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liquidweb 220 125LiquidWeb ( is an experienced web hosting company, engaged in this industry for more than 15 years, and is offering one of the Best VPS in the industry. Different from the most of web hosts, LiquidWeb wholly owns 3 data centers in the United States. Plus advanced technology it masters, LiquidWeb provides high performance web hosting solutions ranging from shared servers to dedicated servers.

Its VPS hosting comes with SSD to deliver faster performance. In below, we will review LiquidWeb SSD VPS in detail from features, prices, performance and support. Check below to see whether LiquidWeb SSD VPS is cost effective.

LiquidWeb SSD VPS Features

LiquidWeb utilizes brand SSD to optimize its VPS hosting performance. People will receive RAID protected SSD space from 50 GB to 800 GB depending on which plan they choose. Accordingly, memory in LiquidWeb SSD VPS is from 1 GB to 122.1 GB and CPU cores are 24 cores maximum.

Moreover, the company provides both Linux and Windows operating systems. Especially there are more than 10 Linux-based optional operating systems. Also, LiquidWeb supports self managed, core managed or fully managed solutions. The fully managed VPS comes with cPanel or Plesk control panel.

In addition to that, LiquidWeb SSD VPS is configured on the Storm Platform with cloud features like flexibility, automatic migration, daily billing and so on. Inbound transfer and 5 TB outbound transfer is for free each month. It is easy to upgrade or downgrade LiquidWeb SSD VPS packages as well.

LiquidWeb SSD VPS Prices

Considering what LiquidWeb offers and its hosting infrastructure, prices of LiquidWeb SSD VPS are reasonable. Especially the company allows its customers to pay for what they really use.

Since LiquidWeb SSD VPS is daily billing, the estimated monthly fee is lowest at $50/mo, namely $1.64 per day. By paying such an amount of money, people will get a self managed Linux-based LiquidWeb VPS, along with 50 GB SSD space, 1 core, 1 GB memory, 5 TB monthly outgoing data transfer and free inbound transfer. And now, you can leverage below Liquidweb coupon to get $100 free when going with Liquidweb VPS, which will make it much affordable to start with.

LiquidWeb SSD VPS LiquidWeb SSD VPS

Performance Review of LiquidWeb SSD VPS

LiquidWeb has industry-leading hosting performance because of first-class technology, rock-solid hosting infrastructure, complementary server locations, Heroic support team and much more. Its VPS also has the best performance with the help of SSD plus above factors. So, LiquidWeb SSD VPS is loaded with 100% network uptime guarantee.

LiquidWeb totally takes advantage of 4 data centers, 3 of which are its private data centers based in Michigan. The fourth one is in Arizona to complement the other 3 data centers. All 4 data centers are SSAE-16 compliant and crafted designed with redundant power supply, cooling equipment and other hardware.

LiquidWeb routing and switching hardware is from Cisco that is a top provider in network hardware industry. Furthermore, the network equipment is n+1 of redundancy. It is Tier 1 network providers to supply bandwidth to LiquidWeb servers, such as Level 3.

LiquidWeb Heroic team mans and monitors 3 data centers in Michigan 24 hours a day. So, whenever problems arise, LiquidWeb will respond to them at the fastest speed in the industry.

LiquidWeb Support for SSD VPS

Another impressive aspect of LiquidWeb is its Heroic support, which already becomes one of the best support team in the industry. Its SSD VPS also get the support of this team.

Customers going with LiquidWeb SSD VPS just take advantage of phone, online chat or email. Then they will communicate with one member of LiquidWeb Heroic team about their problems. What’s more, the company gives 30 minutes response guarantee on initial tickets and 59 seconds guarantee on phone and live chat response.

Do We Recommend LiquidWeb SSD VPS?

It is clear to see that LiquidWeb SSD VPS is outstanding. It integrates cloud hosting features with dedicated server features. The performance is first-class with 100% network uptime guarantee. No matter when people need help, they will receive satisfactory and fast solutions from LiquidWeb Heroic team. In terms of its high value, the minimum $50/mo price is low. So, we highly think that LiquidWeb SSD VPS is cost effective.

Please visit to gain more details of LiquidWeb and its web hosting solutions.

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