LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting Review

liquidweb-blk-lg 1LiquidWeb ( born in 1997, is a fast growing web hosting company, due to its always responsive and available customer support and high quality web hosting packages. From 2007 to 2015, LiquidWeb has been in the Inc. 5,000 list of the fast-growing, privately owned US companies. Up to now, the company has turned into an experienced and influential web host in the industry.

LiquidWeb originally offered shared hosting services only, but now it has expanded to offer VPS, dedicated servers, as well as a set of add-on services. In 2009, LiquidWeb pushed out a line of cloud hosting, namely Storm Platform.

In the following post, we are to talk about LiquidWeb cloud hosting in terms of features, prices, performance, and support service. We hope our readers can understand whether LiquidWeb cloud hosting is reliable or not.

Features of LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting

LiquidWeb Strom Platform enables customers to deploy, clone, replace, and increase the capacity on servers easily. Its Storm Servers utilize a fully automated platform developed in house and easily scale.

By far, Storm Platform features VPS servers, dedicated servers, as well as private cloud hosting, plus a series of add-on cloud products, such as object storage and block storage. The line of cloud hosting is continuously growing, including more operating system and server locations.

Generally, LiquidWeb Storm Platform includes a range of cloud features. Customers can download or upgrade easily on the platform; it allows customers to create and deploy server images; for high performance, solid state drives are available; API access is available too, making programmatic access to servers.

Additionally, LiquidWeb create Storm Platform both in VPS cloud environment and dedicated hardware, therefore, it is easy for customer to move between VPS hosting and dedicated server. LiquidWeb also offers Storm Cloud Servers that are servers in shared cloud environment.

LiquidWeb Storm VPS and dedicated servers are managed and include the option of full management with cPanel or Plesk control panel license, and automatic migrations. Besides, both Storm servers contain several attractive features, which are instant provisioning, solid state drives, free incoming data transfer, 5 TB outgoing data transfer, many server type and OS template options.

As to Storm Private Cloud, it is the most flexible cloud hosting at LiquidWeb. Customers can create their own private cloud environment. It means they can move, clone, resize, and destroy virtual instances. Up to 56 types of CPU can be chosen. The Storm management console is customers’ window to manage their server from all aspects.

No matter which one customers choose to host their site, they will be happy to run their servers with dedicated resources and enjoy the full control to the virtual server they create.

Pricing of LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting

LiquidWeb Storm Platform features 3 kind of cloud server, among which Storm VPS servers are the cheapest one. It starts at $50/mo, coming with 1.0 GB memory and 50 GB SSD disk storage; Storm dedicated servers and Storm Private Cloud both start at $110/mo, both coming with at least 1 4-core Intel Core i5-760 with the speed of 2.80 GHz/core, 2.0 GB RAM, and 1-453 GB SATA disk storage.

The prices of LiquidWeb Storm servers are a little high for individuals, so the company offers daily billing. Customers can just pay for what they use, not for monthly terms. In addition, LiquidWeb has a special discount that customers can get via our exclusive link. LiquidWeb gives up to 15% discount for 3 months on dedicated servers. With it, LiquidWeb Storm dedicated server will charge at $93.5/mo or $3.06/day during the first 3 months.

LiquidWeb Storm Servers LiquidWeb Storm Servers
Daily Billing

If customers want to get more details about LiquidWeb special promotions, they can click here.

LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

LiquidWeb does a great job for high uptime. Operate 4 world-class data centers and 3 of them are privately owned. 4 data centers are manned Heroic Support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; redundant systems support customers’ hosting infrastructure. All the efforts make LiquidWeb 100% network and power uptime. In the following, we are going to introduce LiquidWeb infrastructure and network in details.

4 data centers are located both in the central place and the western place of the US. Redundancy of server locations meets most customers to choose the best hosting location for faster page loading.

LiquidWeb carefully chooses premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers to offer the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance. LiquidWeb has the direct connectivity with Comcast, Verizon, Level 3, and Cogent. LiquidWeb also deploys N+1 network internal device elements, abundant chassis, as well as best-in-class Cisco routing and switching equipment.

liquidweb network

More than that, LiquidWeb now adopts IPv6 instead of IPv4. It will enhance network capabilities and the support for mobile device. Along with IPv6, IP security covers all IPv6 network. If customers are ready, LiquidWeb Heroic Support team and networking experts will assist customers transit IPv6.

Besides, each data center is equipped with UPS and Eaton Power distribution unit power system, ensuring uninterruptable power supply; environmental processing systems consist of premium up flow AC units, keeping the best climate in data centers; strict data center access allows only technical staffs to get into data centers; 24 hour on-site security systems are maintained by highly trained technicians, providing the fast incident response times.

LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting Review on Support Service

LiquidWeb is famous for managed hosting service. Its Heroic Support team is award-wining in the industry. The company promises it will cover customers everywhere. No matter when customers require help, the technicians of Heroic Support team will get them and response within 59 seconds via live chat or telephone. Customers can also get help by email or ticket.

Apart from that, LiquidWeb Knowledge base is a learning channel as well. It includes many feature articles and the latest tutorials. All help channels are 24/7/365 available.

Is LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting Reliable?

LiquidWeb guarantees great performance with 100% uptime, so yes, LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting is reliable. More than that, incredible rich features with extreme scalability and full control of servers are attractive and more competitive than other ordinary companies. The only shortcoming is its pricing, but considering its high performance and rich features, we still recommend LiquidWeb to those customers who have enough hosting budget and focus on building professional cloud hosting website.

For more details about LiquidWeb cloud hosting, please visit

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