MaxCDN Review

maxcdnBased in Los Angeles, MaxCDN is a content delivery network (CDN) provider who is committed to reducing latency of rich-content delivery. According to the statics released by, MaxCDN ranks the fifth in CDN market-share, about 7.6%.

CDNs are a powerful tool for bloggers and webmasters to speed up their websites and reduce the strain on customers’ server by collecting static files, such as images, CCS, JavaScript across servers on the globe.

In this article, we will review MaxCDN from the main aspects, features, pricing and support to explain why this company is can be trusted by many CDN users.

MaxCDN Review on Features

Like many popular CDN providers, MaxCDN can also offer rich features for customers to backup their websites. We will introduce the main features in the following:

  • Edge Caching or HTTP Caching makes it possible for customers to handle any amount of traffic directly from the edge.
  • EdgeRules is powerful enough to help customers create rules to control TTL and request headers, get real-time actions and more.
  • MaxCDN customers can get API which let any third-party interact with its CDN from other application.
  • MaxCDN customers can get access to super simple control panel. By taking advantage of it, customers can easily manage their websites, data, files and more, even for a web hosting beginner.
  • In addition, it also offers Edge SSL to guarantee the solid security.
  • It is safe to say that customers can get access to high speed with MaxCDN. The company also promises that customers can use as much bandwidth as they need.

 MaxCDN Review on Price

priceMaxCDN provides customers with three different pricing levels to choose from, which are Standard, High Volume and Enterprise. And today we will focus on the Standard plan.

The Standard solutions contains 100GB, 500GB, 1TB and 5TB Monthly Plans and whose price is set at $9/mo, $39/mo, $79/mo and $299/mo respectively. Customers can freely choose the preferred one according to their own requirements.

By the way, MaxCDN customers can get two months for free.

MaxCDN Review on Support

supportMaxCDN is a reliable company that promises to offer industry-leading customer support to its customers.

If customers encounter some problems that they cannot solve by themselves, they can contact the supporting staffs via phone and live chat. The experts will help them find solutions as soon as possible. Moreover, FAQs (frequently asked questions) are also available for customers to settle their problems easily.

Furthermore, the company guarantees 30 day money back. Therefore, it will refund customers’ money if they are not satisfied with their service.


According to what we reviewed above, it is easy to see that MaxCDN customers can get rich features to help them run a successful website that has high speed. At the same time, the company also pays high attention to customer support. In this way, MaxCDN can be recommended for webmasters who pursue best performance.

For more details about MaxCDN, customers can visit By the way, if customers are eager to find more information about CDN, they can also check What Is CDN.



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