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Mailigen1Mailigen ( is one of the best email marketing service providers, who offers flexible, easy to use and affordable email marketing services for all sizes of business. Since its inception in 2009, Mailigen exceptional email marketing tools has been attracting worldwide customers.

In the following post, we are going to make an in-depth comment on Mailigen email marketing service from list management to customer support. By reading this article, we hope our readers could understand why Mailigen is so popular in the industry.

Mailigen Special Coupon

When people are choosing email marketing service providers, cost plays an important role in the final decision. Mailigen obviously understands it well. Therefore, with Mailigen, customers can get a 30-day free trial. No setup fees and no credit cards are required!

Mailigen Email Marketing Mailigen Email Marketing
30 Days Free

If customers want to continue to work with Mailigen after the trial term, they can just choose a paid plan based on their free account. It starts at as low as $10/mo. More than that, Mailigen offers special discounts for 3/6/12 months plans. With up to 20% off discounts, Mailigen smallest package will renew $8 per month for annual terms.

In addition, Mailigen provides an additional 25% discount for non-profit organizations as well.

Mailigen Review on Contact Management

With Mailigen list management functionality, customers can create more trust with their subscribers, including email list automation, list de-duplication, list segmentation, bounce email, and unsubscribed handling. In below, we are going to detail Mailigen contact list management.

Mailigen offers superior list-editing functionality like merge, de-duplication, etc. With Mailigen mailing list manager, customers can create unlimited contact lists; they can search, add, delete or modify their lists at any time. By using it, customers’ contact list can keep clean by removing duplicates automatically. Besides, customers can easily export lists to Excel files and create different email list segments for exact email campaign targeting.

mailigen list management

As for growing email list with Mailigen, there are 2 ways. One is to import customers’ existing contacts from CSM file, CRM system, or Excel files. The other is to grow list by using Mailigen web sign-up forms, which are customizable.

Besides, there is an advanced tool, SMS list management. It is fully integrated with email marketing lists. With it, customers can create new list, manage existing lists, add custom fields for more information related to their subscribers, incorporate sign-up forms on websites, landing pages and social media to gain new subscribers, segment audiences via online surveys, email campaign results and SMS, create dynamic list segmentations automatically, and more.

Mailigen WYSIWYG subscription form creation process ensures customers’ subscription forms are well-coded and seamlessly blend with their homepage style. Subscription forms will show Subscriber preference which is the reference to build opt-in lists.

Mailigen recently launches a new feature, detailed contact reports, which are included in list management features. Via these reports, customers can see clearly how their subscribers are engaged and how their lists grow.

Mailigen Review on Email Creation & Sending

Mailigen offers responsive drag and drop email editor. With extremely simple email template, customers can effortlessly design a template by using its 10 types of content blocks via drag and drop email template editor. Besides, up to 4 column layouts is also easy-to-use to divide the whole template into up to 4 columns. The new drag and drop editor includes an email preview on desktop and mobile device. So customers can check out their email efforts on various screens.

mailigen editor

Besides, there are some features about email contents. Customers can customize the color, shape, and size of buttons that are the best way to get subscribers. Social media links are also frequently added into buttons. No complex actions and knowledge of HTML are required when customers create emails. What’s more, Mailigen email marketing software also allows customers to insert videos in their emails, from and

Sometimes customers need to send different audiences similar but not the same messages. At that time, customers can uses Mailigen dynamic content solution to create conditional attributes like age, name, and company, instead of creating two separate campaigns.

Mailigen email autoresponder software enables customers automatically send trigger-based emails and regular follow up emails. These emails are personalized to engage more audiences. In addition, customers can schedule to send emails when they update their website content, which is pulled from RSS feeds.

Mailigen Review on Email Tracking & Reporting

Mailigen automatically reads and stores the date and time of email marketing campaign opens, clicks, and email deliveries. Google Analytics allows customers to compare data from their newsletters and website. Customers have the access to their email campaign real time results. Precisely track these key rates and gorgeous real time reports enable customers to measure RIO and the performance of their email marketing campaigns.

After receiving those detailed reports, customers can use them to be their references and improve their future email campaigns and make every effort to achieve the best results from email marketing.

Other Highlights of Mailigen

Mailigen partners up with Touchstone, subject advisor, to instantly predict the opens and clicks of a given subject line before customers hit send. It is rare to see in the industry. With this feature, customers can easily get the analysis about their subject line. According to the results, customers can improve the chosen subject line for best possible performance.

There is another great feature that is A/B split testing. It is a very useful tool to keep emails sharp. It can test subject line, from name, email content and CTA, as well as sending day and time, to optimize customers’ open rates, click rates and conversations. With it, customers can only send the best performing emails to their subscribers.

Mailigen email marketing platform also has a very powerful open API, which can be used to manage and add contact lists, subscribers, and create integrations to connect Mailigen to customers’ CMS, blog, shopping cart, and more.

Mailigen Review on Prices

As we mentioned above, Mailigen has a 30-day free trial, coming with all core email marketing tools and good support. Besides, the company offers flexible billing terms along with special discounts.

For example, its entry-level package only charges $10 per month. If customers pay 3 or 6-month plans, or annual billing, they can receive up to 20% discount, which means customer can pay $8/mo to start. This minimum package allows customers to send unlimited online surveys to at most 500 subscribers, and includes 20 free SMS credits.

mailigen pricing

In terms of payment, besides monthly and annually billing, Mailigen also provides pay-as-you-go credits. Form Enterprise plans, the company also accepts invoicing.

Mailigen Review on Customer Support

For support, customers can visit Mailigen support section to check out knowledge base, where guides, whitepapers, and other technical articles are ready to help them start Mailigen email marketing smoothly. Or customers can go to Mailigen Blog to find out the helpful information.

Other more, the most convenient approach to contact Mailigen email experts is phone call. Besides, email is also available for customers.


To sum up, Mailigen is an excellent email marketing service provider. A wide range of offerings includes helpful and powerful features to assist customers achieve the best email marketing performance. Even better, 30-day free trial and diverse learning resources are both attracting customers to try it.

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