LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Review

liquidweb-wht-lgIn 1997, LiquidWeb ( was born as a privately held web hosting service provider, based in Lansing, Michigan, United States. During the near 2 decades of development, LiquidWeb has expanded to NL, MI, AZ, Phoenix, and Ann Arbor. In 2015, LiquidWeb has employed more than 400 technicians and been regarded as one of the 5000 fastest-growing, privately owned US companies for continuously 14 years.

By far, after making web hosting offering adjustment, customers can purchase powerful VPS, high-performance dedicated servers, and optimized managed WordPress hosting from LiquidWeb. Besides, it also offers many related products, such as SSL certificates, ServerSecure, KVM switch, firewall, and SAN solutions.

In below, we are to review LiquidWeb Cloud VPS from features, pricing, performance, and customer support. After reading this review, we hope our readers can understand why LiquidWeb is a good option for them.

LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Review on Feature

LiquidWeb Cloud VPS recently is added on many new advanced features to make this cloud VPS solution more powerful and more reliable. Now let’s check them out in below.

Within LiquidWeb cloud VPS packages, there are 4 new features added on. The first one is the fully managed CDN coming from popular CDN providers, which comes from famous CloudFlare and charges zero. It can not only accelerate the speed of customers’ sites, but also boost their sites’ security. LiquidWeb will cover the setup and management for the CloudFlare CDN.

The second one is the Storm backups that are the local backups included in all servers. This powerful backup is an additional layer for backup protection for customers’ site and data. It is powerful and easy to use, because it includes automatic and full-server snapshots offering excellent data protection as well as recovery for their server.

The third one is ServerSecure, offering enhanced security for customers’ servers. Technically, this ServerSecure will protect customers’ servers from unwanted access, by using the proprietary security enhancements. It can also ensure customers’ data remains secure.


The forth is about DDoS attack protection, coming free for charge. With it, each single server will be protected by utilizing free basic protection, from those small volumetric DDoS attacks. Best of all, this feature is always on and ready to go. For those larger and other more sophisticated attacks, LiquidWeb will provide comprehensive protections and mitigation.

Besides, LiquidWeb cloud VPS is managed and comes with great cloud features on Storm Platform. Instant provisioning, easy scalability, SSD VPS, RAID protection, server image customization, and Storm firewall are included.

Other more, there are free incoming data transfer and 5 TB outgoing transfer available with every package. 1 to 20 CPU cores and 50 GB to 1.6 TB SSD disk space are the server resources LiquidWeb can offer. Windows and Linux OS are both supported at LiquidWeb. To manage this powerful cloud VPS, LiquidWeb offers optional cPanel/WHM and Plesk control panel. API access is included as well.

LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Review on Price

LiquidWeb is always a high-end web hosting products provider, so its pricing is relatively higher than other providers. However, if customers buy it via our exclusively promotional link, they can start LiquidWeb cloud VPS easier.

Regularly, the Linux cloud VPS is from $50 per month, while visiting through our link in below, it will come with $39 off the first month, which needs the coupon code “FASTVPS”, making customers save $39 and start the basic Linux cloud VPS at $11. After the first month, the pricing will renew at $50/mo as regularly.

LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Deal LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Deal
40% Off

In addition to that, there is other coupon to make customers buy its basic Linux cloud VPS at $10 for the first month. However, customers need to know that the two cloud VPS coupons cannot used at the same time, customers need to make a choice between them.

If customers think LiquidWeb cloud VPS is a little expensive, they can choose to use LiquidWeb daily billing that makes LiquidWeb an affordable web hosting provider. If that, customers only need to pay for what they use.

LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Review on Performance

LiquidWeb cloud VPS is really power with advanced new features, data centers support and dedicated Heroic Support. Generally, each cloud VPS package can support 100% network uptime. Plus 100% power uptime, LiquidWeb cloud VPS can be online always the time.

For the powerful features, LiquidWeb has ultra-fast SSD hard drives, which can bring near 20 times faster server speed for each singe server. CloudFlare CDN can also accelerate the website speed. Premium CDN and RAID both give better security for servers and sites.

For enhanced security, LiquidWeb adds Storm ServerSecure on this cloud VPS, and DDoS attack protection is offered free to against the most common attack. If customers need to defeat more sophisticated attacks, LiquidWeb also provides comprehensive protections.

liquidweb data center

For data centers, LiquidWeb has 4 self-operated data centers, which are equipped high quality power supply units, UPS, redundant AC units, and resilient network facilities. Full of quality infrastruction, that’s no wonder that LiquidWeb data centers has strong power to support its high-end cloud VPS solutions.

For maintenance, LiquidWeb has a dedicated management team, monitoring and maintaining each single server round the clock. So, they can quickly find out the problems and handle them as soon as possible.

LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Review on Customer Support

LiquidWeb is extremely prominent customer support, because of its Heroic Support. It is offers by LiquidWeb dedicated support team consisting of more than 400 well-trained technicians. This support team offers cloud VPS with quick response time guarantees, including 30 minute helpdesk support and 59 second telephone and live chat support. On top of that, phone, email, and live chat are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, LiquidWeb has an extensive knowledge base, including a wide range of featured articles as well as tutorials. Customers can make use of it to get rich experience.

Is LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Recommendable?

According to LiquidWeb Cloud VPS Review, we clearly know that LiquidWeb designs a very powerful cloud VPS solution for businesses, who are eager to get the fastest speed and best security. LiquidWeb cloud VPS comes with rich great cloud features and security features. Besides, well-built data centers and dedicated Heroic Support make it as reliable as possible! Considering its special discounts, we think business users can certainly afford it.

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