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LiquidWeb vs. GoDaddy on Dedicated Server

liquidweb logoLiquidWeb (, as one of industry leaders in recent years, gains great reputation for its cutting edge technologies and extraordinary Heroic Support. Since the inception, LiquidWeb is always dedicated to offering the highest quality hosting solutions for its customers, including dedicated servers, VPS, shared hosting, and storm cloud servers.

godaddy logoOn the other side, GoDaddy ( is well known as the biggest domain registrar in the world. Besides that, GoDaddy also takes a place in web hosting market due to its budget web hosting solutions, ranging from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.

In this article, we will make a comparison between LiquidWeb and GoDaddy on dedicated server. By comparing their features, pricing, performance and customer support, we hope to bring a clear overview of these two dedicated server providers.

LiquidWeb vs. GoDaddy on Dedicated Server Features

In general, both LiquidWeb and GoDaddy have offered Linux and Windows-based dedicated servers, along with many good features to meet different demands of customers. But, frankly speaking, LiquidWeb is more outstanding, not because of its rich advanced offerings, but also because it has Storm Cloud dedicated servers aside from the standard ones.

LiquidWeb Storm Cloud dedicated server gives people the ability to configure RAID configuration, operating system from Linux to Windows, CPU processor type and so on so forth. There are three plans for customers to choose from. Basic features included in these plans are 4 cores, 4GB RAM, 211GB storage with single SSD drive, and 5TB outbound & free incoming bandwidth, plus 1 public IP address. Other more, with LiquidWeb Storm Cloud dedicated server, people can benefit from its great flexibility, including instant provisioning, automatic migrations and etc.

Nevertheless, if, for some reasons, the Storm Cloud dedicated server fails to satisfy people, they can move to LiquidWeb standard dedicated server. This type of dedicated server provides the similar resources as the Storm Cloud ones but remove all of the cloud features.

As to GoDaddy, its dedicated server comes with 10 packages and provides 2GB RAM, 512GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IP address within its entry-level plan. Other more, the web host offers cPanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows plans, and provides SQL Sever 2012/2014, as well as optional file and DB backups for all dedicated server customers. In addition, GoDaddy dedicated server allows customers to upgrade plans anytime without having to re-provision, and the host is responsive for keeping people’s sites clean and fast with malware removal.

LiquidWeb vs. GoDaddy on Dedicated Server Prices

Normally, on fully managed level, LiquidWeb Storm Cloud dedicated server starts from $130/mo and its standard dedicated server from $219/mo. In terms of self managed and managed levels, the company subtracts $20/mo from pricing of fully managed servers. The good news is, if people follow the promotional link in below, they can save $100 for the first bill.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server LiquidWeb Dedicated Server
$100 Off

Compared to LiquidWeb, the price of GoDaddy dedicated server seems more affordable. Its prime managed plan charges for $129.99 per month. For people who sign up with its yearly plans, the web host provides them with a special discount of 38% off regular price. That is, under the discount, a GoDaddy dedicated server only needs $79.99/mo. But if people want fully managed dedicated server from GoDaddy, they have to add $110/mo. Besides that, GoDaddy promises a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee for all of its dedicated server customers.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server GoDaddy Dedicated Server
38% Off

On managed or self-managed dedicated servers, GoDaddy offers cheaper solutions. But on fully managed solutions, they have similar prices. When we combine their features, customer support and performance with prices as a whole, it’s still hard to say who will win the game.

LiquidWeb vs. GoDaddy on Speed and Reliability

Both LiquidWeb and GoDaddy have ensured very high performance for every requirement. GoDaddy gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee, while LiquidWeb offers 100% network and power uptime guarantee plus 30-Minute Hardware Replacement Time Guarantee for its dedicated server clients.

In order to fulfill its uptime commitment, GoDaddy makes use of several world-class data centers all over the world. To avoid any interruption in network connectivity, the web host equips redundant power supply with each data center, and ensures all data centers are monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Moreover, GoDaddy also utilizes the latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors and RAID 1 disk mirroring to maximize the performance of its dedicated servers.

Addition to that, GoDaddy makes use of a Web Application Firewall and a CDN pre-installed on its managed and fully managed plans thus securing its customers’ sites. And it also provides optional backup and restore service to protect people’s file from losing in sudden issues.

When it comes to LiquidWeb, most people would think of its superior speed and reliability. Different from GoDaddy’s utilization from other data center providers, LiquidWeb wholly owns three state-of-the-art ones in America. Through years of effort, LiquidWeb manages to issue a SOC 1 SSAE 16 report to represent a comprehensive review of its control environment for its clients. In addition to that, the web host also engages in providing SOC 3 report to address risks related to IT in some critical areas like security and availability.

Apart from the above, LiquidWeb works with Tier-1 bandwidth providers, such as Cogent, Level3, Comcast and Verizon to ensure the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance. It also uses the latest technologies like SSDs, SAN, DDoS attack protection as well as CDN to speed up its servers and provide continuous data protection at the same time.

LiquidWeb vs. GoDaddy on Customer Service

In terms of customer service, both LiquidWeb and GoDaddy have placed high priority on offering high quality customer service for their dedicated server clients.

Due to its industry-leading Heroic Support team, LiquidWeb is confident to offer the Help Desk Initial Response Guarantee (30 Minutes), Phone Answer Time Guarantee (59 Seconds), plus LiveChat Initial Response Time Guarantee (59 Seconds). In any case the web host fails to respond within the guarantee period, customers are entitled to request compensation of 10 times the amount of time exceeding its SLA commitment.

While at GoDaddy, if people need instant help, they can get contact with its support consultants by telephone, live chat or email. One thing people should notice is that there is time limitation for its chat support. So people need to check out whether the time is available for instant support before asking for help from GoDaddy.

What’s more, all dedicated at LiquidWeb and GoDaddy can benefit from their remarkable knowledge bases that are composed of redundant in-depth articles and tutorials. From these articles, people are also capable of learning the way of handling some common issues by their own.

Which One is Better?

To be honest, both LiquidWeb and GoDaddy have offered brilliant dedicated server solutions. However, given that LiquidWeb also provides Storm Cloud dedicated server in spite of standard dedicated server, and it offers unbeatable 100% uptime time guarantee, hardware replacement time guarantee, plus initial response time guarantees, we think LiquidWeb dedicated server is more outstanding than that of GoDaddy.

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