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Advantages of a Mobile-Optimised Website

No-one knowingly walks away from a pile of money to which they could have access. But lots of local businesses are neglecting opportunities to make as much profit as possible from the products or services they already sell. So how does this concept fit in with mobile websites? If you have a smartphone, and lots of people do, you will know that it’s good for much more than texting your friends while you’re on the move. How often do you go to someone’s website on your phone? You may think “not very often”, but you could be surprised when you really analyze closely various benefits of mobile optimized website. It’s probably a lot more than you thought.

You might find yourself using your smartphone to

  • Get directions
  • Find stores or restaurants nearby
  • Play games while waiting for something
  • Connect with social media

And that’s just for starters. Mobile technology has changed internet usage forever, the big advantage that smartphones bring to marketing is that it is no longer necessary to be physically connected to a plug-in source of electricity on the way that a normal PC has to be connected.

As the use of smartphones and tablets have increased drastically, millions of online shoppers have switched on from the desktops to the portable devices. Rather than spending hours in front of PCs, people find it more comfortable to look for desired products in online stores through their smartphones. In such a market situation, the need for a mobile-optimized website or responsive website design has enhanced immensely.

That said, if you own a commercial website, it’s time to adapt mobile marketing strategies. Although the mobile optimized website is a totally different story from a traditional website, offering a mobile-friendly website to prospective users gives you an unparalleled advantage over your competitors. If your business is not showing in local searches with a mobile optimized website, you are at a distinct disadvantage. 80% of people research online before purchasing, even many of them ultimately purchase offline. A mobile optimized website is essentially your company’s website optimized for viewing on a mobile device.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive design and planned layout:

As the screen size of smartphones differ, responsive design allows a website to fit automatically to different screens perfectly. A mobile optimized website adjusts in every device so that its content can be accessed conveniently.

Apart from this, your site’s mobile version should have a planned layout; i.e. there must be minimum pages (only the important ones) and a simplified design. For example, your website must have blank or white space that separates two products. Offering a cluttered website in small devices confuses the users and reduces your chances of converting traffic into leads.

Easy Navigation:

The navigation procedure of your mobile website must be as simplified as it can be. Not only a simple application takes less time and effort, but also it is easier to use. Offering a simple sitemap in the homepage is an efficient idea, as users can easily direct into the page they’re searching. Also, you should avoid pop-ups because it distracts as well as annoys the prospective customers.

Ask for minimum Typing-work:

Many people, mainly who are not familiar with QWERTY keyboards in phones, find it difficult to express their desires. Hence, you should offer drop down menu or checklists so that they can simply tap on the relevant option. This would save their time as well as efforts in searching for a product.

Here are some of the advantages of having your website optimized for mobile:

  • A mobile optimized website is a simple transfer of the information and content (or part of it) of your website to enable mobile user accessibility. Because the information and logic is already there, (you are not creating anything new or any extended functionality) mobile websites can be very inexpensive to build.
  • Benefits of mobile optimized website include smaller companies the opportunity to take advantage of the increase in mobile search.
  • User experience is greatly improved as web page logic is optimized for viewing on a mobile device.
  • If your website is built in flash, then it will not be viewable at all by Apple device users – a mobile optimised website will increase your company’s visibility for Apple users.

So, you don’t have a big enough budget to crack into the mobile application market with any success and your customers are primarily local, your current web analytics show that our mobile is a good source of traffic for your current website. In this case users are already finding your company’s website via mobile search. A well designed mobile optimised website would provide current and potential customers a better user experience and overall opinion of the company.

People are relying on their mobile devices and less on their PC’s. You may not be one of them. That makes it all the more important that local businesses realize that these devices are evolving and getting smarter all the time. Those businesses who take note and position their marketing at to take full advantage of this unstoppable trend by creating mobile versions of their websites will benefit from the profits to be made.

The dangers of not keeping up with technology

Even if you don’t have a mobile phone yourself, whatever you cannot ignore benefits of mobile optimized website and the vast market that even now is threatening to overtake internet access via computer. Just think about all the millions of mobile phone users who are giving up their personal computer time and replacing it with accessing the internet via their mobile phone. And don’t forget it’s not just mobile phones a business has to cater for. People are accessing the net from their iPads, PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant) and other portable devices.

Everyone is using some sort of wireless device, especially among the younger generation, and, as we said, these devices are increasingly replacing accessing the internet from a PC. A recent survey of college students showed that over 62% spent more time accessing the web via their mobile devices (especially iPhones) than they did using PC’s or Macs. One student said “I’d be totally lost without my iPhone!”

If a business fails to consider this, it could mean that it is ignoring a huge number of its potential customers. That number will only increase in the future. So, if we could tell a local business just one thing, it would be “Get a mobile version of your website today!”

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