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Midphase Cloud Hosting Review

midphase logoMidphase ( is a reputable web host who was founded in 1998. Since its inception, the company has been working tirelessly to improve the web hosting art. Its shared hosting and virtual private servers are so reliable that customers trust it. Besides, Midphase also offers reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers in the marketplace.

In the following article, we intend to review Midphase cloud hosting from features, prices, performance, and support service. We hope make a comprehensive analysis on it and help our readers know whether Midphase cloud hosting is reliable or not.

Midphase Cloud Hosting Review on Features

Midphase designs 4 levels of Linux cloud hosting, which are Starter, Standard, Advanced, and Professional respectively. All Midphase cloud hosting solutions are managed by the company, and different levels of cloud hosting are specific to different groups. We are going to introduce the 4 levels of cloud hosting one by one and define the target groups.

As for Starter cloud hosting plan, it comes with 20 GB of disk space, 1024 MB of RAM, 1.5 TB of data transfer, as well as 1.4 GHz CPU. Along with Starter plan, customers can get their website into cloud and benefit from dedicated resources. Its target group should be individuals and bloggers.

Standard cloud hosting plan includes 40 GB of disk space, 1524 MB of RAM, 3 TB of bandwidth as well as 2.8 GHz CPU. Comparing with Starter plan, it comes with relatively more resources. Therefore, it is better for growing businesses, which require ecommerce, databases and other applications.

midphase cloud hosting features

For Advanced cloud hosting plan, Midphase will offer customers 60 GB of disk space, 2268 MB of RAM, 4.5 TB of bandwidth, and 4.2 GHz CPU. Advanced cloud hosting at Midphase is designed for businesses as well, which allows customers to create and manage multiple sites with applications. It is also suitable for developers who are looking to test programs.

The final cloud hosting plan named Professional that includes much more resources than the other 3 plans. 90 GB of disk space, 3072 MB of RAM, 6.75 TB of bandwidth, and 6.3 GHz CPU are the main resources in the plan. This plan is for companies who are running multiple databases or application; resellers also can consider this plan because it allows creating and hosting multiple site and services.

Additionally, Midphase cloud hosting includes cPanel control panel. Combining with managed services, Midphase cloud hosting is simple and easy. cPanel with WHM 11.x demo, customers can manage and monitor everything related to their websites. In WHM control panel, Midphase offers free billing system, so that customers can track their clients and automatically bill them. Customers can check out its cPanel demo to learn more details.

Midphase cloud hosting features different amounts of resources and easy to use control panels. However, we cannot find other more features with its cloud hosting. So, let’s check its pricing to see whether it is cost effective.

Midphase Cloud Hosting Review on Pricing

Midphase is always regarded as an affordable web hosting solution provider, and its shared hosting and SSD VPS hosting are both cheap. However, when we look up its cloud hosting pricing & plans, we find that it is not very reasonable. The smallest one, which fits individuals and ordinary bloggers, charges at $49.99/mo. Even if customers buy yearly plan with 8% discounts, it still starts at $45.82/mo.

Midphase Cloud Hosting Midphase Cloud Hosting
8% Off

Besides, Midphase offers 30 days of money back guarantee, which can decrease the pressure of buying for customers, but we still cannot accept such high rates.

If customers want to check other special deals from Midphase, they can go to Midphase Coupon.

Midphase Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

Midphase cloud hosting now is covered by its 99.9% uptime guarantee. According to Midphase uptime SLA, if there is any downtime making the uptime under 99.9%, the company will reimburse customers 5% to 100% reimbursement, for every hour that customers’ websites are down. How does Midphase make it?

It is the supporting infrastructure and network making Midphase cloud hosting reliable. It is selective in deciding which location customers’ cloud hosting should be, for the fast website response time.

Midphase uses the data center located in Salt Lake City. FEMA’s National Emergency Management Information System outlines the data center as a designated disaster-safe zone. Besides, the data center is the Tier 3 data center, so that it can offer customers higher-level security as the major banks and financial institutions expect.

Here we will introduce some detailed features about this data center. It is built with 30” raised floor, redundant power systems, and advanced cold row cooling. It uses multiple network carriers to provide unsurpassed reliability; on-site engineers monitor the network and provide assistance for customers; optional firewall, data backups, VESDA detection, as well as security & digital video surveillance are set up for security.

From the detailed information of the data center, we believe that Midphase works hard to maintain an optimal hosting environment for cloud hosting.

Midphase Cloud Hosting Review on Support Service

As we mentioned in feature review, Midphase cloud hosting is managed. The company will take responsibility for everything pre-installed on cloud server, which are operating system, cPanel control panel, and some other core software.

In addition to that, Midphase also provides customers with 24/7 technical support. Its professional staffs will be standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, waiting for offer a hand to customers. So, they can feel free to bother Midphase support staffs via email, phone, live chat and ticket. All these ways are easy to get and quick to get answer.

Midphase knowledge base at the help center section includes all general technical information, which can help customers a lot.


In conclusion, after reviewing Midphase cloud hosting from 4 angles, we know that it is a reliable web hosting for its supporting data center and network, and its support service is great as well. However, its features and pricing are not ideal for most customers. High rates come with entry-level resources and features, making us feel unreasonable. Therefore, we do not recommend Midphase cloud hosting.

Here we have a great alternative, which is DigitalOcean who is a cloud hosting specialist. Its cloud hosting includes SSD supporting and scalable features. 99.99% uptime guarantee and the same excellent support service make it more reliable. Plus low starting pricing at $5/mo and flexible billing with hourly rate, we recommend DigitalOcean for developers.

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