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LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost

LiquidWeb and DreamHost are highly recognized as good web hosting providers in the industry, but there is always the better one. In this post, we are to compare LiquidWeb and DreamHost from prices, features, performance as well as customer support. After accomplishing this comparison, we may reveal the truth that which web host is the better one and which customer group is the two web hosts target.

About LiquidWeb and DreamHost

Before we begin to compare LiquidWeb and DreamHost, we would like to introduce their background information at first.

liquidweb-wht-lg 1LiquidWeb ( is known as one of the best VPS hosting provider, who has nearly 2 decades of experience of providing web hosting. By far, the company has owned 3 private data centers. It used to offer cheap shared hosting to dedicated servers in the market, while to make improvement, the company now focuses on VPS and dedicated servers.

dreamhost logo 2.2DreamHost ( is also a reputable web hosting provider among customers. Since its inception in 1997, DreamHost has successfully developed into a reliable hosting company, majorly offering domain registration, affordable web hosting and cloud service to above 1.5 million websites, blogs and apps, and support more than 400,000 customers.

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Pricing

As we all know, LiquidWeb is a superior web hosting company, who mainly targets middle size of business and large enterprises. Quality web hosting solutions always come with higher prices. At LiquidWeb the entry-level web hosting is Storm VPS hosting, namely cloud VPS hosting. Normally it will start at $50/mo, while currently LiquidWeb offers us special discount on its VPS solutions. Via our link, customers can get LiquidWeb VPS at a wonderful pricing of $10/mo, saving $40.

LiquidWeb VPS LiquidWeb VPS
$40 Off

What’s more, LiquidWeb VPS can more affordable or cheap. The company provides extremely flexible billing cycle, daily billing cycle. If customers cannot afford the monthly or longer billing cycles, they can just pay what they have used, lowering the costs of hosting.

In addition, LiquidWeb also offers special dedicated server sales. Each customer can get 15% discount on LiquidWeb dedicated servers for the first month. So it will start at $169.15/mo, instead of $199/mo.

DreamHost shared hosting now includes 27% discount on 3-year plan. Regularly, DreamHost shared hosting charges from $10.95/mo; now paying $7.95/mo can get 3-year DreamHost shared hosting. Besides, DreamHost VPS starts at $15/mo; DreamHost dedicated server normally starts at $169/mo, but if buying yearly plan, customers can save totally $240, namely paying $149/mo.

DreamHost Shared Hosting DreamHost Shared Hosting
27% Off

DreamHost has 97-Day Money Back Guarantee which is only valid to credit card payments for DreamHost shared hosting. Please note that domain registrations and SSL certificates are not refundable.

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Features

LiquidWeb recently makes some changes, and the most important one is that the company decides not to continue to offers shared web hosting anymore. Thereby, customers can no longer to find shared hosting at LiquidWeb. VPS and dedicated servers are its main products.

Unlike LiquidWeb, DreamHost still has a complete set of products, ranging from shared hosting to dedicated server. To figure out which one is better, we have to compare their VPS solution and dedicated servers separately.

As for VPS hosting, LiquidWeb VPS is Linux and Windows friendly. It is the next generation of web hosting built on Storm Platform and applying cloud technology. It is managed, coming with cPanel available and API access. It also allows customer to clone and resize the hosting environment, upgrade and downgrade for specific requirements, as well as design and deploy their server images.

liquidweb vps

Besides, LiquidWeb smallest VPS plan includes 1 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD of disk storage, unlimited incoming bandwidth, 5 TB free outgoing bandwidth, free domain registration for 1 year, free shared SSL certificate, Storm Firewall, and RAID disk protection.

DreamHost VPS is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with long-term support, coming with rich features with scalability. The smallest package contains 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, IPv4 & IPv6, free SSL/TLS certificates, password protection, and $100 Google Adwords credits.

To enhance usability and scalability, DreamHost also offers SSH, crontab access, 1-click app installer, the access to raw log files, unlimited FTP and sFTP accounts, and web-based control panel. So, customers can add more RAM and storage to scale their VPS up or down.

dreamhost vps

As for dedicated servers, LiquidWeb dedicated server is also Linux and Windows friendly, ranging from single processor to quad processor dedicated servers. The cheapest plan includes 4 cores Intel Xeon processor @ 3.6 GHz/ 4.0 GHz Turbo, 16 GB memory, 250 GB SSD storage with RAID 1, 1 TB backup drive storage, 5 TB outbound bandwidth and unlimited incoming bandwidth. Besides, it comes with multiple levels of Heroic Support.

Differently, DreamHost dedicated server is fully managed hosting while it also gives customer ultimate control, power and security via custom built control panel, full root and shell access. The basic package contains 4 cores CPU, 1 TTB HDD with RAID 1 storage, 4 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, Ubuntu Linux, 1-click WordPress installer, DDoS protection, and more.

For shared hosting, DreamHost has one of the best shared hosting solutions in the industry. It comes with web-based control panel, PHP5 support, full Unix shell, SSL secure server, IPv6 support, $100 Google Adwords credits, unlimited MySQL and email accounts, unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited domains, multiple scripts languages, and much more.

Comparing their features, we can hardly figure out which one is better, because they are both great web hosting providers. Their VPS and dedicated server both include a wide range of features. The biggest different is that LiquidWeb does offer shared hosting, while DreamHost still does it; LiquidWeb can offer Linux and Windows web hosting, while DreamHost is only Linux friendly.

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Performance

LiquidWeb and DreamHost are both leaders in web hosting field, their hosting performance are both great. LiquidWeb and DreamHost guarantee that all their web hosting solutions have 100% uptime.

LiquidWeb can provide 100% uptime guarantee that is because the company takes good use of great cloud features on Storm Platform, world-class private data centers and its reputable Heroic Support. Cloud features make the company can easily move customer’s server to another one in when there is a hardware failure. Word-class private data centers provide the foundation to network and hardware redundancy. Reputable Heroic Support resolves all hard issues.

DreamHost also makes full uses of multiple data centers and premium hardware. The company uses premium data centers with redundant power, cooling, 1Gbps internet connection and excellent security. All web hosting is using SSD drives rather than ordinary hard drives, improve the speed of web hosting.

Although both companies take different methods to reach 100% uptime guarantee, they indeed make it happen. So, comparing their performance, LiquidWeb and DreamHost both do a great job.

LiquidWeb vs. DreamHost on Customer Support

LiquidWeb is prominent in respect of customer support because of Heroic Support. It consists of more than 400 fully trained technicians who are ready to cover any troubles or answer customers’ questions. 59 second phone and live chat response guarantee and 30 minute helpdesk response guarantee can simply present the power of the team. Of course, it is available round the clock, offering fully managed support, self-managed support, and core managed support.

DreamHost customers support is pretty as well. Customers can contact it via ticket or control panel anytime. Besides, the most wonderful place at DreamHost is its WiKi, like LiquidWeb knowledge base, including helpful and detailed information customers may need. Also, DreamHost discussion forums and system status can also help customers.

Which One Is Better?

According to the results of the comparison, LiquidWeb and DreamHost are both reliable and affordable web hosts. 100% uptime, considerate support and exclusively rich-feature VPS hosting and dedicated server make them brilliant in the industry. If we have to decide which one is better, we can only say that LiquidWeb is better for business websites, especially middle to large business for its higher pricing; DreamHost is better for all sorts of customers, especially for small to middle business websites.

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