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Some of the Maintenance Page Ideas that You Can Use on Your WordPress Site

Do you use WordPress? If you do, then at some point of time you are going to need to put up a maintenance page, no matter whether you like it or not. No matter how much you dislike doing it, but you must agree that knowing a thing or two about it or just to have some ideas about it is essential for every WordPress site owner. Not only does it saves a lot of time in the process but can impress your visitors at the same time. In this article, I will show you how to add one in your website and also to share some creative maintenance page wordpress ideas with you.

Let us first try to see why and when do you feel the necessity to take your WordPress website down. Generally, your WordPress website is not normally needed to be taken down at all for most of the things and updation that you need to do there. But still, there are times when that becomes inevitable. That is exactly when you need to put your website in maintenance mode. Among many such situations, the most common of the lot being, when you want to move your website from the local server to the one where it will go live. Or another situation is when you change you switch your hosting server from one to the other. Another such situation could be when you run a membership website or an online store and you don’t want to loose your orders generated by your customers after logging in as members of your website.

maintenance page WordPress

Now let’s concentrate on the creation of a maintenance page. The process is as simple as installation of the “WP Maintenance Mode” plugin which will enable you to do the necessary. Through Settings, navigating into the plugin’s page you can easily set a background image with ability of choosing design options along with your message when the website is in maintenance mode.

As was pointed out before, even though maintenance pages is only displayed in your website for a very short time but they do have their impact on your views, especially on how they see your business as brand. So much so that ugly error messages automatically generated by the server can degrade your brand image whereas something creating or eye pleasing maintenance page WordPress can have a lasting impression which can in turn strengthen your identity as a brand in your visitor’s mind.

Observing various maintenance page WordPress used by popular brands all across the world to announce their message for the downtime, you can easily have a guideline to follow, while choosing your own when the need be. Here are some of the salient points which should be remembered:-

Keeping it short and simple:-

maintenance page WordPress

It’s better to keep the message which you are going to put up for your maintenance page WordPress as short as possible and simple too. Without getting into too much details of what is exactly going on, it can just be a short one like that of networking site using the failed whale, which they used as the one for over capacity or just out for maintenance.

Being compassionate:-

You must recognize the frustration caused to your visitor after coming to your website and finding it not functioning. Hence, being a bit comfortable, recognizing the inconvenience caused should be good. Being apologetic and promising to strive hard to get back the website into running condition as soon as possible should put you under good lights.

Mix a bit of humor and be entertaining:-

maintenance page WordPress

Anytime downtime is frustrating and it may make your visitor angry, especially if he or she is in a bit of hurry. So mixing it up with a bit of humor is able to go a long way.  It can take away the heavy atmosphere and allow your visitors to accept the situation light-mindedly.

Use familiar looks and feel:-

You can seize the opportunity to create your brand recognition if you be a bit subtle! You can use your style, brand’s logo and colours in the maintenance page WordPress, it is sure to have a more effect because your users’ attention will be more focused than it does when the website is running and live.

Add a countdown for return, if possible:-

The addition of displaying a countdown timer on the maintenance page makes it look alive and unknowingly builds an anticipation within your visitors. But, you should be aware that even without adding a timer the exact date and time when the website will be back into running condition can still be placed.

Updates on progress:-

maintenance page WordPress

Another way to put up the maintenance page WordPress is to provide snippets and updates on the progress that is going on. It serves the purpose of keeping your viewers updated and in a way you can keep in touch with your users even during the downtime.

Lastly, to sum up, you can optimize your downtime and maintenance page WordPress so as to avoid losing out on your traffic and hence business, the hardest possible way. Keeping in mind that you are forced to lose your money every second during your downtime, you can still look out for ways to keep the loss a minimum. By going through your Google Analytics report, you can find out the hour of the day when your traffic and hits are the least and then time your maintenance during that time. Next, you can send out an E-mail to an E-mail list as part of the notification when your site is up and running, so that your regular users will not be missing out on something. You can even provide a quick way to get in touch with you for your potential customers during the downtime, like providing your social network handles. And website should be brought back online as soon as possible and should be planned likewise.

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