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It is of extreme importance that the website you design has designing elements complementary to your niche. Google or other search engines count on the designing aspect. This is why if you intend to put up a magazine website then you need to look for the magazine themes on WordPress. In this article we are to review few popular magazine WordPress themes and our list contains followings:

  1. Meganews
  2. Anivia
  3. Legatus
  4. Throne


MeganewsThe Meganews magazine WordPress theme is professionally designed one with high quality picture elements, SEO optimized and responsive one. It serves all your purposes of a magazine website. Compatible with most of the web browsers across different platforms, the Meganews supports any WordPress version higher than WordPress 3.3. It has not used any stiff code and script in building the template and also remains compatible with bbPress2.5.

In terms of its functional features the Meganews magazine WordPress theme offers drag and drop based layout builder in retina ready formats, different sections, coloring and side bar options. Other features like categories customization, built in translation support, content and layout importing facilities and megamenu have turned the Meganews magazine WordPress theme to be a great one.

All these capabilities and facts combined in the magazine theme Meganews make it a powerful visual composer of your magazine website. Undoubtedly, it’s a good choice.


aniviaThe Anivia magazine WordPress theme is a theme with difference. It has built in layouts for news, magazine, blog, business and shop websites. So if you pick it for your magazine website, you need to select from the magazine layouts. Certainly there are differences between a news site and a magazine site. Anivia as a theme delivers multiple benefits to the users, which include; responsiveness, frontend builder, revolution slider, ecommerce (woocommerce) integration support, swipe menu, paralex element support, built in loads of themeing options and other powerful customization options.

Functionally the Anivia has more than six hundred fonts, fifteen plus column variation options, contact form, plugin support, intuitive content assembly system, multiple browser support and widgets. Another prime advantage of the Anivia magazine WordPress theme is, it comes as SEO ready. It supports Google Ads, AJAX loading and is built with basic PHP, JavaScript and CSS files.


legatusThe Legatus magazine WordPress theme is much different from the other themes we have mentioned here. It is more stylist and elegant to look and will support only WordPress 3.7 and higher versions. Per its technical aspects the Legatus theme is a result of combining the layered PSD, PHP, CSS, JS and PSD files altogether. It will work on all browsers and has responsive layout. Unlike other themes the Legatus has list building capabilities and will integrate the largest viral emailing system Aweber easily.

Legatus makes web design easy with its visual composer. Users with the help of visual composer can recreate their theme, replace the design elements and revamp the website in timely fashion. The theme contains widget support, social buttons integration, and gallery, tabs, touring option, teaser poser, grids and action buttons. It also has template system with drag and drop supported interface, content blocking option, column heading system and weather updates. The Legatus as a magazine WordPress theme focuses more on styling by keeping its focus on the easy control options.


throne-themeThe Throne magazine WordPress theme features easy setup, device and OS responsive design, advanced control panel, choice to select from wide color and font varieties, custom logo usage, flexible header and numerous layouts. The popular theme continues to offer more functional simplicity to users which include loads of sidebars, widgets, and post formatting options, built in translator, shortcode support, easier updating, child friendliness, search engine optimization and full documentation.

Released in 2014, the Throne magazine WordPress theme can run on any browser and will support any WordPress version starting from WordPress 3.6 and higher. The coding for Throne involved PHP, CSS and JS files only and users can enjoy the fully automatic responsiveness of the theme.

The widget aspect of Throne covers Adsense, video, posts, social, flickr and many others to ensure that users can get maximum visibility and audiences can enjoy the best of the website. It is easy to further customize the Throne magazine WordPress theme based on your need. Try this – a good premium theme.

We must reiterate the fact people always appreciate new look and new features. If you can craft anything new after reviewing the most popular themes for your magazine website, you are welcome to try the option. But if crafting a new theme is not in your competencies list then you can opt to have the custom made popular choices like the ones we have mentioned here. They are meant to perform and deliver excellence and will still require you to standalone from others using the same. Happy web designing!

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