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List Of Essential Questions To Ask To The Hosting Provider Before You Sign Up

Description: When you choose an affordable web hosting provider, you should ask them some questions before getting their service. Here we have listed down some questions for you.

Most of the businesses get a bit worried when selecting their economical hosting provider or hosting company for the very first time. There are a number of aspects that go into offering exceptional hosting services for your business website. But how do you make out what web hosting questions to ask? It is essential to ask your future web hosting company several questions to make sure that your website doesn’t become victim for hackers or go through horrible downtime. Here, we are giving you the list of very important questions that you need to ask your web hosting service provider before hiring them.


1. Where is the location of your server?

Presumably, a small web hosting service provider cannot afford constructing a data center, hence they will rent one or two server for reselling reasons. Well, it is ok to resell the web hosting to gain a profit, but it is very important to know the location of the server. For example, if your business is mainly based in UK and you want to create a site for UK people, maybe you do not wish to get your site somewhere in China, not just because your site will not load quickly like your competitors, but also for the reason you do not get total control over your server. Also, in case the hardware gets failed, it would become unfeasible to recover the vanished data.

Lack of servers’ safety could be another major problem and hence the risk of having confidential data compromised by intruders or hackers may get increased. Therefore, it is vital for you to work with a company, who have its individual data-center, and have a total control over their all the hardware plus have the servers situated around their premises and not to be on remote location.

2. Is there any hidden charges?

When buying web hosting, you typically spend flat monthly charges or you make payment beforehand for one or two year. Generally, if you plan to take the subscription for a long period, the fee will be less; therefore the majority of people choose to pay less but beforehand. Generally, beside the flat monthly fee, no other costs are here to web hosting. There could be a few first-class services you can select on registration, or the service provider can give you promotional-offers along with other services in which you may be interested in. because every company has different policies, in a few cases there could be hidden charges with the monthly fee that you need to pay.

3. Who can assist me – a vital web hosting questions to ask?


One of the most significant features of every web hosting firm is support. A skilled and good support team can actually make a big difference in case of any problem that may take place in your way to create and operate a successful business website. A web hosting service provider who doesn’t take into account their clients or cannot assist them with different matters that they get with their websites or their hosting account, will ultimately out of business. Poor support and bad hosting service are the most general reasons why webmasters change web host. Also, keep in mind that a specialized hosting company provides a number of methods to get in touch with them, and technical support must be accessible for 24 hours and 7 days, if you cannot get information regarding this or there is no contact number you can call on, then you need to stop exploring their site.

4. Can you assist to develop my business?

If your industry depends mainly on a site, maybe you do everything that is possible to develop and make it online. Well, this is not a simple job to do and it will take a lot of your resources and time, but take place when it hits that grave-line, when there is increased traffic flow that you cannot control. And if something like that happen to you then you should go to the new step and improve your shared hosting to a dedicated or virtual server. If your prospective company doesn’t give this chance to you, then you are caught and immediately have to seek another hosting provider.

In case, you cannot locate a suitable company, your site can go down as swiftly as it goes up. Therefore find out different hosting plans that you can choose with your existing web hosting service provider. So, this is a very important web hosting questions to ask. And if you fail to get satisfactory reply to your questions, maybe there is something strange happening under the hood, plus probably you should think about ignoring them. If you are seeking a trustworthy web hosting service provider, then you need to check the reviews of the company and determine which web hosting plan is correct for your requirements.

5. How many consumers are there on every server?


When you are thinking about taking the shared hosting plan, you will divide server space together with other sites too. The number of sites on every server will have a consequence on your website speed. So, it would be better to ask your web hosting company regarding the total number of consumers that share every server.

6. How open is your tech support and customer service?

For knowing their tech support services and customer service, you can get in touch with other consumers and get to know about their quality of service and satisfaction level. All at once, technical support must be accessible 24 hours and 7 days including holidays. In addition, ask for their standard resolution and response time.

7. Do you have any back-up policy and what is it?


Some web hosting companies perform backup over one time in a day and some other do it less frequently. It is very important to have backups so that you can protect your information or data. And also ensure your database backup and not just your documents. Ask you service providers regarding their backup policies.

We have ever written a post about the questions to web hosting before buying, which can give some tips for customers who are going to buy a hosting service.

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