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MochaHost Reseller Hosting Review

Nowadays, to become a web host is very easy, because many strong web hosting providers push out reseller hosting solutions in the marketing. People who like to be a web hosting provider but lack funds to start can just buy reseller hosting packages and reset the resources for their own customers. It is a simple and quick way for those persons to get up.

In the following article, we are going to introduce a reseller hosting provider MochaHost, and analyze its reseller hosting from price value, performance and support service. Via this review, readers may understand whether MochaHost is a good reseller hosting provider or not.

Who is MochaHost?

mochahost logo 3Since its foundation in 2002, MochaHost ( has been focusing on providing professional and cheap web hosting for customers. Its special lifetime discounts guarantees are the key factor that customers trust it.

Besides shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting based on Linux and Windows, MochaHost also offers domain name registrations, website builder, marketing tools, etc. Is MochaHost reseller hosting trustable and affordable? Let’s reveal the answer together!

MochaHost Reseller Hosting Price Value Review

MochaHost offers 9 different reseller hosting packages based on both Windows and Linux OS built in shared server environment, VPS server environment and dedicated cloud environment respectively. Mocha2, Espresso, and Latte are the 3 packages built in shared hosting environment. To make it easy to understand, we are going to mainly detail its Linux reseller hosting based on shared hosting.

These 3 MochaHost reseller hosting packages go with different disk space, which are 25 GB, 35 GB and 55 GB. Each reseller hosting can support unlimited users with unlimited domain names, plus one free domain registration for lifetime and free domain reseller account. Besides, customers can receive unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited email boxes, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL data bases, as well as 1 free static IP address.

mochahost reseller hosting

Furthermore, MochaHost reseller hosting contains many advanced features. PHP support includes the latest version of PHP; advanced PHP selector supporting multiple languages is also included now. MochaHost takes security seriously. SNP support, private SSL support, 2 free private DNS servers, RAID 0 server disk protection and PCI scanning are included in packages.

To assist customers expand their business, MochaHost reseller hosting also includes free SEO tools, search engine submission, $100 Google AdWords free credits, a $500 value of social bundle,  newsletter and email apps to bring more traffic for their site; customers’ users can get these features as well. Free Geteway/Merchant account and trust seals can increase their conversation rate and sales.

MochaHost reseller hosting is user-friendly. The company provides free setup, free transfer assistance, and site builder, making customers get up and run their business as soon as possible. Besides, all customers can get the most popular control panel, cPanel/WHM, helping them manage their site and business well.

In terms of pricing, MochaHost Linux reseller hosting based on shared hosting starts from $13.95/mo, but after cutting 15% from the normal pricing, it will start at $9.87/mo. This discount is special to initial contract.

MochaHost Reseller Hosting MochaHost Reseller Hosting
15% Off

More than that, MochaHost designs two ways to reduce customers’ risks. The first is 180 Days Risk Free, meaning customers can receive a refund if they cancel their account within the first 180 days. The other is 30 Days of Money Back Guarantee. Customers can get a full refund if they cancel their account during the first 30 days. So, if customers decide to stop this service, the two options are available, and they need to choose from the two options to protect their money.

MochaHost Reseller Hosting Speed & Reliability Review

MochaHost reseller hosting includes 100% network & server uptime guarantee as well as lightning fast guarantee. It is seldom to see that hosting companies offer a site performance guarantee in shared hosting environment. Hardware technologies and proprietary software with advanced system administration techniques ensure MochaHost to provide faster and smoother load.

One of the technologies MochaHost applies is load protection. It can protect server’s most important resources like CPU and memory, and protect against peak loads or malicious activities in real time. Load Protection ensures MochaHost shared hosting will never go down for high CPU and memory usage. The other is SSD technology. MochaHost uses premium SAN storage with powerful SSD caching. Server disk protection backs up SAN storage enhancing server availability.

Besides, MochaHost uses premium data centers and hardware to guarantee high reliability and fast speed. MochaHost utilizes the most advanced data centers in the US, which are SAS 70 type II certified, covering 485,000 sq. ft of space and supporting 18.2 MW critical loads. These data centers are all equipped with UPS, 32 diesel backup power generators and 50,000 gallons of fuel on site that can support 3 days. Redundant power equipment guarantees stable power supply.

As for network, 7 Tier 1 telecom providers with redundant private peering arrangements allow MochaHost to provide over 250 Gbps of transit as well as peering capacity. Its world-class network includes these key features: Cisco, Juniper and Foundry hardware, DDoS mitigation, more than 40 cores dedicated IP POPs, redundant HA network architecture, etc.

As to servers, MochaHost is a green web hosting, so the company uses the fastest and the latest Intel CPUs, with more than 256 GB of memory and Cisco protection, guaranteeing the plenty of resources and better security for customers.

MochaHost Reseller Hosting Support Service Review

MochaHost receives Best Host of 2016 Award, so its customers support is of course very good. MochaHost provides 24 X 7 customer service and support, which owes to its well-trained and experienced technicians and support team.

In MochaHost support section, we can find several methods to contact its staffs, such as ticket, and live chat. Whenever customers need help, they can get in touch with MochaHost via these ways.

Besides, MochaHost prepares knowledge base, online forums and online step-by-step tutorials. Customers can use these resources for learning or solving problems by themselves.


From the analysis about MochaHost reseller hosting above, we learn that MochaHost offers diverse reseller hosting solutions based on different platforms and environments. It contains many easy-to-use tools and features helping customers start web hosting provision business. Considering its affordable pricing and perfect performance, we believe MochaHost is a reliable reseller hosting provider.

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