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myhosting logoMyHosting (www.myhosting.com) is a cheap hosting solution provider in the industry. Since its foundation in 1997, it has dedicated in providing budget web hosting services with top class features for customers. By utilizing the latest technologies in its solutions, it has successfully hosted over 50,000 websites and has attracted a good number of loyal users from 170 countries.

In below MyHosting review, we will introduce the host and its products from special coupon, price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support, and then reveal the reason why we recommend it to our readers.

MyHosting Review on Special Coupon

So far, MyHosting has offered multiple products ranging from shared hosting to domain registration. And the host has recently launched new discounts for all of its products.

Its shared hosting starts at $7.95/mo, but with the latest MyHosting promotion, the price would reduce to $4.95/mo. It means that the discount rate is over 37%!

To the MyHosting VPS customers, we also have good news for them: via our promo link below, the basic VPS hosing solution on Linux only charges for $11.66/mo for a 3-year plan, after 20% off regular price $14.58/mo; and the basic VPS hosting plan on Windows for a 3-year plan would be as low as $32.86/mo after cutting 20% off regular price $41.08/mo.

MyHosting VPS Exclusive Deal MyHosting VPS Exclusive Deal
20% Off

MyHosting Review on Price Value

Price value is a good criterion in the measurement of a hosting provider. As a good hosting provider, it not only provides good quality features, but also offers affordable prices at the same time. It seems that this is what MyHosting does all the way.

For different webmasters, the host has designed a variety of hosting packages with diverse features for them to choose. Here we take the entry-level package of MyHosting shared hosting as an example, to review whether the host has offered good price value solutions. We list its major features as follows:

  • It is based on Linux CentOS and running Apache 2.0 for the web server;
  • It contains unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer;
  • It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux CGI, PHP 5.3.3;
  • It provides FTP access, Secure Shell, Apple Quick Time, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash SWF files, and etc.

Besides, MyHosting also offers Windows shared hosting in business and eCommerce plans.

The price of MyHosting shared hosting is also very affordable. The regular price of the above basic shared hosting on Linux is $7.95/mo. With the limited time promo that MyHosting offers, the price would reduce to $4.95/mo only, after over 37% off. Taken all the features it provides and the price together, MyHosting really offers cost-effective shared hosting solutions!

Likewise, for its most popular and reputable product – the VPS hosting, MyHosting gives another type of promotion. Basically, the regular price of VPS hosting starts at $14.58/mo. After an exclusive 20% off coupon, this service only needs $11.66/mo for a 3-year plan, along with 8 vCPUs, 300GB bandwidth, 20GB disk space, 512MB RAM, 1 dedicated IP address and other higher-end features. This is really affordable, isn’t it?

myhosting vps features

In addition to that, all plans at MyHosting carry a 30-day money back guarantee. It means, people can request a full refund within the first 30 days if they don’t want the services.

MyHosting Review on Reliablity

To ensure a high level of reliability and speed, MyHosting operates its hosting services in top tier data centers located in Toronto, Canada and Rochester, USA respectively. Both the data centers are designed with Diesel powered generators and uninterrupted power system to ensure 100% power availability.

The data centers are also equipped with HVAC cooling systems to maintain optimum temperature and humidity, and equipped with fire suppression system to prevent fire hazards and to reduce the damage to equipment in the event of a discharge.

For the servers, MyHosting specifically deploys Dell web servers running dual quad core processors with 16GB RAM. It also uses NetApp Storage arrays on the servers.

MyHosting network has combined bundles of fiber optics along with multiple tier-1 service providers. As a result, MyHosting network has managed to create alternate routes for data transmission, which hence develops the capacity of each strand of fiber-optic cable and improves the throughput speed.

In terms of security, multiple best available technologies have been applied to secure MyHosting services. For example, it uses a layered architecture to create an enterprise-class firewalls, utilizes intrusion detection scanners to ensure a real-time security alerting. What is more, it also takes advantages of virus protection and CISSP to provide its customers with a top level of security.

As a result, MyHosting can offer 100% uptime guarantee to its customers.

MyHosting Review on Ease-of-use

In order to make sure whether its products easy to use or not, we will elaborate from the following aspects: control panel, backups and recovery, and billing.

Control Panel – For its shared hosting customers, MyHosting provides them with self-developed control panel. This control panel allows customers to manage all aspects of their hosting accounts, domain name registrations, email and more from one easy-to-use interface. For VPS customers, there are several control panels to choose from, including Virtuozzo Powered Panel, cPanel/WHM or Plesk, Backups and Recovery

Backups – MyHosting has pre-designed many disaster recovery plans in case of any event that could happen. And all of its customers are backed up regularly and are shipped off-site. In addition, for VPS hosting customers who own a control panel or Virtuozzo Powered Panel, MyHosting keeps a backup for disaster recovery purposes for their servers. But if people want to backup or recovery for personal purposes, they would need to order a backup plan in addition.

Billing – As to payment, MyHosting accepts Paypal, personal checks or International money orders in USD, and also some major credit cards like MasterCard, American Express and Visa.

MyHosting Review on Customer Support

With reference to customer support, MyHosting offers 24/7 telephone, chat and email to all hosting customers. It also encourages people to get assistance from its forum or blog.

There is also a professional team made up of skillful and earnest staffs to answer any question that customers raise at any time. Thus people don’t need to worry about the before and after sales support in MyHosting.

Do We Recommend MyHosting?

Yes, of course. No matter who you are, a blog beginner, a developer, or an entrepreneur, you can get the most suitable hosting solutions from MyHosting. Because MyHosting not just offers rich-featured solutions but also gives acceptable prices. And here we particularly recommend its VPS hosting to you and we believe it will surprise you.

If you are looking forward to knowing more about MyHosting, just visit www.myhosting.com.

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