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Lunarpages Email Hosting Review

With e-commerce and other online business development, the demand of email hosting has increased. According to this trend, we are glad to reveal more reliable and cheap email hosting for customers. In the following post, we plan to review Lunarpages email hosting from 4 aspects, which are hosting price, feature, reliability, and support service. Through this in-depth analysis, we hope customers can understand Lunarpages email hosting better and figure out if it is an appropriate choice meeting their needs.

Who Is Lunarpages?

lunarpagesIn 1998, Lunarpages ( was founded as a small IT solutions provider. However, up till now, Lunarpages has grown into a giant in the web hosting industry. Having a wide range of cheap web hosting and services, operating several private-owned data centers, Lunarpages has strong power to serve more than 150,000 customers, including individuals, small businesses, and giant companies.

For the offering line, Lunarpages has expanded it from small shared hosting to higher-level dedicated servers, ranging from Windows hosting solutions to Linux hosting solutions. Besides, Lunarpages also provides website design service, domains, and Microsoft Exchange email 2016.

Lunarpages Email Hosting Review on Price

Lunarpages offers basic MS Exchange plan, Advanced MS Exchange plan, and Premium MS Exchange plan. According to our information from Lunarpages, we think customers can choose packages without pressure, because three plans are all cheap. Now, let’s display the structure table as following to make it clear:

  • Basic Exchange starts at $3.95 per month, along with 2 GB mailbox storage and unlimited bandwidth;
  • Advanced Exchange starts at $5.95 per month, including 10 GB mailbox storage and unlimited bandwidth, too;
  • Premium Exchange starts at $10.95 per month, containing 25 GB mailbox storage and also the same unlimited bandwidth.
Lunarpages Email Hosting Lunarpages Email Hosting

By checking out Lunarpages email hosting pricing, customers can easily find out which one fits their hosting budgets. Cost-effective start-up pricing is one of the competitive advantages for Lunarpages email hosting. If customers want to get more information about Lunarpages special deals, please check out Lunarpages Coupon.

Additionally, to make customer happy, Lunarpages offers all new customers with a 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee, while for renewal customers, they are also protected by a 7-Day money back guarantee.

Lunarpages Email Hosting Review on Feature

Lunarpages provides 3 different sizes of Microsoft Exchange 2016 email for customers now, which has be recognized as a standard for a number of businesses at present. Lunarpages allows customers to access their mailboxes via mobile device form anywhere, and bring many benefits for Lunarpages’ customers. That what makes Lunarpages email hosting so wonderful and useful is what we are going to talk in below.

Pre-Configured Features

  • Spam filtering
  • Virus protection
  • MS Outlook
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Data syncing with most popular mobile smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone as well as Windows Phone

Cost and Time Savings

Lunarpages Microsoft Exchange hosting can provide the architecture enabling great cost savings in email storage. Users or customers can get access to its powerful feature using less IT resources, and obtain the latest tools to increase productivity.

  • Greater storage hardware includes SAN and DAS available for choosing.
  • Affordable hard drives ill dramatically lower the overall storage costs.
  • Role-based access, web-based administrative control, as well as self-service capabilities can make those IT managers and businesses to delegate any task to their users, even though they do not offer then the complete administrative rights.
  • Lunarpages Microsoft Exchange email hosting has built-in Exchange ActiveSync capability, which allows customers to get rid of device management cost. Even better, that capability can support almost all mobile devices.

Anti-Spam Protection

Within Lunarpages 3 different levels of email hosting packages, the complete anti-virus protection is included.  Along with that feature, there is anti-spam protection helping keep customers’ mailboxes safe from viruses, spam, viruses, fraud, phishing, and some other attacks.

Besides, Lunarpages also offers encryption services with this feature, so that customers can ensure that each message received or sent with excellent confidentiality and privacy in the system. To enhance the message delivery with good security, Lunarpages has virus checker that can automatically update once there is something new founded, keeping customers away from viruses.

Email Control

Lunarpages allows customers to take control over their email hosting, increase the security as well as collaboration within their business. To make it, customers can make use of these features offered by Lunarpages:

  • Mobile device management from anywhere
  • Powerful scalability to quickly increase and meet customers’ heavy demands for business
  • Anti-Spam filtering offering email protection
  • MS Outlook Web Access

Professional email hosting features and tools help customers work with their email hosting easily and smoothly.

Lunarpages Email Hosting Review on Reliability

Lunarpages can offer the best reliability with the premium performance, because it now operates up to 8 top-line, peerless data centers in the US, among which Lunarpages even fully owns some data centers by itself. What’s more, these state-of-the-art data centers are all PIC compliant.

lunarpages data center

Equipped with multi-tier redundant power supply systems, round-the-clock security, and fully trained personnel for monitoring, Lunarpages’ data centers are so optimal for server hosting. That’s why Lunarpages can ensure customers’ servers always run efficiently and smoothly to keep their online presence and business safe. In below, we are to take one of 8 data centers to be the example for explanation.

Hawthorn data center is fully owned by Lunarpages. It features power redundancy with 120 UPS time at the peak load, A+B UPS redundancy as well as N+2 back-up generators, redundant N+2 Liebert HVAC environmental cooling systems, pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system, raised access floor system, and other more. Plus well-designed security systems and the security features email hosting including, Lunarpages makes the best reliability and safety.

Lunarpages Email Hosting Review on Support Service

Lunarpages offers various contact methods including email and phone call, while only dedicated and VPS server support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For other hosting customers, Lunarpages phone call support is available from 7am to 5pm (Pacific) from Monday to Friday!

If customers need find hosting information or search for answers to their questions related to their hosting service, they can visit Lunarpages extensive Support Wiki. Community forum is also included for better support.

Although the support time is relatively limited, and need to be improved in the future, its customer support is also standard in the industry.

Is Lunarpages Email Hosting Recommendable?

According to Lunarpages offers within email hosting packages, we know it will be a powerful and easy-to-use email tool for customers’ business. Besides, its performance and reliability are supported by 8 premium data center infrastructure; standard support is acceptable as well. Considering its low costs, we think Lunarpages email hosting solutions are good to customer to have a good communication for their business.

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