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MailChimp ( is a reputable email marketing company who is popular among small-medium size of business owners and entrepreneurs. In below, we are about to review MailChimp from features, prices and support to figure out why MailChimp can get succeed in email marketing.

mailchimp logo 1Since in 2001, MailChimp has developed from a side project into a big email marketing service provider, sending over 600 million emails every day. Up till now, the company has designed 3 major products, including MailChimp email marketing for business, MANDRILL email infrastructure service, and TinyLetter email newsletters for individuals. Its well-designed products have served more than 10,000,000 people and businesses all over the world.

MailChimp Offers Free Plan

MailChimp has 4 email marketing plans for business: Starting UP, Growing Business, Pro Marketer, and High Volume Sender. The first plan is totally free forever. This plan can support up to 2,000 subscribers and customers of this plan can send at most 12,000 emails per month.

This plan also comes with MailChimp sign-up forms and MailChimp Subscribe to build list, drag-and-drop email designer with email templates to create beautiful campaigns, as well as free repots and data insight. These features are enough to help an individual make an ordinary marketing. If they need more, just upgrade the plan and pay as little as $10/mo.

MailChimp Review on Email Creation & Sending

MailChimp can offer email marketing campaign tools and make the easiest way to create wonderful newsletters. Drag-and-Drop editor allows customers to place photos and content which fit their business. Built-in photo editor enables customers to resize and edit images without any other program.

MailChimp provides optimized templates for mobile device. Its template editor also adapts to customers’ workflow where customers can send test emails and make comments to each other. MailChimp also allows customers to send test campaigns to their own mobile device, so that they can preview the desktop and mobile version to makes sure each email looks in good shape.

email creation

MailChimp file manager is very intuitive, helping customers filter, search, and sort images and files. MailChimp email designer, templates dashboard, and code editor all have the access to file manager. MailChimp link checker is automatic, verifying every URL to save customers’ time.

MailChimp data-driven tools make customers send emails more effectively. Sending Time Optimization can used to set the optimal sending time; Discover Similar Subscribers automatically find the interest groups for customers. And customers can use Timewarp to schedule when their campaigns should be sent to different time zones at the same time. Thereby, every step to send marketing emails goes with good assistance from MailChimp.

MailChimp Review on Contact List Management

At MailChimp, contact list management starts from signup forms, which is customizable for customers’ brand and matched with their newsletter. And then segmentation and groups can help customers to send the right content to right groups. Subscriber can join groups and customers can separated by these groups.

sigup forms

If customers want save segments to grow their contact list, they can set an auto-updating segment under the specific criteria. After doing this, customer can just save the segment and give the conditions to MailChimp, and let the company update it for them.

MailChimp Review on Email Tracking & Reporting

MailChimp provides A/B Testing service for customers to improve their email marketing. Customers just need to decide the conditions and create 3 variations for each test, and then hand on MailChimp. The company will perform the tests and make customers learn which option works best.

Besides, MailChimp tracks everything including open rates, revenue, click rate, industry comparison, unsubscribes, and more. And then it gives diverse reports, such as interactive graphs, monitoring trends, subscriber activity reports, etc. These reports give customers the most useful information and help them improve the performance of their campaigns.

Other Highlights of MailChimp

Besides, MailChimp offers many other features which make MailChimp safer and more convenient.

MailChimp has advanced deliver infrastructure and an intelligent delivery team. MailChimp abuse-detection technology ensures the system is clean; Omnivore is always working on analyzing messages, processing new data, and preventing abuse on a massive scale. Its abuse monitoring system can detect potential delivery issues through actively scanning. The company is registered with major ISPs to get the alerts and protect customers from being blocked.

MailChimp Mobile is an easy-to-use app. With it, customers can manage their contact list, add new scribers, send beautiful messages, and check their reports. MailChimp Snap helps customers create campaign by selecting or taking a photo. MailChimp Subscribe is another app for mobile device. Via it, customers can easily collect email addresses and manage subscribers.

The 3rd Party Platforms are Integrate with MailChimp

MailChimp cooperates with many popular platforms that serve, educate and empower MailChimp customers. More than 800 integrations with MailChimp can make customers’ email marketing easier and more effective. These platforms include WordPress, Twitter, Magento, Facebook, Salesforce, and more.

The Pricing of MailChimp

MailChimp Starting UP plan, the basic plan, is free with up to 2,000 subscribers, free repots and data insight and at most 12,000 emails per month. This plan does not have expiring trial or credit card information required. Need more advanced feature, customers can upgrade by paying as little as $10/mo.

MailChimp Starting Up MailChimp Starting Up
Free Forever

If customers do not send emails frequently, they can pay as they use, rather than buying monthly plan. Besides, MailChimp accepts PayPal, all major credit cards and direct debit.

MailChimp Review on Customer Support

MailChimp is friendly to give the best advice before customers buy any plan at MailChimp. The company also offers valuable information to teach them how to use it tools and services.

Besides, the company have dedicated self-help help center, Knowledge base and FAQs, which includes many details about its tools and options.

However, we have to accept that MailChimp is not good as AWeber or Constant Contact in the respect of customer support.

Is MailChimp an Excellent Email Marketing Provider?

After going over MailChimp email creation & sending, contact management, email tracking & reporting, as well as pricing and customer support, we clearly learn that MailChimp email Marketing is very powerful and user friendly. Although its support is a little bit inconvenient, its free plan and plenty of practical tools make the tiny weakness can be ignored. So we strongly recommend MailChimp for small to large business.

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