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Managed VPS Hosting vs. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Description- New users often get confused between managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS. This article will analyze both these categories to help you to select the best VPS hosting options that match your requirements.

For new websites or blogs, shared web hosting is one of the best hosting options since it is affordable, easy to use and reliable as well. Many of these web hosts provide additional advantages such as automated website builders and advertisement credits. However there would be a situation where one would think about upgrading their hosting service to next level, that is VPS (Virtual private server) since they throw many advantages. While implementing such update, new users often get confused between managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS. This article will analysis both these categories to help you to select the best options that match your requirements and convenience.  vps1

Let us begin with the introduction to both kind of server that will give you enough idea about managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS.

Managed Virtual Private Server:

First of all managing a web server (even a single one) is never a simple task! There are various sub tasks involved in this process such as:

  • Server configuration
  • Server maintenance
  • Software updates
  • Security patches

Managing all these tasks on your own will require complete technical skills and knowledge. Unless you possess all these skill managing these tasks would be a lot of tiresome activity. Moreover, it will consume a lot of time.

Now let us talk about managed VPS. Your web-hosting provider will be taking care of all your processes and not trouble you with any technical tasks. Practically, you will use your VPS as if it were a normal shared hosting server. It should be noticed that ‘managed’ term is not same according to all hosting service providers. For instance, some web hosts will take care of all the technical activities and tasks of your server, on the other hand, some will handle specific tasks and leave some upon you. Thus, it is recommended to read terms and conditions carefully before choosing a provider for managed Virtual Private Server.

Unmanaged Virtual Private Server:vps2

Unmanaged VPS is often referred as self managed VPS. These servers are recommended for those who have enough technical knowledge for managing a virtual web server. It is noticeable that web host would not be providing any kind of assistant to you. So this becomes a major point in managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS, that there will not be a noticeable amount of support from web host in order to manage your server, you will be completely on your own. However, service provider will be there to handle initial operating system installation and rest would be left for the user. You will need to take care of all the sectors of management. It is like buying a computer with only the OS installed. It is a physical, dedicated server.

Now as you have get about an idea of both the categories, let us have a glance at the advantages of both the categories that are real important in the comparison of managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS.

Advantages of Managed VPS:

  • Technical errors and downtimes are never a thing to worry about since the hardware architecture of you server is secured in the hand of web host. They are always at minimal level.
  • Management team of the web host would provide you best possible security to your blogs and websites. It will take care of regular vulnerability scans, installation of security patches and installing required upgrades.
  • You can get support and assistance related to your VPS any time thanks to the impressive support team offered by the web host.
  • You will be able to give more attention to the content of your website and blog since you need not to pay much attention, effort and time to the technical aspect of the server.

Advantages of Unmanaged VPS:

  • Unmanaged VPS offers the user more extended control over various sectors of the server such as software installation, performance usage and storage space.
  • These servers are highly customizable since changing performance and other sectors of the server is totally upon user convenience.
  • Unmanaged VPS suits best for those website holders and bloggers who need server level control for development and publishing of their content.
  • Unmanaged VPS is noticeably cheap and affordable than managed VPS.

Managed VPS vs. Unmanaged VPS- Time to chose:

So far, we have analyzed various aspects related to both managed and unmanaged VPSs. Let us put all those aspects in this simple conclusion. Actually, no server is good or bad, all it matters is the requirements of the user.

Managed VPSs are recommended for those who want to pay less efforts and time for the administration of the server. These servers would offer top-notch support that will make you completely forget about update, patches and maintenance and focus more on your website and blogs. However, to get these services you will need to pay some extra amount that is quite obvious.

On the other hand, unmanaged VPSs are quite customizable and have ability to expand. These servers need expertise management and everything would be needed to manage by the user himself. You will need expertise knowledge in order to save your money. If you have enough time to spend on the technical aspects and content of your blogs and website, these servers are best for you. They are a lot of cheaper than the managed VPS.4

We hope that this managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS comparison would help you a lot to know about managed and unmanaged VPSs. You will require to understand your own requirements. Your knowledge and skills also matters. If you possess the same, you can save some of your bucks by choosing the unmanaged VPS. If you have skills but don’t have the time, you can go with managed VPS. If you don’t have skills, you will compulsory require to choose a managed VPS. Understand the circumstances and requirements well and select the best possible server for yourself.

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