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MediaTemple Review

At present, more than 125,000 individuals and businesses have chosen MediaTemple to host their websites. Today, we will review MediaTemple from coupons, price value, reliability, usability and customer support aspects to explain why this company can be fully trusted.

Based in Culver city, California, MediaTemple (www.mediatemple.net) is a web hosting and cloud services provider, which focuses on web designers, developers, and small- to medium-size businesses. The company was founded by the former CEO Demain Sellfors and John Carey in 1998, and was acquired by GoDaddy in October 2013.

Products of MediaTemple include shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, managed cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and extras.

MediaTemple Special Coupon

MediaTemple gives special discounts to customers who pay by years. Taking its shared hosting as an example, we explain MediaTemple coupon as following:

The regular price of MediaTemple shared hosting starts at $30 per month. It’s a little bit high, however, if customers sign up annually, they can only pay $300 one year, namely $25/mo. Moreover, 2-year fees are $570/mo and 3-year costs are $810. In other words, customers will maximum save 25% off and only need to spend $22.5/mo at least on MediaTemple web hosting.

MediaTemple Promotion MediaTemple Promotion
25% Off

To be honest, it is good value for money.

MediaTemple Review on Price Value

The main hosting solutions available for customers at MediaTemple are Grid hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers, Managed hosting and more. Every package comes with rich features to support customers’ websites. We take its Grid hosting, namely its shared hosting, as an example in below.

The company designs the Grid to be one of the web’s first public cloud hosting platforms, making  MediaTemple customers  get access to some more powerful features for their websites, such as SSD for databases and files, managed services, and Goole Apps .

In addition, MediaTemple also supports multiple versions of PHP including version 7, FastCGI, Perl v5.10.1, Python v3.1.3, Apache 2.2.22, MySQL 5.6, Git, SVN 1.6.12, and more, which means it is really friendly to web developers.

Moreover, considering different demands, MediaTemple designs 3 packages based on Grid platform. The entry-level package Pro supports 10 websites hosted along with 20 GB SSD storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 2,000 GPU compute, 1 site with CDN, etc.

This package is billed at $30/mo while $22.5/mo is for customers who pay for 3 years. In addition, if people just need more storage, bandwidth and sites, they could buy booster packages from $30/mo.

mediatemple shared hosting features

Overall, MediaTemple hosting price is affordable when considering its rich features, high reliability and server performance. The company also offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, if they are not satisfied with the service, they can freely cancel their accounts within 30 days and get their money back.

MediaTemple Review on Reliability

MediaTemple has devoted itself to investing in advanced technologies and up-to-date facilities to guarantee customers excellent online environment.

MediaTemple ensures burstable resources for each account. More than that, it hosts each account across several servers to level up reliability. All MediaTemple servers are under direct control at all times in state of the art data centers.

The 2 data centers, both certified with Tier 3, are based respectively in the east coast and the west cost. Just taking a glance at specifics of the data centers, we see N+2 backup power, N+2 cooling systems, broad room for servers, etc. The 2 data centers are even connected to each other directly by a private fiber connection.

As to speed, we check out that MediaTemple takes following measures besides redundant premium network connections:

  • it utilizes SSDs, via which customers can have a fast loading speed.
  • The Grid includes the CloudFlare content delivery network, so that every visitor from everywhere could access websites hosted at MediaTemple fast.

Far more than above, MediaTemple servers has HP-certified engineers to make sure uptime, security, and speed every second and every minute.

With its efforts, customers are guaranteed with 99.999% network uptime and depend on MediaTemple to create over 1.5 million websites throughout the world.

MediaTemple Review on Ease-of-Use

MediaTemple web hosting is really easy-to-use. Especially most of its hosting services are fully managed. We also take its Grid hosting as an example to illustrate that.

The Grid hosting is fully managed. The host takes a lot of management  tasks, including OS updates, 1-click app installation, daily backups, malware scans, and DDoS protection. The latter 2 can help customers stop from hackers, botnets, and phishing scams.

Besides, MediaTemple also provides an easy-to-handle control panel to save customers’ time and energy. Via the control panel, MediaTemple customers will easily add new domain names to their accounts, add and manage email addresses across their domains, install apps as well as manage databases.

What’s more, the control panel is friendly to mobile devices, so that customers are able to log into their panels and manage tasks everywhere at any time.

Another trait as MediaTemple Ease-of-use is multiple payment options. In general, this company accepts PayPal and common credit cards. Other 3 manual payments including check, ACH as well as Wire Transfer are allowed too.

MediaTemple Review on customer Support

MediaTemple in-house experts can always help their customers handle their issues with patience, timeliness and dedication around the clock.

If customers have any problem that they are not able to resolve, MediaTemple technical support center is available for them to contact via chat, Twitter, phone, or support request. All of supporting representatives have years of web hosting experience so that they can offer useful assistance easily and quickly.

What’s more, customers can also get their problems resolved through self-help resources, like informative Knowledge Base and Forums. They can also check MediaTemple system status before stepping into find solutions.

MediaTemple, an Enterprise-Level PHP Hosting Provider

As a leading provider of PHP hosting for years, the company is able to offer customers many optimized features, including:

  • Apache 2.2.22, MySQL 5.6.x, PHP 5.6.x and even verison 7
  • 128 MB PHP memory limit that is enough to handle any PHP websites
  • suPHP that secures PHP based websites
  • A vast catalog of Managed Apps including WordPress

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MediaTemple WordPress hosting is built with speed and easy-to-used in mind. It is a great option for WordPress hosting customers.

MediaTemple WordPress Hosting Review on Reliability

Thanks to MediaTemple world-class hosting infrastructure, creative staffs, advanced technologies as well as new ideas, the company has the confidence to guarantee great performance to its WordPress hosting customers.

MediaTemple has optimized its hardware, software and network design for WordPress hosting. It uses load-balanced servers with SSD and multiple caching layers, which work perfect for busy and more responsive WordPress sites. Besides, this system could defense against hacks, botnets and phishing scams.  Together with MediaTemple 30 days backup snapshots, customers are free of worrying about their WordPress blogs.

MediaTemple WordPress Hosting Review on Customer Support

When it comes to MediaTemple customer support, it is famous for providing customers with world class award-winning WordPress hosting assistances.

At the company, there are some major methods available for customers to contact the support team, such as chat, phone, email and support request. The US-based technical support center owns bountiful WordPress hosting experience so that no matter what kind of way customers choose, they can help them find the answers to the questions quickly and smoothly.

In addition, customers can also find WordPress solutions by checking the Knowledge Base, or Forums.

MediaTemple WordPress hosting is Recommended

Based on what we analyzed above, it’s safe to recommend MediaTemple WordPress hosting as for rich features, high-performance reliability and dedicated customers support.


Is MediaTemple Recommended

From what we analyzed above, customers may have a clue about MediaTemple. It is safe to say that MediaTemple has the strength to offer website owners optimized features, 99.999% uptime and unprecedentedly fast speed, as well as top of the line customer support to its customers. Hence, we do recommend MediaTemple to businesses. Considering its high price, if you plan to build personal blog or family site, you can consider other cheap web hosting solutions instead of Mediatemple.

Looking for more information about MediaTemple and its hosting service, please visit http://mediatemple.net/.

mediatemple review

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