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MaxCDN Coupon

As a large distributed system of server deployment, CDN (Content Delivery Network) is to serve users with high performance and high availability. Now, the latest and exclusive MaxCDN Coupon is available to help customers purchase MaxCDN packages at affordable prices, or get free advanced and valuable add-ons.

About MaxCDN

Based in Los Angeles, California, MaxCDN ( is known as a leading content delivery network provider, and has been offering reliable CDN service since 2009. It not only maintains regional edge-servers, but also puts emphasis on reducing rich content delivery latency. MaxCDN designs and provides different custom solutions for different platforms and purposes.

MaxCDN Coupon

MaxCDN service is divided into multiple solutions based on contained bandwidth resource. These solutions are offered to ad networks, gaming, publishers and other uses. Generally, MaxCDN Coupon sets no limit, and it can be applied to all standard terms and conditions, and new MaxCDN customers only.

One Month Free

MaxCDN solutions contain different amounts of bandwidth resources, the more bandwidth they choose, the cheaper price they will get. Basically, MaxCDN service price starts from $0.02 per GB. Now, if new customers sign up with yearly agreement, then they enable to get a free month of bandwidth on MaxCDN.

Choosing MaxCDN Coupon, customers will get restful API, shared SSL, SNI SSL, instant purging, instant SSL, real-time reporting, security measures including 2-step authentication, IP whitelisting, detailed activity log, Hijack session alters and etc.

Up to Free $300 Add-On

MaxCDN has two flat-rate bandwidth packages: 10TB Global access – overages at $0.10/GB and 20TB US/EU access – overages at $0.05/GB. Through MaxCDN Coupon, customers who go with 12 month agreement can choose free $100 and $200 add-on respectively.

  • Free $100 add-on: single domain custom dedicated SSL or Raw logs to S3
  • Free $200 add-on: EdgeRules or Origin Shield

MaxCDN Origin Shield is a mid-tier caching layer that can be used for overload protection, efficient origin requests, better purging & provisioning, enhanced connections as well as automatic failover.

Also, EdgeRules provides customers with instant control over how their content is delivered. By using it, they could start with pre-made recipes, optimize origin server, customize asset delivery, security measures, and create separate caches for mobile and other devices.

If people now choose MaxCDN Coupon, they will get these valuable and great add-ons for totally free.

Redeem MaxCDN Coupon

MaxCDN also provides complete and friendly support service to maintain customer high satisfaction. For any question about this MaxCDN Coupon or its solutions, the 24/7 support team is available all the time, and can be easily and conveniently contacted through Live Chat, 1-on-1 Setup Call and Email.

MaxCDN is committed to helping content delivery faster and more reliable & secure, this MaxCDN Coupon not only delivers customers one month free discount, but also offers them free powerful add-ons.

Please visit: to know more about MaxCDN Coupon, and get the deal.

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