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Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting can be seen as a concierge service because all technical aspects of running WordPress are managed by the web hosting provider. Best managed WordPress below are standing out from competition in features, pricing, performance and customer service. which are perfect for your WordPress sites.

Top 3 Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2020

Best Overall

The world largest and also the first Managed WordPress Hosting Provider, specialized in WordPress Hosting, 100% Managed.


Best for Business

Business-class Managed WordPress Hosting operated by web Professionals, 100% SSD storage. Best for mission-critical WordPress site


Cheap Hosting

One of world largest web host, part of WordPress opensource community, offer cheap reliable Managed WordPress hosting, affordable to everyone.


Superior Managed WordPress Hosting– LiquidWeb

liquidweb logo

LiquidWeb, as a web hosting industry leader, is well-known for its best-in-class performance bundled with 24/7 Heroic Support. LiquidWeb has 6 different sizes of managed WordPress packages, all of which are based on its VPS platform and are fully managed by its Heroic Support team.

LiquidWeb is also a rare web host that is able to guarantee a 100% network & power uptime, plus 30 minute hardware replacement time. Due to its 3 wholly-owned data centers in US with cutting-edge hardware infrastructure, as well as industry-leading Heroic Support service, people with this solution can enjoy the best possible performance and outstanding customer experience.

The entry level of LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting starts at $89/mo, along with unlimited visitors, up to 10 sites, 100GB SSD storage, 5TB monthly transfer, SSL certificate, WP-CLI included, free migration and WordPress multisite supported. Besides, LiquidWeb combines PHP5.5 with CenOS and Maria DB to reach a stable base of managed WordPress hosting.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress LiquidWeb Managed WordPress
High Value

Best Managed WordPress Hosting – WPEngine

wpengine logo

WPEngine, as a company led by a team with deep knowledge on hosting and WordPress, has become one of the industry leaders with over 75 million WordPress websites.

WPEngine basic plan charges for $29/mo, with risk free for 2 months, including 1 WordPress install, 10GB local storage, 25,000 monthly visits, and unlimited data transfer. If customers purchase an annual plan, they can get 2 months free discount, which means the total price would be $290 each year. More importantly, all customers are covered by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

WPEngine Exclusive Deal WPEngine Exclusive Deal
2 Month Free

Customer going with WPEngine managed WordPress hosting can create robust and reliable websites with Git version control, direct SFTP, built-in CDN, enhanced security, one-click staging and restore as well. And the web host gives its customers the ability to optimizing their page speed by choosing from 3 international datacenters. To gain the customers’ trust and confidence, WPEngine offers them 100% uptime guarantee and mind-blowing customer service.

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting for Business – MeditaTemple

mediatemple logo--wordpress

Made by WordPress designers and developers, MediaTemple managed WordPress hosting solution is built on an extremely fast managed WordPress hosting platform and is fully managed by MediaTemple‘s administration engineers.

There are four managed WordPress layers at MediaTemple, starting from $20/mo. If people purchase a 3-year plan, the price would reduce to only $15/mo, after 25% off monthly price. And each package is offered a 30-day money back guarantee.

MediaTemple Discount MediaTemple Discount
25% Off

Besides its low price, MediaTemple also provides rich features for every managed WordPress hosting clients. By using the latest PHP 5.6 bundled with FastCGI and MySQL 5.6, all WordPress developers can build professional websites as expected. And the web host also gives them at least 2 WordPress sites, 400,000 monthly visitors and 30GB SSD storage. Besides, WP-CLI administration, Git integration, SSH access, phpMyAdmin, sFTP access, and site staging are also included in all plans.

To deliver high quality managed WordPress hosting service, MediaTemple utilizes more than one world-class data centers in East and West Coast, and equips top tier server hardware to host all WordPress sites. As a result of that, the web host manages to keep 99.999% uptime.

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting for Individuals – Bluehost


Built on open source technology, Bluehost ( now becomes one of the largest providers of cloud-based online solutions. After discounting 50% off, its managed WordPress hosting starts at $12.49 for the first month, along with a 30 days money backup guarantee. Features included in Bluehost‘s prime plan are 2GB RAM, 5 managed WordPress sites, 100 million monthly visits, 30GB storage, 30GB backup, 1 IP address and etc.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Bluehost Managed WordPress
50% Off

Bluehost also utilizes revolutionary VPS technology added to its managed WordPress hosting, thus ensuring all WordPress sites can be beneficiary for high security, and extremely fast speed. To make it a breeze to run WordPress, Bluehost offers a custom-designed control panel, ManageWP, and MOJO marketplace to its clients.

With making use of the latest technologies within its privately owned data centers, Bluehost successfully maintains a 99.9% average uptime for all WordPress sites. It also integrates powerful SiteLock Security, advanced CDN and SiteLock WAF to secure them.

Best Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting – DreamHost

dreamhost logo--1

DreamHost just has an all-inclusive managed WordPress hosting plan, which is built on isolated private servers and combines PHP 5.5 with OPcache or HHVM, with the latest MySQL DB.

To reach best possible performance, DreamHost uses NVP in its OpenStack data center environment aside from deploying SSD technology within its high-end Dell servers. The web host also leases multiple world-class data centers in the world to accelerate managed WordPress hosting service delivery. All these have made a contribution to its 100% uptime guarantee.

DreamHost sets its price at $19.95/mo for annual terms, with 20% off regular price $24.95/mo. With this plan, customers can receive 30GB SSD storage, auto-scaling RAM, 2.1 million monthly visits, 1 dedicated IP, WP-CLI pre-installed, SFTP & FTP access, full shell w/Git available and automatic WordPress installation & updates.

DreamHost Promotion DreamHost Promotion
20% Off

Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

As the growth of WordPress sites and the increasing visitors arriving every day, people need more time and energy to focus on their websites or businesses instead of server logistics. Then managed WordPress hosting emerges as the times require.

Despite carrying a significant price premium, there are some key features adhere to managed WordPress hosting which make it a solid solution for a great number of web development professionals.

Faster Speed – Managed WordPress hosting servers are configured specially for WordPress, thereby it is blazing fast even when a website gets a lot of traffic in a short period;

Enhanced Security – A managed WordPress hosting provider always has very good security layer that actively scans for malware as well as block all hacking attempts;

Automatic Scalability – Managed WordPress hosts can scale the sites’ traffic automatically to serve thousands of simultaneous visitors thus avoiding the dreaded “Error Establishing a Database Connection” error message;

Comprehensive support – Managed WordPress hosts will employ experts in PHP, MySQL and WordPress itself. Due to that, their support teams can help people troubleshoot issues at any level of the websites’ software stack;

Updates and Backups – Managed WordPress hosts will be responsible for testing WordPress updates and automatically backup all WordPress sites each night. So, there is no need to worry about downtime or data loss.

Differences between Shared Web Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting?

Choosing the right hosting plan is significant for your future site functioning. Hosting plan may directly influence the amount of clients you will have, because if they are satisfied with the work of your site, they will trust you more. But how can you choose the right plan from all those plans that different hosting companies offer you? And what is the difference between shared hosting which is the cheapest and WordPress hosting that is quite expensive?

We understand that different hosting plans may have different influence on the functioning of our site. But unfortunately we usually do not understand what this influence is. Today we compare shared hosting and WordPress hosting to show you the difference.

What is shared Web Hosting?

Usually shared web hosting is the cheapest hosting option. It is so cheap, because the server that you host on is shared with the other sites. In addition, the price of shared hosting is lower due to the maintenance cost which is divided between the users. This hosting plan can be chosen by the people who are going to have a small website or a blog, because these sites can fit the limitations of this type of hosting. They include the limitations of disk storage space, CPU limitations and others.

Advantages of shared hosting

Shared hosting plan is the most affordable type of hosting. Its low price may be a decisive factor, when choosing a hosting plan.

As people who use a shared hosting plan share one server, they should be provided with good support. And in most cases hosting companies provide such support for shared hosting, so everyone can receive good support and have all the problems fixed as fast as possible.

Shared hosting plans are usually fully equipped and include all the necessary options such as a built-in c-Panel.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

Limitations are the main disadvantage of shared hosting. And if your site starts to receive higher level of traffic, it might perform worse.

Another disadvantage is security of such type of hosting. In the situation, when one site from the server experiences a breach, the other sites will more likely experience it too.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a specially designed hosting environment for hosting of sites made with the help of WordPress CMS (Content Management System). This hosting option let the user enhance the performance of their sites and get better uptime and page loading time.      This hosting plan suits people who have larger sites and need more resources.

Advantages of Managed WordPress hosting

One of the main advantages is its incredible speed. As WordPress hosting is carried out only for the sites that were made with the help of WordPress CMS, the performance of the sites with this hosting plan is much higher.

The support team of this hosting plan consists of the people who know everything about WordPress, and as a result, you can receive fast and competent help anytime you need it.

Another advantage is that the servers are always updated, and you can be sure that the best software possible is running your site.

The security of WordPress hosting is much better, because you do not have to share your server with someone else. To ensure safe functioning of the sites hosted, the servers are equipped with better security protocols.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting

The disadvantages of this type of hosting include impossibility to host the sites with other CMS, limitations on plugins can be used and its price which is higher than the price of a shared hosting plan.

So, shared hosting and WordPress hosting are two absolutely different types of hosting plans. They can be used for different kinds of sites. And to ensure your site works well, you should understand what kind of site you want to have, and only then choose a hosting plan that will meet all your requirements.

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