LiquidWeb Managed Business Hosting Review

Typically, eCommerce business brings in 100% of its revenue simply through an online store. Technically, supporting the online store is not a difficulty with many hosting providers. However, choosing a web host that perfectly matches one’s business needs can help save their time and money, but is a headache at the same time.

As a business owner, you may already get stressed out just thinking of the IT projects with limited resources. Partnering with a managed hosting provider is a good way to relieve your burden. Among a vast number of managed hosting solutions, LiquidWeb sets itself apart from competitions by helping build, design as well as manage a perfect-fit hosting plan for business of all kinds. It releases your IT staff from the server management so that they can pay full concentration on growing your business.

In below LiquidWeb Managed Business Hosting Review, we are going to discuss the hosting service in four aspects: features, performance, technical support and pricing. We hope to help business owners find out if LiquidWeb is worth purchasing for their businesses.

About LiquidWeb

Established in 1997, LiquidWeb ( is renowned for wholly-owning three state-of-the-art data center facilities and industry-leading Heroic Support. Positioning itself as the best fully managed hosting provider for entrepreneurial businesses and the designers, developers and agencies, LiquidWeb focuses on offering optimized cloud VPS hosting and dedicated server solutions. As of today, the web host has been serving over 32,000 customers in 130 countries.

LiquidWeb Managed Business Hosting Feature Review

LiquidWeb is confident about accommodating any eCommerce business, big or small as it features multiple managed business hosting solutions, including VPS, cloud and dedicated servers. All come with fully managed help around the clock.

Designed for business and eCommerce sites and applications, LiquidWeb managed VPS hosting includes four sizes, with the smallest plan including 2GB of RAM, 2 vCPU, 40GB SSD disk space, 10TB bandwidth, and 1 public IP address. Also, every business customer can benefit from Gigabit transfer, unlimited websites allowed, cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx available, root access, CloudFlare CDN, built-in backups, integrated firewall, Server Secure advanced security, and DDoS attack protection.

LiquidWeb currently provides multiple 64-bit operating systems to choose from, such as CentOS 6, CentOS, 7, Windows Server 2016 Standard, etc.

By default, all LiquidWeb managed business hosting come managed. In addition to hosting infrastructure, the hosting company takes care of managed services and support. And it will help deal with software updates, the LAMP stack as well as security patches.

LiquidWeb managed business hosting is also easily scalable, which means that business customers can resize their servers with several button clicks when they run out of disk space or find their servers low on RAM.

LiquidWeb Managed Business Hosting Speed & Reliability Review

Hosting with a wrong provider can be painful, downtime, slow sites, and worst of all, lost revenue. Fortunately, LiquidWeb managed business hosting is built for performance thus being able to delivering the best possible speed experience while maintaining 100% power and network uptime.

In terms of the performance of each piece of the LAMP stack, which work to serve a website’s content to visitors, LiquidWeb’s VMs are proven to offer the highest server-side performance with respect to the components of the LAMP stack, after being tested against Rackspace, DigitalOcean and Amazon by the performance analyst firm—Cloud Spectator.

The web hosting company currently privately owns and operates 3 world-class data centers located respectively in US-Central, US-West and EU-Central regions. Besides multiple generators and UPS systems featuring N+1 redundancy, the data centers are equipped with downflow and upflow CRAC units that ensure precision server inlet temperature and humidity while maximizing efficiency.

Additionally, LiquidWeb carefully selects Tier-1 bandwidth providers to minimize latency and speed up connections to all points of the global internet. With partnership with Cogent, Level 3, Comcast and Verizon, the web host manages to feature direct connectivity with these network operators.

Likewise, LiquidWeb utilizes specialized electronic security systems which is designed for controlling access to the data centers. There is also a motion detecting security cameras to monitor the entire facility at all times. Moreover, the hosting company has a team of highly trained technicians on-site 24 hours a day to offer incredibly fast incident response times.

No wonder why LiquidWeb can stand out from competitions in performance and reliability.

LiquidWeb Managed Business Hosting Technical Support Review

LiquidWeb managed business hosting is backed by a team of certified systems administrators called Heroic Support. Business customers can directly contact them via telephone or livechat support. The hosting company promises to reply every request within minutes. If business customers ask for help by sending a HelpDesk ticket, they still can get efficiently response in less than 30 minutes, or LiquidWeb will credit them 10 times the amount of it missed it by.
If business customers find failed server in the process, they can immediately inform LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support staffs. According to LiquidWeb’s SLA, faulty dedicated server hardware should be replaced in 30 minutes or business customers can get 1000% compensation.

LiquidWeb Managed Business Hosting Pricing Review

The starting price of LiquidWeb managed business hosting is set at $59/mo. The web host is promoting the hosting service by offering 33% off for the first months. After discounting, the starting price would reduce to $39.53/mo instead.

LiquidWeb 33% Promo LiquidWeb 33% Promo

To get the special coupon, business customers are recommended to purchase the hosting service via our promotional link in below; alternatively, they can enter the coupon code “NEWSPEED33”.

Unlike other hosting companies, LiquidWeb is confident about customer satisfaction, therefore it doesn’t provide any money back guarantee.


LiquidWeb managed business hosting is an excellent solution for those who are looking to host high-traffic business websites without needing to care about server infrastructure, software updates and etc. The hosting service is packaged rich advanced hosting resources and tools to help power the business project. Backed by industry leading performance and customer support, LiquidWeb managed business hosting also free business customers from worrying about slow site or downtime. Importantly, the price of the hosting solution is reasonable that cost at minimum $39.53/mo after discounting.

Need more details of LiquidWeb managed business hosting? Feel free to visit to find out.

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