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LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Dedicated Server

In this article, we will focus on the dedicated server service from LiquidWeb and DreamHost. By comparing their plans & features, pricing, performance as well as customer service, we hope to figure out which company has provided better dedicated server solutions. First, let’s have a brief look at LiquidWeb and DreamHost.

liquidweb logoLiquidWeb (, with over 15 years of experience in hosting business, has helped 30,000 clients all over the world build professional sites. And through years of development, LiquidWeb has become one of the most famous web hosting brands trusted by a large group of people, especially those big businesses who require robust web hosting services to maintain their online presences.

dreamhost logo longOn the other hand, DreamHost ( is also a well-known hosting provider that is founded in 1997. Up to now, the web host has managed to host over 1.5 million websites, WordPress blogs as well as applications. Besides shared hosting and VPS, DreamHost also offers WordPress hosting and dedicated server.

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Dedicated Server Plans and Features

LiquidWeb dedicated server solution, along with ten sizes, is available with both Linux and Windows operating systems. There is single processor, dual processor and quad processor dedicated servers with self-managed, core managed and fully managed services backed by its industry-leading Heroic Support team.

Just in the case of its basic plan, 4-core processor of Intel Xeon E3-1271 with up to 4.0GHz per core speed, 16GB RAM (DDR3), 250GB SSD MLC with RAID 1 arrays, 1TB 7200 RPM SATA backup disk space, plus 5TB outbound and Free incoming bandwidth are included in this plan. Addition to the above, every dedicated server package also includes 1 public IP address and free setup service.

Besides, LiquidWeb allows its customers to customize their dedicated servers as required. People can pay extra money to get additional memory, hard drive, backup hard drive, storage array and bandwidth, etc. They are also allowed to freely select their operating systems and control panels.

Moreover, there is an exclusive LiquidWeb service – the ServerSecure™, which is specifically designed to save people’s time and resources. For Linux dedicated server customers, they can get firewall protection, brute force detection and evasion, and many more exclusive ServerSecurePLUS™ features including daily CXS scan. For Windows customers, they can benefit from its features like ESET file security anti-virus, brute force detection for Windows, and Windows update.

As to DreamHost, the web host has 9 dedicated server options based on Linux platform to meet the demands of its customers. All these plans are fully managed with rich features to allow webmasters to host successful websites.

With the entry level of DreamHost dedicated server, people can receive 4 cores, 1TB HHD with RAID 1 array storage, and 4 RAM. If people are not satisfied with its HHD any more, they can upgrade to its SSD plans with 240GB storage, 12 cores, and minimum 16 RAM.

Besides, DreamHost provides full root and shell access, DDoS protection, unlimited MySQL, unlimited bandwidth, as well as 1-click WordPress installer within each dedicated server package. And all dedicated servers support multiple programming languages like PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby.

From what we’ve mentioned above, we find that though both LiquidWeb and DreamHost dedicated servers are rich-featured, LiquidWeb behaves better in this part. Apart from its fully-managed level plans, it also offers other two levels of management. More than that, Due to ServerSecure, LiquidWeb also outperforms DreamHost on security.

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Dedicated Server Prices

LiquidWeb fully managed servers charge from $219 per month with SSD. If people sign up with its self-managed or core managed plans, they can save $20/mo off fully-managed servers. Even so, many people still think the price is a little higher than expected. Fortunately, with the latest promotion, people can save $100 off for their first bill.

LiquidWeb Exclusive Deal LiquidWeb Exclusive Deal
$100 Off

When it comes to DreamHost, the web host sets the price of its dedicated server starting at $149/mo with HDD storage. At the first glance, DreamHost may seem more affordable than LiquidWeb. However, if people find the fact that DreamHost SSD dedicated server charges for $279/mo at least, they will change their mind.

DreamHost Dedicated Server DreamHost Dedicated Server
$240/yr Off

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Dedicated Server Uptime and Performance

Both LiquidWeb and DreamHost have offered 100% network uptime guarantee for their customers. But beyond that, LiquidWeb also promises a 100% power uptime guarantee and 30 minutes hardware replacement time guarantee.

As is well known to all people, LiquidWeb owns and operates three data centers respectively located in US-Central region and leases another one in US-West region, thus creating a geographical complementary advantage. These data centers are featured with redundancy to maintain the best possible reliability.

More than that, LiquidWeb carefully chooses bandwidth providers such as Level 3, Cogent, Comcast, Verizon and more to ensure no interruption in Internet connection. It also takes advantage of redundant fiber entrance expandable to reach 1,840 Gigabits per second. Additionally, LiquidWeb takes multiple advanced security measures such as locking cabinets/cages, private CCTV surveillance system, private POD space biometric physical security controls and etc. to result in secure and reliable environment.

In terms of DreamHost, the company uses Data Center Alley with 2N+2 power redundancy fed by two distinct utility substations and dual water lines for redundant cooling. There is also a fast 1GBps Internet connection and emergency generators on standby for handling any technical issues.

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Dedicated Server Support

At LiquidWeb, whenever people need help, they can get contact with its Heroic Support team via email, live chat or telephone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even, for core-managed and fully-managed dedicated server customers, LiquidWeb provides them with initial response time guarantees including 30-minute help desk, 59-second phone and 59-second live chat.

At DreamHost, people also can receive good quality customer service. The company offers them 24/7 email and live chat support in their control panels. If people have any questions about their dedicated servers, they can have their problems solved by communicating with DreamHost support staffs.

Who is Better?

Honestly speaking, through the entire review on these two hosts, we think LiquidWeb dedicated server is more outstanding than that of DreamHost. Compared to DreamHost, LiquidWeb offers more options for its customers, along with more advanced features, superior performance and better customer service. As a result, we prefer to recommend LiquidWeb dedicated server to eCommerce websites with high traffic and high profile clients.

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