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Midphase Reseller Hosting Review

It is well-known that to be a good reseller is easier than to be a reliable web hosting company. A web hosting company has to specialize in hosting and technologies to maintain its servers and hosted websites, while a reseller just need to buy reseller hosting packages and then sell them out, rather than to have good knowledge of computer science and technology. At present, such a convenient way to make profits gradually becomes popular in the industry.

Midphase is famous for providing cheap hosting. In below, we would like to analyze its reseller hosting from price value, performance and support, to help people find out whether Midphase is an affordable and reliable reseller hosting provider or not.

About Midphase

midphase 220Since its inception in 1998, Midphase ( has become one of the most popular web hosts. In 2007, Midphase became a part of UK2 Group, a large global Internet service provider.

By far, Midphase has been providing cheap but reliable hosting services to individuals and small businesses, such as shared hosting, domains, SSD VPS & cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and much more. With fast growing, Midphase has served millions of customers.

Midphase Reseller Hosting Review on Price Value

At Midphase, there are four reseller hosting packages. Here we will list some features for customers in below.

Midphase four reseller hosting packages are Basic, Plus, Pro and Max plans. Firstly let us pay attention to the basic features. At least 50 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, 1 dedicated IPs, and unlimited MySQL databases are all core features of Midphase reseller hosting.

As for premium and advanced features of Midphase reseller hosting, SSH access, shared secure certificate, and 10 dedicated SSLs are contained. Midphase reseller hosting supports multiple scripts which are PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl-CGI, and Server Side Includes. Besides, web database manager with pre-installed phpMyAdmin, and web-based file manager also come to resellers.

In addition, Midphase provides many management tools to resellers. For example, its resellers can get WHM 11.x control panel, thereby resellers can manage their customers’ websites, password, packages and more at anytime. And via the free billing system, resellers can easily track their clients and bill them. As for resellers’ customers, Midphase offers cPanel 11.x for them, which allows resellers’ clients to manage their websites, emails, files, and so on.

What’s more, Midphase provides white labeled hosting and custom DNS. It means that resellers can label their brands and business, and it will be good at building trust to their own customers.

Meanwhile, Midphase also offers many useful tools and services to help resellers start their business easily. Softaculous can make them set up websites through just 1 click; instant account activation means resellers will not wait so long to start; free site transfer via Quick Switch can save lots of problems for resellers; website builder tools and CMS can help resellers design their pages more conveniently.

After listing so many features, we will reveal Midphase reseller hosting prices to show whether it is affordable or not.

Midphase allows 1 month, 3 months and 1 year billing terms. If customers purchase monthly term, 4 Midphase reseller hosting packages regularly start from $24.95/mo, $34.95/mo, $49.95/mo and $74.95/mo respectively. But if they choose annually terms, they can get up to 10% off discounts. Thereby, the 4 packages are $22.46/mo, $31.46/mo, $44.96/mo and $67.46/mo respectively.

Midphase Reseller Hosting Midphase Reseller Hosting
10% Off

We can see its prices are still affordable, and Basic and Plus remain high price value.

Midphase Reseller Hosting Review on Performance

Midphase understands the uptime should a prior factor for performance, and promises 99% uptime guarantee. In below, we will focus on Midphase data center, network and hardware. Midphase Salt Lake based data center is equipped with redundant power supply. For example, spare generators and fuel are stored on site. What’s more, to keep a stable hosting environment, the data center is set up advanced cooling system. Lighting is redundant as well.

Moreover, for maintaining routine, the data center requires zero routine shutdowns. Meanwhile, redundant network carriers, multiple network fiber and SAS 70 compliant connection provide excellent reliability.

Midphase data center is Tier 3, which can provide a high level of security. And its data center is built in a disaster-safe area according to the outline by Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition to that, the data center is designed on 30″ raised floor. Managed firewall, nightly data backups, 24×7 VESDA smoke detection, security and video surveillance, as well as on-site technical staffs ensure the data center to keep security.

Redundant power resources, reliable network and careful security measures all work together to provide customers with premium performance.

Midphase Reseller Hosting Review on Customer Support

Midphase also guarantees 100% satisfaction and support time. At Midphase, customers can receive support from skilled and experienced technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If customers are trapped by any trouble, they can directly contact Midphase support experts through phone call, email and live chat. If they need information for dealing with problems by themselves, they can also go to Midphase support center searching related articles.

Is Midphase a Good Choice for Resellers?

According to the comment above, Midphase reseller hosting contains a wide range of features and Midphase guarantees high performance and convenient support. Although Midphase does no promote and guarantee money back on reseller hosting services, its prices, especially Basic and Plus, are still affordable. Therefore, we still think Midphase reseller hosting is a good alternative for individuals or small businesses.

For more information about Midphase or its reseller hosting, please go to

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