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MochaHost Review

mochahost review

In below MochaHost Review, we will make a comprehensive analysis from coupons, price value, speed and uptime, usability as well as customer support to draw the conclusion.

Founded in 2002, MochaHost (www.mochahost.com)  is a US-based green web hosting provider located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Besides professional hosting based on both Linux and Windows, the company also provides domains, web design, marketing, and other related services. However, is it a reliable web hosting provider in the industry?  Let’s check out together.

MochaHost Special Coupon

In order to widely promote its service, MochaHost always offers different discounts for different services for good. Currently, instead of the regular price, $3.95/mo, the price of MochaHost hosting starts at $1.95/mo, about a 50% off. There is no doubt that this price is really low compared with other web hosting providers.

MochaHost $1.95 Promotion MochaHost $1.95 Promotion
50% Off

What’s more, MochaHost has LifeTime Discount Guarantee so that customers will get the same or less pricing when they renew accounts. Simply put, supposed that customers buy MochaHost $1.95/mo hosting, then they need to pay $1.95/mo only when they renew their contracts after 3 years.

The guarantee applies to shared hosting, Private Tomcat and Easy SiteBuilder based on 3-year contracts. MochaHost VPS and dedicated Cloud with 2 or 3 years also are guaranteed with LifeTime Discount.

MochaHost Review on Price Value

MochaHost provides shared hosting, VPS and dedicated cloud with Linux and Windows options. Just the Linux shared hosting has three hosting packages for customers to choose, namely Soho, Business and Mocha, and each of them comes with essential features for customers.

The entry plan, Soho contains 1 website, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited disk space, RAID 10 protection, unlimited email accounts, 50 MySQL databases,  and $100 Google Adwords Credit. It also supports multiple versions of PHP, such as PHP 5.6, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.2, advanced PHP Selector, a free shared SSL and more.

Soho does not include free domain name for customers, while Business and Mocha both offer one free domain name for good to customers. Additionally, Business and Mocha also provide Python v 2.7, Perl, Ruby, django, SVN, MySQL remote access, website builder, WordPress optimized, etc.

PriceCutWe are delighted to tell customers that the price of MochaHost hosting is very competitive. Above Soho package is lowest at $1.95/mo while Business is $2.45 and Mocha is $6.21/mo. Moreover, all 3 prices are guaranteed with LifeTime Discount.

Besides, the company promises to guarantee 180 Day Money Back, which means that if customers intend to stop their service, they can cancel it and get full refund within the first 30 days except the fees of domain, private SSL, and more. If customers want to cancel their accounts within 180 days, the company will refund them the prorated money too.

MochaHost ASP.NET Hosting Feature Review

MochaHost is reputable company in the industry. With 14 years of experience, MochaHost now can provide professional grade Windows web hosting to developers, businesses, and organizations around the world.

MochaHost now launches 3 ASP.NET hosting plans which are Soho, Business, and Mocha. The three ultra-fast Windows web hosting are all equipped with the latest ASP.NET support that include ASP.NET 1/2/3/3.5/4 & 4.5.2. The company also provides the latest operating system, Windows Server 2012.

As to package features, MochaHost provides generous resources for all customers. Basically, its ASP.NET hosting includes unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited disk space, 1 website, unlimited sub domains, webmail (SmarterMail), and unlimited email boxes. Besides, there is 200 MB of site memory allocation, which is reserved for customers’ ASP.NET dedicated app pool.

mochahost asp features

In terms of advanced features, the entry-level ASP.NET hosting plan also contains 10 MSSQL/ MySQL databases with 200 MB of databases size, MSSQL version 2008 R2, MSSQL Web Admin, myLittleAdmin, MS ACCESS support, multiple PHP versions, domain privacy, Microsoft WebMatrix, and free shared SSL (128 bit). More than 36 website applications and $100 Google AdWords free credits also come to customers.

What we talked above is the features of MochaHost smallest ASP.NET hosting plan, which is ideal for small business websites and small blogs. The other two plans come with more and better features for bigger business websites and high traffic websites.

The other two plans have more site memory allocation, IIS 8.0, unlimited MS SL /MySQL databases, unlimited database size, MS SQL version 2012, MS SQL/MySQL triggers, free SSL (256 bit), free static IPs, Gateway/Merchant account, trust seals, PCI scanning, and search engine submission. So many amazing features included make them more ideal for business websites and higher traffic websites.

About usage, MochaHost also takes it into consideration. Customers can get free and easy to use website builder, which comes with more than 500 templates. They can even get a custom design package if they sign up with that option. Besides, WebSitePanel control panel and 1 lifetime free domain name can both help customers get started easier.

MochaHost Review on Speed and Uptime

Like some reliable web hosting companies, Bisend, Inmotion Hosting, and BlueHost, MochaHost also tries to provide customers with the fast access time, reliability, and disaster recovery. And it makes 100% uptime guarantee.

The company takes advantage of the most advanced data centers located in Chicago, Illinois, covering 485, 000 square feet of space. Moreover, UPS powered by 32 Rotary Power Systems, 32 diesel powered engine generators, Fuel Tank all come to customers to ensure they can get access to a reliable environment.

In addition, MochaHost nodes features Intel or AMD processors, 256 GB+ RAM, RAID 10 fast storage, redundant power supplies, multiple Gigabit Ethernet network connection and more. Linux shared hosting environment even comes with Load Protection for superb reliability even during peak loading periods. Mocha has Never Reboot Protection for its shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS. Namely, the company will update new software without rebooting servers so that possibilities for downtime decreases.

This company has 7 Tier 1 network partners, and meanwhile it utilizes Cisco technology. For websites hosted on shared hosting environment, it even gives Lightning Fast Guarantee, which promises faster performance than its competitors.

Due to unique server setup, MochaHost is also a 100% green web host. According to what it says, it saves one tree per server.

MochaHost Review on Usability

MochaHost tries to ease work for customers who purchase its web hosting via the following multiple ways.

Control Panel

Almost all MochaHost Linux customers can get easy to use cPanel to help them easily build their websites and manage their sites, email accounts, databases, files, and all others related to their web hosting. Since cPanel has the most user-friendly interface with icons and language options, cPanel is the best option for website masters.

Customers pick up MochaHost Windows hosting will get WebsitePanel for management tasks. Plesk is also an option in MochaHost VPS and dedicated Cloud packages no matter which OS customers choose, Linux or Windows.

Website Builder

Website builder is another easy to use tool MochaHost offers to its Business and Mocha customers. It knows that site construction is a hassle and difficult for newbies. So, it offers website builder along with over 500 templates.

Payment Option

MochaHost accepts all common payment methods so that customers can smoothly finish their bills and get started. Credit cards like Visa, American Express and MasterCard are all included. PayPal and Pay e-Check are accepted too.

MochaHost Review on Customer Support

MochaHost consists of well-educated and experienced people who are committed to offering zealous, patient and professional technical support to customers.

Service teamIf MochaHost customers encounter some problems, they can freely contact the experts via 24/7 email, and live chat. The supporting staffs have many years’ web hosting experience, so it is not a tough task for them to help customer deal with their issues very quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, knowledge base, ticket, online forums, online tutorials, blog and more are also available for customers to handle some common problems. MochaHost publishes server status so that customers could check out whether it is server problem when their sites are down.

Is MochaHost Recommended

Based on what we discussed above, it is easy to make a conclusion that MochaHost is a cost-effective company that can offer many essential features, a reliable environment, and industry-leading technical support to its customers. So it can be recommended for customers to build their own websites, especially for small offices, personals and bloggers.

If customers are willing to knowing more information about MochaHost, please visit http://www.mochahost.com/.

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