LiquidWeb Managed WooCommerce Hosting Review

WooCommerce in essence is a WordPress plugin for building your online business. The eCommerce platform up till now has powered nearly 38 million online stores, accounting for 8 percent of market share on the web.

For people who are running complex WooCommerce sites but hate the dev -> staging -> production setup, a reliable hosting management is a consideration when choosing WooCommerce hosting solution. In below LiquidWeb Managed WooCommerce Hosting Review, we are about to analyze the hosting service in 4 aspects, including prices, features, performance and support, in order to make clear whether LiquidWeb is recommended to WooCommerce online stores.

About LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb ( has a long-standing history for highly reliable cloud VPS hosting and dedicated servers. With targeted clients as tech-savvy, web-reliant professionals, the hosting company announced acquisition of Rackspace’s Cloud Sites business unit and the Chicago-based managed web hosting company WiredTree in a row. Additionally, it has assembled a world-class Heroic Support team and 5 global data centers. To date, there have been over 32,000 customers spanning 150 countries relying on LiquidWeb to power their websites and applications and boost their businesses.

LiquidWeb Managed WooCommerce Hosting Review on Pricing

LiquidWeb has tailored several managed WooCommerce hosting solutions based on different assumptions around customers’ yearly revenue.

For stores with under $100k per year, the Starter Plan that charges for $249/mo is enough. The Professional and Business Plan are designed respectively for stores with yearly revenue of $100k to $500k and $500k to $1.5M. Whereas, if an online store has a yearly revenue exceeding $1.5M, customers are suggested to contact directly with a LiquidWeb sale representative to discuss the ultimate size of WooCommerce hosting size.

To make the price more friendly, LiquidWeb is offering a limited time introductory offer: 25% off for 1 month. Upon using WOOSPEEDY25 at checkout, customers can cut the starting price to $186.75/mo.

LiquidWeb Promotion LiquidWeb Promotion
25% Off

Honestly speaking, the prices seem prohibitively expensive that most small business owners cannot afford it. Whether LiquidWeb managed WooCommerce hosting is at inflated prices, we’ll figure it out in the following parts.

LiquidWeb Managed WooCommerce Hosting Review on Features

Officially, WooCommerce only requires the following minimums:

  • PHP 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or

And, if you want to run a WooCommerce 2.5 online store, you should upgrade your WordPress to the 4.1 version or above. For a WooCommerce 2.6 online store, the minimum requirement is WordPress 4.4 or above. Importantly, make sure your WP Memory limit is set above 64MB.

Luckily, LiquidWeb hosts every WooCommerce site using a LAMP stack, which is running PHP 7+ and MySQL 5.6+. Meanwhile, LiquidWeb enables customers to increase the WP memory limit to 128MB or greater. Likewise, a free SSL certificate is pre-installed, configured with every WooCommerce store to help encrypt the online transaction and prevent phishing attacks.

As to management features specifically, LiquidWeb even goes beyond a personal tech assistant. It takes care of almost every detail that might impact user experience for a store site, from store design and management to product catalog and image support. Importantly, the hosting company provides customers ample SEO-friendly features, like Google Sitemaps, clean URLs and custom URL redirects, without saying the Heroic Support team is responsible for monitoring stores 24 hours a day.

What’s more, LiquidWeb is partnering with Glew to help customers turn their store’s order information into actionable data that transforms how they do business. In order to ensure customers will never ignore abandoned carts again, the hosting company works with Jilt to take immediate action to capture this lost revenue.

LiquidWeb Managed WooCommerce Hosting Review on Speed & Uptime

Different from other web hosts that don’t let customers run performance tests because of the potential risk of harming other sites on the same shared platform, LiquidWeb takes advantage of container-based architecture to duplicate a WooCommerce site at any time and enable for running performance tests on it anytime, anywhere.

What makes LiquidWeb so confident?

Firstly, the hosting company currently has five top notch data centers worldwide, either privately owned by LiquidWeb or leased from world-class colocation vendors. All the data centers are equipped with redundant cooling, power and network keep uninterrupted connection.

Secondly, LiquidWeb utilizes only the Tier-1 bandwidth service from Level3, Cogent, Comcast and Verizon to minimize latency while keeping fast connections to each point of the global internet.

Thirdly, there are specialized electronic security systems along with a full complement of motion detecting security cameras deployed with the data centers. LiquidWeb’s highly trained technicians also stand by 24 hours a day to offer an incredibly fast incident response time.

No wonder why LiquidWeb can guarantee 100% network & power uptime and 30-minute hardware replacement.

LiquidWeb Technical Support

LiquidWeb’s expert technicians are in charge of managing the hardware and web server while offering best-effort support for WooCommerce-related services. They will also help migrate customers’ code, content and data to LiquidWeb upon request. If customers need to restore a previous version of their store site for some reason, LiquidWeb promises to restore it from backups on demand.

Whenever a customer encounters a problem about nopCommerce or hosting, they can ask for Heroic Support via phone, live chat, email or ticket. The support team is comprised of more than 250 certified employees and is available around the clock. Surprisingly, LiquidWeb additionally guarantees 30-mintue initial response time for help desk.

Even better, the web host has a powerful, extensive knowledge with rich self-help support resources included. Customers can also find answers to some common problems by searching for LiquidWeb’s Blog section.

Verdict—Is LiquidWeb Managed WooCommerce Hosting Recommended?

Though the price of LiquidWeb managed WooCommerce hosting much higher than expected, we still think it can be a good option especially for large business owners and enterprises. They can fully rely on LiquidWeb’s highly reliable data center and network infrastructure and the award-winning Heroic Support to get everything ready for them. More than that, the hosting solution comes with ample SEO benefits that release you from worrying about store site traffic or revenue. For small to medium-sized businesses, we believe that a price-valued shared WooCommerce hosting solution would be preferred.

If you’re looking for more information about LiquidWeb managed WooCommerce hosting, please visit to find out.

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