has provided the fastest and best hosting solutions in the industry, this web host offers batter-backed hardware RAID and best network for its clients. These configurations in general have ensured Linode’s maximum uptime and performance. Moreover, Linode has built a strong team of skillful and experienced engineers to monitor network and to stand by for solving any technical problems.

As a result, Linode guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Linode Review on Ease-of-Use

As to review whether Linode service is easy to use or not, we’ll illustrate it from the following aspects: control panel, Linode Lish, backups and recovery, and billing.

Control panel

Linode provides its customers with a self-developed control panel, which is simple and easy to manage files, email, FTP account, and databases. This control panel also allows customers to deploy, boot, resize and clone in a fast speed. Furthermore, a customer also can freely choose to install Webmin, cPanel, Kloxo or other control panels to manage his domain, database or others, if he doesn’t want Linode self-owned control panel.

linode manager

Linode Lish

Linode Lish helps people access to their servers and allows them to reboot a Linode or switch to a different configuration profile without having to open the Linode Manager. Linode Lish also can be a rescue tool to access to Linode conveniently, in a particular case that people are unable to connect directly via SSH.

Backups and Recovery

Linode backup service aims to create a completely managed, reliable and highly available system for its customers. Customers have rights to choose a daily or weekly backup service to protect their data. What they should notice is that this backup service costs extra and is charged from $2.5/mo for Linode 1GB.

As to recovery, Linode rescue mode helps people recover from critical errors quickly, and makes its customers’ accounts more secure at the same time.


Linode accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. But if you want to pay in checks or money orders, you’d better contact support and assure that you can pay in USD.

Linode Review on Customer Support

Linode has put its philosophy as “Servers on demand. Support that cares.” since its foundation. Customer support plays so important in the development of Linode that the host makes great efforts to respond to its 400,000 customers without delay and provides them with the most accurate answers.

To ensure its customers’ questions can be solved as soon as possible, Linode offers 24/7 technical support services. People can use phone call and email at any time; however, live chat isn’t available at Linode. Beside the above, using ticket is another way to get assistance with Linode Service, but the premise is that you have an existing Linode account.

Do We Recommend Linode?

Linode, as a cloud hosting provider in rapid growth, has grown into a leader of cloud hosting industry. Linode hosting provides fast, reliable, flexible, and affordable services, which is welcomed by a great number of people. In a word, Linode hosting solutions are equipped with good features and components to help people create websites in an easy but practical way. Whatever you are running a company or planning to build a blogging website yourself, Linode can be a good choice for you.

More information about Linode can be offered with a visit to

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