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MediaTemple Dedicated Server Review

mediatempleMediaTemple ( was founded in 1998 in Los Angeles. Since the establishment, the web host has set its ultimate goal to help web developers, designers, digital entrepreneurs and innovators bring their ideas to life online.

Up to now, MediaTemple has powered more than 1.5 million websites from 100 different countries on its premium web hosting and cloud services. Due to its excellent hosting services, MediaTemple has been repeatedly recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America.

Currently, MediaTemple has launched a wide range of hosting solutions, covering shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, WordPress hosting, as well as fully managed Cloud. In this article, we are going to center around its dedicated server service. By reviewing its plans & features, pricing, performance, plus customer service, we hope to bring a comprehensive overview of MediaTemple dedicated server for our readers.

MediaTemple Dedicated Server Review on Features

MediaTemple dedicated servers comes with three types – self managed, managed, and Fully Managed Dedicated. Every dedicated server at MediaTemple is a single-tenant box with 128GB of RAM, 1TB SSD storage, 10TB bandwidth each month, dual-socket based on Intel Xeon processors with multiple cores, unlimited domain hosting, flash-backed write-cache as well as battery-backed write-cache. However, there are differences, mainly in server administration, control panels and OS

Usually, the managed server is pre-installed with CentOS 6 operating system and offers customers cPanel or Parallels® Plesk Panel; the self-managed server allows customers to choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora for a barebones server. But customers will not get control panels. Signing up with self-managed plans, people can freely install and setup the stack above operating system in terms of their requirements.

And for people who go with MediaTemple Fully Managed Dedicated plan, they can receive all the same features as managed servers. In addition to that, they are also backed with MediaTemple CloudTech engineers, who responsively provide daily security scans, performance monitoring for 24 hours a day, analysis and consultations for performance, as well as other server administration issues.

Besides the above, MediaTemple also provides automated migrations from VPS to dedicated servers. That is, for people who are currently using MediaTemple VPS, they can easily scale up to any type of dedicated servers via the Account Center. Moreover, MediaTemple dedicated server are allowed to install a wide range of software. Take its Developer Dedicated plan as an example, customers can find that Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.5, PHP 5.4, Python 2.6, Ruby 1.8, Perl 5.10 and Postfix 2.8 are pre-installed on their dedicated servers.

MediaTemple Dedicated Server Review on Price

MediaTemple dedicated server starts from $2,000 to $2,500 per month. If people sign up with its 1-year plans, MediaTemple will give them a 10% discount at time of purchase and additional discounts apply for 2 or 3-year pre-payment.

MediaTemple Dedicated Server MediaTemple Dedicated Server
10% Off

Obviously, this price is little higher than expected. But, if considered that with each one of its dedicated server, customer can get 128 GB buffered DDR3 RAM, 1TB of all-SSD storage and many other industry-leading offerings, then the price will become reasonable.

And MediaTemple accepts diverse payment methods, including credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover) plus PayPal and wire transfer. For US customers, they can also pay by money order or check. Apart from that, MediaTemple offers each dedicated server customer a 7-Day money back guarantee to remove any financial risk from them.

MediaTemple Dedicated Server Review on Speed and Reliability

Uptime is a significant measure of server performance, which is defined as servers having power, connectivity to the Internet, and being responsive to a ping. To obtain customer trust, MediaTemple offers a 99.999% service uptime guarantee for all DV dedicated server clients. In any event that downtime exceeds 20 minutes in a particular month, customers can request a credit of 20% of their monthly hosting fees.

MediaTemple houses all dedicated servers in its secure, state-of-the-art East and West Coast data centers, both of which are certified Tier 3+. To maintain the best possible reliability, these centers are equipped with N+2 redundancy back power, N+2 redundant cooling system, 24/7 monitored fire suppression, 24” Maxcess raised floors, as well as 24/7 armed security.

To optimize the speed of websites, MediaTemple ensures all dedicated servers are backed by Hewlett-Packard Proliant servers with features like Intel Xeon processors, multiple cores,  and Kingston SSD storage.

Additionally, MediaTemple also has partnered with SiteLock to offer most advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology available. Its TrueSpeed™ CDN makes use of intelligent caching, content optimization, and a global network of secure data centers to make all sites load faster than ever. For people who need this service, they just need to pay extra $30/mo to receive it.

MediaTemple Dedicated Server Review on Customer Support

At MediaTemple, every dedicated server customer has access to its around-the-clock support. Whenever they need help, they can get their problems solved by communicating with MediaTemple’s support staffs via live chat, telephone, Twitter or support request. Alternatively, people can also find lots of helpful information in MediaTemple Community and the User Forums.

In addition, the Fully Managed Dedicated plan customers can benefit from its CloudTech Always-On premium support services.

The CloudTech engineering team provides these customers with 1:1 consultations to answer their questions and offer personal tutorials. The engineers are also responsible for installing and configuring a variety of web applications, themes, and plugins to simplify hosting experience for its customers. Beyond that, they can provide PHP module installation service, back up configuration and restoration and more for every Fully Managed Dedicated customer all the time.

Do We Recommend MediaTemple Dedicated Server?

Yes, of course. Though we know that the price of MediaTemple dedicated server is over budget for some people, we still hope to recommend it to personals or enterprises that large-database performance is critical to their business. MediaTemple dedicated server comes with three levels of management to meet different requirements, and includes rich advanced features allowing people to build professional and powerful websites. Other more, it promises a quite high uptime guarantee – 99.999%, which is rarely seen in the industry. People don’t need to worry anything about the speed and reliability of the sites with MediaTemple dedicated server solution.

If you are demanding for more information about MediaTemple, just visit to find out.

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