LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Review

Liquidweb dedicated server review 220Different from a majority of web hosts, LiquidWeb ( owns and supports 3 data centers to develop its web hosting business. No matter which web hosting people want, shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server, they will find it at LiquidWeb. Since 1997, LiquidWeb has trusted by over 30,000 customers throughout all over the world.

In below, we are going to review LiquidWeb dedicated server only to make it clear why it is one of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting.

Features of LiquidWeb Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb dedicated server offers the choice of operating systems between Linux and Windows. Moreover, fully managed, core managed and self managed plans are all available.

For specific packages, LiquidWeb provides 8 main packages in all, in which the processor ranges from single to quad. The smallest single processor package based in US Central data centers includes 4 cores, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB primary disk space based on SSD and RAID 1 arrays, 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA backup space, 5 TB outbound bandwidth as well as free incoming bandwidth.

liquidweb dedicated server review package

In addition, people will receive 1 public IP address no matter which package they choose.

Pricing Review of LiquidWeb Dedicated Server

Because LiquidWeb allows people to configure their dedicated server according to their demands, prices that they finally pay are much different. The lowest pricing of LiquidWeb dedicated server is at $179/mo, based on Apache server. And, the latest Liquidweb coupon link below will bring you additional $100 off in your first bill.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server LiquidWeb Dedicated Server
$100 Off

What’s more, LiquidWeb supports its customers to pay by PayPal, Check and Credit card. Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard are allowed credit cards.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Uptime and Speed Review

LiquidWeb is one of the most reliable web hosting providers in the industry. Its dedicated server has 100% network uptime guarantee. One of reasons to explain such high reliability is 3 data centers that owned and operated by LiquidWeb itself. These data centers are all located in Lansing, Michigan, with:

  • SSAE-16
  • A capacity of over 30,000 servers in all
  • Expandable power feeds and n+1 diesel generators to supply uninterruptible power
  • Advanced HVAC systems along with multiple Liebert AC units

Besides, LiquidWeb also takes advantage of a top-class data center in Phoenix, the US West region, to complement US-Central data centers.

In order to ensure reliability, LiquidWeb dedicated server also has exclusive sonar monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well as ServerSecure Hardening. The Sonar team detects hardware, software, network and other services through a set of advanced tools. It will immediately respond to problems when it detects them. In general, before people know, the team has already repaired problems. That’s why LiquidWeb is able to offer 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee.

LiquidWeb Customer Services for Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb customer service is industry-leading as well, which is responsible by Heroic Support Team based in LiquidWeb data centers around the clock. People will get exceptional and satisfactory support whenever they are selecting servers, configuring servers or using servers for their sites and applications.

Moreover, LiquidWeb customer services are divided into 3 levels as we mentioned above. Self-managed support is the cheapest but has fewer support services and fewer SLA. Overall, all dedicated customers will supported by 24/7 live chat, phone and ticket. Additionally, they will also get 100% uptime SLA, fully managed hardware, fully managed network infrastructure, etc.

More than that, core managed and full managed support will also provide 30 minute initial response time SLA, 59 second phone and chat initial response SLA, full web server support, etc. If LiquidWeb does not make it as it promises in SLAs, it will compensate customers for 1000%.

LiquidWeb is One of the Best Dedicated Server

Though LiquidWeb charges a little more expensive than other dedicated server hosts, its dedicated server far goes beyond the standard of a dedicated server. It allows people to configure servers in terms of their requirements. 3 wholly-owned data centers, Sonar monitoring and Heroic support make LiquidWeb dedicated server one of the best dedicated servers in the industry without any doubt.

Please go to to learn more information of LiquidWeb.

liquidweb dedicated server

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