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MediaTemple VPS Hosting Review

Before going to review MediaTemple VPS hosting, we would like to give some backgrounds about this company – MediaTemple, so that readers will better learn about this product we introduce here. After the background, we will review MediaTemple VPS from features, performance, prices, and support. Please take a look now.

Who is MediaTemple

mediatempleMediaTemple (www.mediatemple.net) has been a fastest growing online service company in North America since 1998.

As a web hosting provider, MediaTemple offers almost all kinds of web hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. At present, MediaTemple manages over 1.5 million websites for 125 thousand customers around the world.

MediaTemple also has other online services for customers, such as domain name registration, SSL certificates, site building, CDN and much more.

What MediaTemple offers is not only massive but top notch. Since the inception, MediaTemple has been sticking to its mission to bring customers the best and help them succeed online.

MediaTemple VPS Hosting Review on Features

Different customers have different VPS demands. According to that, MediaTemple designs its VPS into many plans that are different on the server management, operating systems and server sizes. MediaTemple loads rich features on its VPS plans too, making its VPS finally best for developers, SMBs, and even large companies.

According to the managed level, MediaTemple VPS is divided into 3 main packages: self-managed VPS, managed VPS, and fully managed VPS. Each package has several plans for different demands as well.

To be specific, MediaTemple self-managed VPS comes with command lines for server management while the managed VPS gives people control panels. For fully managed VPS, SysAdmin will replace people to administrate servers, like updating the OS, installing applications, setting up plugins, etc.

In terms of the operating system, MediaTemple VPS hosting is based on Linux. But people have many options about OS. They can choose CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. For each OS, MediaTemple provides multiple versions as well.

To help readers learn what MediaTemple VPS offers, some features of MediaTemple self-managed VPS are listed out as following:

  • 2 GB to 64 GB RAM;
  • 20 – 50 GB SSD storage;
  • 2 TB to 8 TB bandwidth;
  • Perl, Python;
  • Full root access, SSH access;
  • Web-based Power Panel.

Note that MediaTemple currently gives double RAM to its SSD VPS hosting customers. So above RAM is from 2 to 64 GB instead of 1 to 32 GB previously.

Managed and fully managed VPS hosting packages contain more features. For example, MediaTemple managed VPS gives its customers cPanel or Parallels Plesk control panel. This package also has pre-installed features like Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.5, PHP 5.4, Ruby 1.8, Perl 5.1, Python 2.6, YUM package management, and so on if people pick CentOS 6 operating system.

MediaTemple VPS Hosting Review on Performance

mediatemple vps performanceMediaTemple VPS hosting has much reliable performance in the industry and features 99.999% uptime guarantee. With this guarantee, customers will get refunds if MediaTemple cannot meet its service standards.

For better performance, MediaTemple has 2 state of the art data centers to utilize for web hosting. They are respectively located in east and west coasts of America to be geographic complementary. The data center in El Segundo is a Tier 4 data center with specifications like:

  • Redundant commercial power from 2 different substations;
  • Self-owned N+1 continuous power supply units for MediaTemple server rooms;
  • Redundant standby generators and on-site fuel with 50 thousand gallons;
  • HVAC systems are composed of 5 chillers, 5 cooling towers, Computer Room Air Conditioner units, etc.
  • Advanced fire suppression system;
  • 24/7 security monitoring by HP-certified technicians.

Another data center is in Loudoun County, Virginia with Tier 3 level.

What’s more, MediaTemple takes advantage of the best servers and network to maintain high performance. Between the 2 data centers, there is a private fiber connection too.

MediaTemple VPS Hosting Review on Prices

MediaTemple supports people to pay its VPS by months or years. Longer billing cycles people pay for, fewer VPS hosting fees they will spend. The longest billing cycle of MediaTemple VPS is 3 years. Check how much 3 MediaTemple VPS packages charge as following.

The self-managed VPS starts at $30 per month under the monthly cycle. In terms of the 3-year cycle, MediaTemple self-managed VPS is billed from $810/3 years, namely $22.5/mo. Therefore, people will save 25% off by contracting with MediaTemple self-managed VPS for 3 years.

MediaTemple VPS Promotion MediaTemple VPS Promotion
25% Off

MediaTemple managed VPS is lowest at $55/mo if people pay for it by months. Similarly, they need to pay from $41.25/mo only if they choose a 3-year billing cycle. It is a 25% off discount as well.

MediaTemple fully managed VPS is billed from $249 each month. People can contact with MediaTemple sales staffs for a free price quote.

MediaTemple payment options are really diverse. To make a payment, MediaTemple VPS hosting customers can use credit cards, PayPal, PayPal eCheck, Money Order, Wire Transfer, or ACH.

MediaTemple VPS has money back guarantee in case someone wants to stop the services and ask for a refund after finish payments.

MediaTemple VPS Hosting Review on Customer Support

mediatemple supportHaving been in web hosting industry for 16 years, MediaTemple knows that some of its customers must encounter some problems when they build sites, blog, applications, etc. So, it gives first-class support for these people all the time.

This company publishes its VPS system status to people to check whether it is operational when their sites or applications encounter problems. If they still cannot diagnose problems, they can go to ask for MediaTemple help.

All of MediaTemple VPS customers will get 24/7 technical support via live chat, phone, and tweet. MediaTemple supporting staffs are experts to give quick, friendly and helpful response anytime. But if people buy MediaTemple fully managed VPS hosting, they will get priority response from MediaTemple support team.

In addition to that, MediaTemple has informative resources including web hosting guides, resources, tips, etc. Moreover, MediaTemple designs “Search” tool and topic categories for people to faster get what they really want from an ocean of articles.

A community is another place that MediaTemple provides for people to help themselves out of trouble. This community features “Search” function too. Besides, it has massive popular topics, FAQs, and solutions that users and developers submit.

MediaTemple VPS Hosting is one of Cheap VPS

To conclude, MediaTemple VPS is based on 2 Tier 3+ data centers in both coasts of America. 3 server managed options and many VPS plans allows customers to choose one that is the most suitable to their online projects. Moreover, MediaTemple VPS has more powerful features than other companies’ VPS. Even after the sale, this company still gives premium 24/7 support. Considering these traits of MediaTemple VPS, its prices from $30/mo is low, making MediaTemple VPS one of the Best Cheap VPS Hosting in the industry.

Please visit www.mediatemple.net or read our MediaTemple Review to learn more about this growing-fast company, MediaTemple.

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