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Lunarpages vs Bluehost

As one of the two popular web hosting providers, Lunarpages and Bluehost both can offer a wide variety of hosting packages for customers to run their websites. Although the two companies promise to provide customers with optimal web hosting services, there are some differences between the two web hosts.

In below Lunarpages vs. Bluehost, we will make a detailed comparison from hosting features, pricing, reliability and customer support provided by them to help customers know which one can be 100% trusted to start their online presence.

Who are Lunarpages and Bluehost?

Several years ago, Lunarpages ( was a well-known web hosting company, investing time and energy in top-of-the-line facilities and advanced technologies to offer almost the best reliable environment to its customers. Currently, Lunarpages can offer Linux and Windows shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

The company was ever recommended by many hosting reviews . However, since it outsourced their customer support to India, and also re-brand their site two times, which made it lost the leading position in the past few years.

Recognized as one of the best PHP hosting, Bluehost ( has grown into one of the biggest web hosts and industry-leading Linux web hosting provider, which receives great popularity from webmasters. The sole and ultimate goal of Bluehost is to provide customers with top-notch service at an affordable price. By far, Bluehost can provide shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

Lunarpages vs. Bluehost on Pricing

priceWith the latest Bluehost coupon and Lunarpages Coupon, Bluehost sets its shared hosting starting at $2.95/mo, while Lunarpages sets up $3.95/mo as its personal shared hosting starting pricing. Both are affordable but Bluehost is cheaper.

Beisdes starting pricing, both companies offer their customers 30 day money back guarantee, allows risk-free web hosting services for each customer. Differently, Lunarpages will charge domain name registration fees, account setup fees and more, but Bluehost offers free instant setup, free domain name registration and free website builder.

If customers are interested in Bluehost cheap shared hosting, they can purchase it through following exclusive promotional link to get started with up to 63% off discount.

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Generally speaking, Bluehost offers a better price value service than Lunarpages does.

Lunarpages vs. Bluehost on Features

FeatureBluehost understands that rich features are the foundation for customers to empower a successful website. At Bluehost, customers can get access to unlimited domains, unlimited disk storage, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, and one free domain name as well as unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Even better, Bluehost utilizes advanced technologies which enable resource protection, defensing customers’ website performance and mitigating risks normally isolated with shared servers. If customers need more resources to support their websites running smoothly, Bluehost also allows customers to upgrading in just several clicks.

By comparison, Lunarpages Starter Linux Hosting plan only offers 5 email accounts, 5 GB disk space, 50GB data transfer and 1 MySQL database to its customers. It is clear that these features are just basic for websites building. Softaculous web scripts are available in the Starter plan as well, to meet the basic demands for development or add more features to websites. Lunarpages also has Weebly website builder included in shared hosting plans

What’s more, Bluehost also supports multiple versions of PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python and PHP runs as suPHP for solid security, PHP memory_limit is set to 128MB. It is an ideal environment for application development and running heavy platforms like Joomla and Drupal. Also, the company offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to make eCommerce website more secure.

Additionally, Blushot makes its shared hosting rather easy to use. Each shared hosting plan comes with advanced capabilities such as SSH access, SSI, custom .htaccess, cron jobs, multi-server management, password access control, automatic entire hosting account backups, and enhanced cPanel control panel.1-click WordPress installation, over $150 Google, Bing offers, and free website builders can help customers start quickly. Therefore, with other tools,  customers using Bluehost shared hosting will get better usability of web hosting.

Unquestionably, Bluehost can offer richer features for customers to run their websites.

Lunarpages vs. Bluehost on Reliability & Speed

reliabilityBluehost hires a team of creative staffs who attach great importance to keeping pace with the latest technologies, so that it has the strength to offer fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime to customers.

Bluehost operates three state-of-the-art data centers. They are all equipped with diesel generators, UPS power systems, as well as multiple, redundant network architecture. On the other hand, it uses its high performance servers and deploys custom Linux kernel. All of these give its customers an unbeatable environment for them to access a very reliable environment.

To boost customer’s website performance, Bluehost directly builds CloudFlare into hosting account, making them enable CloudFlare instantly.

For Lunarpages, its data centers are supplied with monitoring system, real-time data on equipment operation, cooling system, temperature and humidity control as well as fire protection, UPS, APC PDC technology to make sure customers’ websites run smoothly.

In short, the performance of both companies is great. But according to our recent tests, it shows that the speed of Bluehost is faster than Lunarpages.

Lunarpages vs. Bluehost on Customer Support

SupportAfter checking the reviews of existing customers from Bluehost and Lunarpages, we find that overwhelming majority of Bluehost customers are willing to recommend this company to their friends.

Bluehost technical support is famous for its efficiency, accuracy and dedication.  Email ticket, toll-free phone call, live chat, knowledge base, forums as well as system status report are all available for Bluehost customers to resolve their problems very quickly.

At Lunarpages, we only find that the company offers email ticket, phone call, Lunarpages WIKI and Community Forum for customers to settle their problems. Live chat is only available for sales contacting.

Bluehost Is a Better Choice

In summary, it is clear that Bluehost can offer richer features, faster speed, and better customer service than Lunarpages. Moreover, there is no hidden fees at Bluehost. Unquestionably, Bluehost is a better choice for customers to operate their websites.

Looking for more information about Bluehost, please visit and don’t forget to check out its 63% off deal.

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  1. Bluehost is an excellent web hosting provider, always having good reputable in the industry. Plus free domain and high to 63% off, I think Bluehost is friendly to beginners.

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