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MyHosting VPS Review

Virtual private servers (VPS) is often considered as a step up from shared hosting, for with this hosting people can gain more benefits, including better security, more privacy, the ability to deal with a larger amount of website traffic, and other more resources.

In below MyHosting VPS review, we will analyze MyHosting VPS hosting special coupon, price value, reliability and speed, easy-to-use, and customer support. At last, we will make suggestions as to whether we recommend it.

myhosting logoMyHosting (www.myhosting.com) was founded in January, 1997 and is headquartered in Canada. The company positions itself as a worldwide leading provider of superior, affordable and reliable hosting services. So, for these years, it has continually strived to offer the best web hosting solutions to its customers. Its products include different levels of web hosting services based on both Windows and Linux.

MyHosting VPS Review on Special Coupon

Normally, MyHosting VPS starts at $14.58/mo. To make the price more affordable, we get an exclusive 20% off coupon from MyHosting.

Thus, by following our link, customers can get MyHosting basic VPS hosting based on Linux with $11.66/mo for a 3-year plan, after 20% off regular price $14.58/mo. The price of its Windows based basic VPS hosting will be $32.86/mo for a 3-year plan, after 20% off regular price $41.08/mo. If people purchase its 1 or 2-year plan, the price would be a little higher but still affordable.

MyHosting VPS Couon MyHosting VPS Couon
20% Off

MyHosting VPS Review on Price Value

Given that some people have special requirements for VPS disk space, RAM, virtual processors, IP and bandwidth, MyHosting specifically offers them a fully upgradable service, called customer VPS, to customize their own packages on request. In addition, MyHost also designs developer VPS, business VPS, and reseller VPS.

myhosting vpsMoreover, MyHosting provides Linux and Windows operating systems including CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012. And customers can freely choose one of them as they prefer.

Generally, the basic Linux VPS plan of MyHosting contains 8 vCPUs, 512MB RAM, 20GB disk space, 300GB data transfer and 1 dedicated IP address. In comparison, the basic VPS plan based on Windows includes 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 25GB disk space, 300GB data transfer and 1 dedicated IP address.

Windows based hosting also features in Hyper-V powered Virtual Servers. By offering more detailed integration of OS and virtual server, Hyper-V allows customers to fully control everything from the kernel up.

Besides the above, all packages both based on Linux and Windows include unlimited add-on domain names, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited parked domain names, 24/7 server and network monitoring, and intuitive web control panel & site administration.

MyHosting VPS is also cost-effective. It’s one of the best cheap VPS recommended by VPSHosting2Go.com before. The basic VPS hosting package based on Linux is $14.58/mo and that based on Windows is $41.08/mo. With the special web hosting coupon we offers, the entry-level of Linux VPS would be reduced to $11.66/mo, 20% off if people purchase it for 3-year. Similar to that, under the discount of 20% off, the price of the Windows based basic plan will be reduced to $32.86/mo. Beyond that, each plan even contains $75 Bing Ads Voucher!

myhosting vps features

Other more, MyHosting gives all customers a 30-day money back guarantee.

MyHosting VPS Review on Reliability

To ensure a high level of performance, MyHosting utilizes two world-class data centers in Canada and USA. The data centers are equipped with diesel powered generators and backup UPS to provide with 100% power availability. The data centers also adopt HVAC cooling system to keep an optimum temperature and humidity and make an assurance of its servers operating in ideal conditions.

MyHosting also deploys Dell PowerEdge servers running dual quad core processors with 16GB RAM, and NetApp Storage arrays to ensure the speed and reliability of its servers.

More than that, in order to have a high speed and reliable network connection, all the web servers in MyHosting are directly connected to top tier fibre optic networks. By working with multiple tier-1 network service providers, MyHosting makes it possible to create alternate routes for data transmission, which enhances the throughput speed and capacity of the fiber-optic cable.

To make sure that all the servers are in tip top shape, the system administrators monitor all the VPS servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data centers also have implemented many measures to secure the facilities, such as 24-hour security guards, card access and continuous camera surveillance around the building.

As a result, MyHosting can offer a 100% uptime guarantee to all of its VPS hosting customers.

MyHosting VPS Review on Ease-of-Use

To offer easy-to-use solutions to its customers, MyHosting has provided many tools and methods.

Control Panel – Linux based VPS hosting provides Parallels Virtuozzo Power Panel to offer real-time management from resource monitoring to reboot, stop and start controls. The host also provides cPanel/WHM for custom Linux VPS and Linux reseller VPS customers to manage their email, files, and databases with ease. What need to notice is that this service is not free for customers.

In the case of MyHosting Windows VPS hosting, there is Parallels Plesk Panel to choose. This service costs $3/mo to $11/mo varying with the number of domains that people demand.

Shell Access – For customers who have purchased MyHosting Linux VPS hosting, they can get full control with root access. This service allows customers to view contents, edit contents, and execute commands from their system back-end.

Billing – MyHosting VPS accepts credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal. People also can pay with personal checks and international money orders in USD.

MyHosting VPS Review on Customer Support

MyHosting has a professional team to offer supports. All the staffs in this host are highly trained and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, chat and email. So, whenever people need help from MyHosting, they can get assistance within a very short time by giving a phone call, sending an email or using its live chat.

Do We Recommend MyHosting VPS?

Undoubtedly, MyHosting VPS has relatively high price value, come with rich good features, works in high performance, and is very easy to use. Thus we think it is a great cheap VPS hosting solution and is worthy to recommend to all of our readers. To know more about MyHosting VPS, please visit its official website www.myhosting.com, and do not forget to claim MyHosting VPS 20% off deal!

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