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Midphase SSD VPS Review

Currently, more and more people are ambitious to evolve in blogging or ecommerce, and some people are running modern business needing the assistance from web hosting industry. As for us, our job is to review and recommend the best but cheap web hosting service for customers with their specific needs. To get more chances, speed is important; therefore, today we are going to analyze Midphase SSD VPS for individuals, small businesses to large enterprises.

midphase logoMidphase (www.midphase.com) is a good shared hosting and reseller hosting provider. With fast growing, the company now has ability to offer all size of web hosting solutions, of course including SSD VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. Based on rock solid infrastructure, its employees have built a good reputation for Midphase in the industry.

This review will go with 4 parts, focusing on Midphase SSD VPS price value, performance, usability, and customer support. From these detailed review, we are to try best to show customers why we are confident to recommend Midphase SSD VPS for individuals, small to large-sized businesses.

Midphase SSD VPS Review on Price Value

Midphase is always trusted by a wide range of webmasters because it can provide cost effective web hosting solutions with satisfying performance and customer support. Different from its shared hosting, Midphase SSD VPS includes 5 flexible plans coming with different server features.

The entry-level SSD VPS includes 4 cores CPU, 25 GB disk space, 1 GB memory, and 3 TB bandwidth. These server features can support simple website, simple test environment, and secondary nameservers. To satisfy more customers, Midphase has bigger SSD VPS solutions.

midphase SSD VPS features

For business websites, the other 4 bigger solutions coming with following resources:

  • RAM from 2 GB to 16 GB;
  • SSD disk space from 50 GB to 400 GB;
  • Bandwidth from 4 TB to 7 TB;
  • All the same 4 core CPU

With these resources, customers can install and run any application they like, such as WordPress, Drupal, and other complex applications, or they can manage forums, busy website and web shops.

The rate of Midphase SSD VPS normally start at $12/mo, but now the company offers special coupons, making customers save around 12% to 33%. As for entry-level SSD VPS, now it only charges at $8/mo; as for other higher plans, they all include 33% discounts and start at $16/mo, instead of $24/mo.

Midphase SSD VPS Midphase SSD VPS
33% Off

Midphase is so kind to offer SSD VPS customers with a user friendly 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If canceling within the 30 days from their signup, they can receive a refund from Midphase to reduce their loss as much as possible.

Due to wide payment methods Midphase receives, customers can buy it via PayPal or other major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as Discover.

Midphase SSD VPS Review on Performance

Midphase makes great efforts on data center infrastructure, server hardware, and network infrastructure. Midphase tries its best to deliver top speed with 99.9% up time guarantee for customers with SSD disks, premium data centers, and excellent Cisco-powered network.

To be more specific, in terms of SSD servers, Midphase will provides 1 free IPv4 address, and its SSD servers include redundant power supplies and ECC RAM. The SSD drives are from the global brand, Samsung, so the quality is ensured.

As for data centers, the first guarantee is of course the power. The company uses UPS as well as adequate backup generators to implement the immediate power failover. Besides, the whole data center is equipped with N+1 cooling system, which combines with power system, making sure all servers are working in stable and secure environment.

For a premium data center, security is a section all hosts cannot ignore, so does Midphase. The company uses the data center with SAS 70 compliant, providing high level of security. Besides 30” raised floor, there are VESDA smoke detection, video surveillance, and 24/7 security monitoring by staffs.

Additionally, network is related to the speed of website and hosting. Midphase not only uses advanced SSD drives, but also builds a premium network platform. The company can support more than 200 Gbit of capacity on a global network. Its N+1 network includes Cisco powered platform with Cisco Rack Switches and 1 Gbit Hypervisor uplink.

Midphase SSD VPS Review on Usability

Midphase SSD VPS is flexible. When customers click into the page of it, they can clearly see which package is the most suitable one for them, because the company is careful to create a slider showing the amount of resources, pricing, and the basic suggestions for each package. Such considerate design can make customers save a lot of time on choosing.

Midphase SSD VPS is OS tailoring. Customers can nip or tuck their OS as the way they want, and they can choose from various templates. There are paid cPanel and Windows, free WordPress or LAMP stacks.

As for control, customers can back up and reboot all from their control panel. Even better, customers can set their server to autopilot when they need to concentrate on their business as usual.

Besides, the company also accepts diverse payment methods. So customer can use PayPal, or they can choose one of the major credit cards, such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Midphase SSD VPS Review on Customer Support

Midphase provides customers with around-the-clock helping hands. Its customer support is available at any time. Customers can choose how to get in touch with Midphase. Phone call, live chat and ticket are all included.

In addition to that, if customers have any questions they want to find the answers by themselves, they can visit Midphase help center, and search at knowledge base or check its popular questions & answers.


After we finished the analysis on Midphase SSD VPS, we believe our readers can understand why we recommend Midphase SSD VPS for them. It is really a considerate and cost effective VPS solution. Although SSD drives are included, it still starts at low prices. Each package is specifically designed for target customers to meet different sizes of business better. Plus fast performance with responsive support, we of course strongly recommend Midphase SSD VPS for individuals and all kinds of business.

For more information, please visit www.midphase.com.

midphase ssd vps

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