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LiquidWeb vs 1and1 on Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb and 1and1 are both in Best Dedicated Server of 2016. In this post, we are going to compare LiquidWeb and 1and1 dedicated server from features, prices, performance and support, to figure out which company is more reliable, secure and faster.

liquidweb logoLiquidWeb ( was founded in 1997 with 3 private data centers. As one of leading web hosting companies, LiquidWeb always provides the best hosting products including dedicated servers, storm cloud servers, VPS hosting, shared hosting and so on. Due to premium hosting and customer support, about 30,000 clients around world chose LiquidWeb.

1and1title1and1 ( is also a quite reliable web provider in the UK. The company provides customers with various products which are domains, MyWebsite, shared hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, mail solutions, and etc.

LiquidWeb vs 1and1 on Dedicated Server Features

LiquidWeb dedicated servers are available with Windows and Linux operating systems, combined with fully managed, core managed and self-managed services from its world class Heroic Support team.

Specifically, LiquidWeb provides 10 packages according to processors and server locations. The entry-level single processor package in US Central data centers includes Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 4-core processor with speed at up to 4.0 GHz per core, 16 GB RAM (DDR3), 250 GB primary storage based on solid state drive, RAID 1 arrays, 5 TB outbound and free incoming bandwidth, as well as 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA backup disk space. What’s more, 1 public IP address and free setup will come to all customers of each package.

In addition, LiquidWeb allows people to configure additional features according to their demands, such as more memory storage, operating systems, control panels (cPanel/ Web Host Manager and Plesk 12 are available to fully managed option.), remote backups and etc. Customer can also choose their server locations.

What’s more, LiquidWeb dedicated server solutions come with ServerSecure which can protect customers’ server infrastructure and enhance server uptime. ServerSecure for Linux servers includes firewall protection, brute force detection & evasion, Apache DOS protection/ prevention and email virus filtering. As for Windows servers, ServerSecure includes ESET file security anti-virus, brute force detection for Windows, DoS-evasive, TCP/IP hardening and Windows updates.

As for 1and1, it provides Entry-level servers, Performance servers and Business Line by Dell on Linux or Windows platform. Each dedicated server solution contains plenty of features to build websites. For example, Server L4 ( the basic plan in Entry level) includes AMD 4 cores with speed at 2.1 GBz/per core, 4 GB DDR2 RAM, 2 x 750 GB SATA disk space, RAID 1, unlimited traffic, 1 domain and 1 IP address.

Furthermore, 1and1 offers its own control panel, full root access, monitoring, management software, recovery tools, serial console and MySQL 5 database. Customers also can choose their operating systems, FTP storage, backup service and SSL certificate.

From the features we showed above, we can find both companies provide flexible and rich-featured dedicated server solutions, but for security, 1and1 only provides external Cisco-based IP firewall, which is obviously not safer than LiquidWeb ServerSecure and Heroic Support management.

LiquidWeb vs 1and1 on Dedicated Server Prices

Both companies are promoting on dedicated servers. At LiquidWeb, dedicated servers start from $199/mo, which is based on Apache server. If customers purchase Dual Processor with at least 10 cores at US Central Servers, they can receive $250 off for the first month. In addition, customers can get the $100 LiquidWeb Server Coupon via our link to save $100.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server LiquidWeb Dedicated Server
$100 Off

As for 1and1, Its L4 charges $34.99 /month for 6 months, and then regularly charges at $69.99/month, which can help customers save total $210. However, 1and1 frequently changes its prices; thereby the prices at present are not available for a long term.

1and1 Dedicated Server 1and1 Dedicated Server
50% off

From their prices and features, we can find LiquidWeb dedicated server is a little expensive but more secure and feature-richer. We cannot simply say which one is better. So let’s see their performance to find out more differences.

LiquidWeb vs 1and1 on Dedicated Server Performance

LiquidWeb dedicated servers has 100% uptime guarantee. The company owns and operates 3 data centers, and utilizes an additional data center. These data centers are equipped with redundant power feeds and n+1 diesel generator to guarantee uninterruptible power supplies. Advanced HVAC systems along with multiple Liebert up flow air conditioning units ensure each data center to keep stable server environment.

Besides, highly redundant network infrastructures are set into three data centers. LiquidWeb uses redundant chassis and direct connectivity with the most reliable bandwidth providers such as Level 3, Cogent, Verizon, and Comcast. Additionally, LiquidWeb utilizes redundant fiber entrance with 1,840 Gigabits/s and redundant Cisco & Nexus distribution switches. Fully redundant network is the reason of 100% network uptime guarantee.

Of course, LiquidWeb takes security into consideration seriously. CCTV surveillance system, locking cabinets and cages, private POD space, biometric security controls as well as security scanning are all secure measures. Besides, to enhance server security, LiquidWeb has a 24×7 Sonar Monitoring team, which solely focuses on providing not only server reliability but also immediate incident response, and then team enables LiquidWeb to guarantee 30-minute hardware replacement .

1and1 guarantees nearly 100% uptime. The company owns one data center in the UK, equipped with spare generators, redundant cooling systems, multiple hard drives, 300 Gbit/s connectivity, and dual routers to keep a reliable network. Meanwhile, 1and1 has 24/7 monitoring systems and 24 hours surveillance to ensure a secure server environment.

After the comparison, we have to say that LiquidWeb and 1and1 both have the ability to deliver premium performance, while LiquidWeb is still better than 1and1 in terms of security and reliability.

LiquidWeb vs 1and1 on Dedicated Server Support

LiquidWeb has a good reputation for its industry-leading customer support­­-24/7/365 Heroic Support by Heroic Support team promising 30 minutes help desk, 59 seconds live chat and 59 seconds phone. In addition, at LiquidWeb, customers can receive fully managed, core managed and self managed services in terms of their demands.

At 1and1, the company provides free expert support. If customers have any questions about their servers, they can communicate with its experts via phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they want to search for helpful information, they could check 1and1 blog, newsroom and help center.

According to their support, obviously, LiquidWeb Heroic Support can guarantee better technical support than 1and1 support team.

Which One is Better?

In a nutshell, LiquidWeb and 1and1 are both brilliant VPS solutions providers. But LiquidWeb provides flexible dedicated server solutions that are still better than 1and1 dedicated servers.

LiquidWeb provides more features than 1and1, such as 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB SATA backup disk space. Compared to 1and1 one data center, external Cisco-based IP firewall and other standard security measures, LiquidWeb 3 private data centers, ServerSecure as well as 24/7 Sonar Monitoring ensure more reliable and secure server. Besides, LiquidWeb industry-leading Heroic Support team helps customers run their server smoothly.

Although the prices of LiquidWeb dedicated server solutions are a little high, 1and1 always changes its prices. And as for eCommerce or high traffic websites, powerful and reliable server is a better choice, which is worth higher prices. Thereby, we think LiquidWeb is the most suitable choice for some large enterprises or busy web sites.

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