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Midphase Dedicated Server Review

In the post below, we intend to pay attention to Midphase dedicated server solutions, since we found that Midphase is a reliable, cheap web hosting company. This comprehensive review will include the review on dedicated server features, pricing, performance, and support service. By reading it, our readers will get a better understanding about Midphase dedicated server.

About Midphase

midphase logoMidphase ( was founded in 1998, born with the goal of assisting businesses and individuals succeed online. By far, due to premium hosting solutions and responsive service, it has survived in the industry for almost 18 years.

Currently, Midphase has become an outstanding brand of the UK2 Group. As for its offering line, besides domain names, website builder, and SEO services, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers are also its major products. Now, let’s reveal its dedicated server features together!

Midphase Dedicated Server Review on Features

Midphase dedicated servers are distinguished based on the types of CPU. There are 6 packages in all, namely from D1 to D6. Besides the different threads, each package also comes with the different server features and hardware support, so that Midphase can easily use its dedicated server to satisfy different groups of customers according to their needs.

To be more specific, each package includes some basic feature for customer to start their dedicated server plan. Taking the entry-level package, D1, as our instance, we find that this package comes along with E3-1239 CPU at the speed of 3.4GHz, 4 cores (8 threads), 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, 1 TB of SATA storage, 2 TB of Bandwidth, as well as 1 Gbps of connectivity. This entry-level package is a great way to get stated, or to move from shared hosting.

As for the biggest one, D6, it includes 2 E5-2650V3 CPU at 2 x 2.3 GHz, 2 x20 threads, 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, 4 HDD drives with each 4 TB of SATA space, 100 TB of bandwidth, and the same 1 Gbps connectivity. This big plan is the high-end dedicated server solution at Midphase, which can make the world know customers’ business.

midphase dedicated server features

Besides, Midphase provides each customer with some other features. By default, each dedicated server package include IPv4 address, but customers can add more as they need. On request, Midphase even provides customers with free IPv6 addresses.

In addition to that, Midphase dedicated server enables customers to control and manage their server with Root/Admin as well as IPMI access. Midphase takes them as the standard features in each package, so that customers can build their sites and control their server as they like.

With Midphase control panel, customers can make some important decisions such as reboots, reimaging, and other things related to control panel. Customers can feel free to do this, because Midphase has advanced technologies to support them and give them the power.

What’s more, just like many other dedicated server providers, Midphase also provides many extras and add-ons, which can either enhance the control power for customers with cPanel option, or give more power to customers’ server with more resource options, such as additional SATA HD storage and SSD HD storage.


Midphase Dedicated Server Review on Pricing

Midphase dedicated server is also affordable. Regularly, Midphase dedicated server starts from $78/mo, which comes with 1 E3-1230 CPU, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, 1 TB of storage, and 2 TB of bandwidth.

However, recently, the company offers different discounts on each dedicated server. These spring savings can help customers lower costs. As for the package D1, it includes the 10% discount. Namely, customers can get this package by paying $70.2/mo, rather than $78/mo. If customers choose bigger plans, they can get more discounts, which is up to 60%.

Midphase Dedicated Server Midphase Dedicated Server
60% Off

To claim Midphase dedicated server coupon, customers need to sign up with the yearly billing contract. And to get more information about Midphase promotions, customers can check out Midphase Coupon.

Midphase Dedicated Server Review on Performance

Midphase guarantees that customers’ dedicated server hosting can be only as good as its supporting infrastructure and network. With over 15 years in the business, Midphase has enough expertise to maintain a secure, constant, and instant connection for customers’ sites.

It has carefully chosen the best optimal location for their server and livelihood. Its infrastructure is designed with web server reliability. So, it has a reliable and affordable dedicated hosting platform which is consistently recognized by many organizations around the world.

Midphase hosts dedicated server in a Tier 3 data center, which is well-designed and well-equipped. For power features, all dedicated servers are supported by N + 1 standard with multiple generators, UPS battery backup, redundant main power sources, and multi day fuel reserves.

For climate environment control, Midphase maintains an optimal ambient environment, which is kept by Stuhl air conditioning units, and advanced canopy cold row cooling. All cooling equipment is N+1 standard, too.

About network, Midphase supports premium Cisco network infrastructure, which can ensure that customers get the best possible networking experience at Midphase. Besides, other equipment and facilities are all N+1 standard. So, customers can get the top speed with 1 Gbps of connectivity.

Security is the last thing we want to talk about. Midphase’s infrastructure is a disaster safe data center. Besides raised floor, it has digital video surveillance, biometric access, and round-the-clock NOC support.

Midphase Dedicated Server Review on Support Service

In terms of support service at Midphase, customers can get its considerate support service. Its experience experts are always standby for their questions. Whenever they have issues related to hardware, network, or security, they can chat with Midphase support team members online, call them, or submit tickets for help.

Other more, when customers need to promote themselves by learning, Midphase online resources include many helpful articles and tutorials at Midphase help center. Customers can go there searching for answers.


According to the in-depth review, we understand that Midphase is really a reliable web hosting provider. Its dedicated servers come with powerful control and flexible configurations. Along with the spring saving discounts, Midphase dedicated server is affordable. So, it is a cost effective dedicated server solution provider. Considering its infrastructure and support service, we think Midphase dedicated server is a good alternative for business website owners.

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