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LiquidWeb vs. InMotion Hosting

LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting are both leading web hosts in the industry. Here in below post, we are going to compare those two web hosting companies, in hopes of making sense that which one is better for webmasters. This review will develop from 4 aspects, including features, pricing, technology & reliability, and support.

About LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting

Before we compare the two web hosts, we’d like to introduce their background information first.
Since 1997, LiquidWeb has developed as a world-class web host in the industry. Up to now, the company has launched a complete series of offerings from shard hosting to dedicated servers, plus its exclusive storm servers, so it can perfect match with all kinds of web hosting needs. What’s more, owing 3 premium data centers and first-class Heroic Support team, LiquidWeb is fully worth the trust from webmasters.

As for InMotion Hosting, it was founded in 2001, offering shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting all based on Linux OS, and having two exclusive data centers and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company is also famous for its super-fast web hosting services and excellent customer support at affordable prices, which make InMotion Hosting the best cheap web hosting in 2016.

LiquidWeb vs. InMotion Hosting on Features

About web hosting types, LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting both provide shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers on Linux operating system. But LiquidWeb also offers Windows hosting and Strom Cloud hosting, which means more choices for customers. In below, to compare hosting features, we’d like to choose their shred hosting as an example.

LiquidWeb offers 4 expert shared hosting solutions that are Standard, Webmaster, Professional, and Semi-Dedicated. All shared hosting packages include unlimited email accounts, cPanel control panel with one-click installs, SSH secure shell access, free setup, and redundant nightly backups as well as fully managed Heroic Support.

Its basic level package is Standard which contains 5 GB disk space on Solid-State Drives, bringing extremely fast speed, 120 GB transfer bandwidth, and 2 free domain names, plus free SSL certificate for the 1st year.

In terms of InMotion Hosting, it provides 3 shared hosting packages including plenty of features. 3 packages all come with free SSD drives giving 20 times faster speed than spinning drives, free zero-downtime website transfer, free data backups, free website builder, easy control panel with cPanel demo, free 1-click installer allowing to install more than 310 apps, SSH access, multiple scripts including PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby, Google apps integration, and more.

Its entry-level plan is LAUNCH, which includes 2 MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer, 2 websites 6 parked domains, 25 subdomains, as well as unlimited SPAM safe email with IPAM.

From the comparison of features, we find that both companies provide rich-feature shared hosting solutions. LiquidWeb shared hosting has more packages, while InMotion Hosting shared hosting includes more attractive features. Therefore, we think two web hosts are very competitive in this way.

LiquidWeb vs. InMotion Hosting on Pricing

Both companies provide big discounts for customers. In below, we will introduce them one by one.

LiquidWeb shared hosting normally starts from $14.95/month, but through our exclusive LiquidWeb promotion link, customers can purchase it at an extremely low price of $1.49 for the initial month, and then it renews at $14.95/month. It makes LiquidWeb shared hosting more affordable.

LiquidWeb Shared Hosting LiquidWeb Shared Hosting
$1.49 1st mo

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Comparing to LiquidWeb, InMotion Hosting shared hosting regularly charges at $7.99/month. However, if customers buy it through our special InMotion Hosting promo link, they can get up to 56% discounts. It means people buy InMotion Hosting shared hosting only needing to pay $3.49/month.

Inmotion Hosting Promotion Inmotion Hosting Promotion
56% Off

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After comparing their features and prices, we find that LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting both have high price value.

LiquidWeb vs. InMotion Hosting on Performance

LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting have private data centers. So which one is better in performance? Let’s continue to introduce their data centers and technologies.

LiquidWeb operates 3 private data centers in Michigan, along with an additional presence in Arizona. The locations of 4 data centers make LiquidWeb possess the distinct geographic advantages, allowing customers choose the best suitable server locations.

The network of LiquidWeb includes Tier-1 bandwidth with redundant N+ 1 internal device elements and chassis. Switching and routing equipment is state-of-the-art Cisco gear. The company also uses multiple network providers. The design of network at LiquidWeb can deliver the highest quality reliability and speed.


Its premium data centers are manned 24 hour by its onsite, highly trained Heroic Support engineers. Proactive Sonar server monitoring team provides 24 hour system & network monitoring and proactive patches & restoration, which improve LiquidWeb server uptime.

As for InMotion Hosting, it also owns its private 2 data centers in Los Angeles and Virginia. Two data centers located in west and east coast of the US, which also gives the location advantages. What’s more, InMotion Hosting makes good use of the locations and develop the Max Speed Zones. In addition to its multiple data centers, InMotion Hosting has worked with some world’ largest ISPs and peering exchanges to deliver direct data connections, creating noticeably faster connections.


In terms of technologies, InMotion Hosting equips its data centers with N+2/ N+1 power systems, BGP4 network, N+ 1 configuration on top servers with RAID 5, backups for every 36 hours, and 24 hour system administrators on hands.

According to the comparison above, we know that both companies have done their best to ensure 99.9% uptime.

LiquidWeb vs. InMotion Hosting on Support

LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting provide very premium support for their customers. LiquidWeb has great Heroic Support team 24/ on site fully managing customers web hosting. The team also gives 59-second live chat & phone response and 30-minute help desk response guarantee. Besides, the company has Knowledge base and tutorials for customers to search information. To keep nearly 100% satisfaction, LiquidWeb provides 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to decrease customers’ risks.

For InMotion Hosting, the company provides 24x 7 x 365 US-based support as well. Dedicated in-house support technicians are standby for customers. People can reach them through very convenient ways, including free phone lines, live chat, and emails. In addition, more resources in self-help center from InMotion Hosting are included, such as FAQs, technical tutorials, and Education Channels, community and so on.

What’s more, InMotion Hosting are very confident to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee with as longer as 90-Day Money Back Guarantee than LiquidWeb, which makes customers have zero risk to try its web hosting solutions.

Therefore, although two companies provide very brilliant support, InMotion Hosting support is a little better than LiquidWeb.


After comparing the two companies above, we find that LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting both possess high price value, even InMotion Hosting provides lower price. Besides, LiquidWeb and InMotion both ensure super-fast speed and high reliability. As for customer support, LiquidWeb has 98% satisfaction rating from customers, while InMotion Hosting promise 100% satisfaction along with 90 day money back guarantee.

In short, LiquidWeb and InMotion Hosting both have their own exclusive advantages; therefore, it is really hard to make a choice from them. But considering the difference in prices, we recommend LiquidWeb for business webmasters or medium to large organizations; InMotion Hosting at cheap prices is more suitable for individuals or ordinary organizations.

To know more information about the two companies, please go to and

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